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About advantage of crawling

that it is useful for small child to creep I did not doubt. However, lifting this subject at communication with young people and already skilled mummies, it is possible to hear such opinions that “most of children do not creep“ that “if spreads, then will go later“ and with the kid sitting in place it is simpler therefore “does not creep - and it is good“. I do not agree with such opinions at all, and in this article I will try to explain the position.

When crawling the kid develops physically, it strengthens almost all muscles, especially humeral belt, hands, vertebral department, coordination of movements improves, and the intelligence as a result increases. Imagine the six-months kid who podrygivat extremities lying on a tummy or a back, turns over with a side sideways, and on it his basic physical skills (apart from small motility) come to an end. He reminds a kitenka, cast ashore.

I quite another matter when same six-month-old itself dissects open spaces of the room allocated to it, itself makes decisions where to it to go, and opens the new horizons. Especially as all children have a congenital reflex to crawling, and it for them quite naturally.

Most important that the kid begins to think, in - the first where and why to it to creep, and, in - the second as it is better to make it. He realizes that he can move from place to place, catch a subject which is not only at arm`s length but also is much farther, and this distance for it not a barrier. At the same time the kid himself chooses that style which it is more convenient to it to creep.

Can be noticed that on different surfaces - a carpet, a parquet, a kitchen tile - the child creeps differently. And styles of crawling at each child the. However one of the most effective and fast types of crawling is cross crawling when one handle and a leg opposite to it together come off a floor, walk forward and together land. At the same time the child accurately keeps balance. When the kid seizes this equipment, problems of casual “drifts“ and falling pass by itself, and the child can practically run on all fours over time.

besides, it is possible to refer to one more advantage of crawling also development of small motility as the big field of activity for research by handles of various fine details, such as a fringe of a carpet, a chink and roughness of a parquet, and any objects lying on a floor opens. Continuous contact of palms with various surfaces better than any massage masses them, and on them a set of the nervous terminations. And besides, crawling - the best medicine for the raised muscular tone.


In order that the child in due time spread, needs observance of two basic rules: in - the first not to disturb it in it, and in - the second, to help it, to direct its actions to the necessary course.

What means not to disturb? Naturally, I think, came to nobody to mind to create barriers to the child beginning to creep. I mean another. Being in a bed or in an arena, the child is in safety and comfort, but, since 4,5 months a floor has to be the place of continuous dwelling during wakefulness. It seems that else early that a floor not absolutely suitable place for it remains, but already at this age of a wall of a bed or arena, limiting freedom, will hold down the movements and to slow down development. At first a floor everything is has to be soft. I laid a sheet and from above a blanket on a floor, and to the daughter was quite comfortable, and to me is quieter.

should pay Special attention to clothes. Has to tell that practically any clothes hold down the movements and by that prevents to creep, and the its is more, the worse. For good coupling with a surface of a floor of the handle and a leg of the child have to be naked. But at first, when the child only begins to creep, his gentle skin especially on knees begins to be erased and redden therefore panties should be dressed. The easy jacket can not damage too. But here I would not advise socks to dress as they very much slide, and, making a start stupnyam, the child very well masses them.

So, the kid on a floor. Here you do not notice only any actions directed to manifestation of thirst for crawling. Naturally, as a rule, that the kid spread, it is necessary to put a lot of effort, and the most important, it is necessary to have patience and not to be upset if the child spreads not so quickly as you would like it.

I Will give several councils which, I hope, will help your kid to master technology of crawling.

  1. communicate with the kid lying on a floor from situation from top to down As little as possible. What more you will lie, play and somersault near it, the more comfortabl and more freely he will feel.
  2. it is Very good if the senior child shows to your kid as it is necessary to creep. Thirst for imitation at children is developed very strongly. If there is no such opportunity, be not upset! You can become object for imitation: get up on all fours and forward! I admit honestly that when I, having thought that there is nothing more simply, tried to creep, it was unpleasantly surprised: except pain in knees, on them drawing of our synthetic carpet and I still imprinted, having got confused in a dressing gown, nearly hit a nose against a floor. So not everything is as simple as it seems! And the child, without having estimated my efforts, continued to podrygivat extremities, lying on a paunch. But it only first, subsequently it is very interesting to kid to play, creeping for mother.
  3. Put a toy in a visible inaccessibility from the child lying on a tummy, create a support to his legs bent in knees that it could make a start, having reached for a toy. In general some incentive purpose is necessary for the child for the movement, and this purpose needs to be created. For example, my daughter could not move a little in any way what toys we before her only did not put. She wanted, but it was impossible to her, and from it she began to be upset and be angry. And when we put before it a vase with candies, it suddenly jerked from the place and crawled to a vase.
  4. Curtail
  5. matrasik into the rigid roller and record it in such situation a rope. Such roller is very convenient both for exercises and for games. Enclose the roller under a breast to the child and take hands for legs, handles at the same time lean on a floor. Take for a drive the child forward - back that handles he made the shagatelny movements. And still it is possible to enclose such roller to the child under a breast, and then his handles become free, and it is very convenient to it to play.
  6. Complete a course of professional massage. Massage will help to strengthen muscles of the kid and to prepare it for crawling and sitting.
  7. If the kid creeps “on a paunch“ and does not get up on all fours in any way, then it is possible to help it to rise. For this purpose, when the kid lies on a stomach, it is necessary to draw in his legs to a stomach and to part in the parties, and handles at the same time rest against a floor. In such situation our daughter sat several times a day, then began to raise buttocks and to be shaken, without deciding to step, and the vase with candies mentioned above was farther.
  8. Never force the kid to do to
  9. what is not pleasant to it. All your exercises have to be in the form of game and give to the kid pleasure.
Should consider

that each kid is an identity, both when and as to it to develop, he prompts to you. It is necessary to get accustomed and understand it only. And, of course, do not forget about security measures.

Creep and enjoy new opening!