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On a visit Once your kid with chagrin learns from the fairy tale

that Father Frost - no more than an invention. But until then try that the New Year`s Eve remained for it the present fairy tale!

Why traditions
Yulia Vyshegradskaya are necessary, the children`s psychologist
the Mentality of any person demands observance of certain rituals. And children are especially sensitive to changes. Psychologists categorically do not recommend to parents to neglect started by rules and traditions (it concerns also daily rise at the same time, and an invariable fir-tree on New Year`s Eve). In festive plant louses any violations or deviations from action, habitual for the child, can bring at serious frustration: the organism of the kid was already adjusted to answer with positive emotions pleasant tradition, and in exchange received a negative and discrepancy “with the scenario“. If something prevents you to execute custom, try to prepare your kid in advance, to talk to it about it.
Whatever adults, New year - first of all told to

a holiday for children. We can quite manage corporate congratulations and an award, in advance stipulated gift from darling and a stormy New Year`s Eve with champagne under fight by Courant. And for our children the New Year`s holiday is an invariable red-cheeked grandfather with the beauty - the granddaughter, a New Year tree with toys and the concerning expectation of a miracle. The child to track that the father went to a fir-tree market and chose the most fluffy beauty, will surely remind that mother got a box with Christmas decorations from mezzanines in time, and will worry, so far invariable grandmother`s toasted apples pie and cinnamon not to appear from an oven.

If not to consider these small as adults think, formalities and not to follow New Year`s traditions, we can simply spoil to the kid a holiday. Traditions are in each family, New year in the bosom of the family is remarkable tradition too! It is good if you already have several traditions, you will need to follow them, adding something and correcting. And in their absence - it is urgent to invent!

the Moneybox New Year`s traditions
the Manufactory of house elves

In many families can make New Year`s gifts the hands. But if you have not enough time to porukodelnichat much with the child (or you consider that your talents will not be enough for it), other way out will be found. In advance buy symbolical gifts. Stock up with color paper and a cardboard, glue, an adhesive tape, tapes, beads and other jewelry. Invite the kid together to pack gifts and take away on it one winter evening some days before a holiday. Dream together, think out packing for each gift, considering tastes and interests of the family. Many children adore playing in “factory“ and “to make“ the same production in large numbers. Suggest the kid to make identical bows for all gifts or nominal cards. More skilled rukodelnik can like idea to do identical suspension brackets of beads, beads or feathers which you attach then to gift packing.

Other options:

you can devote

Winter entertainments

it is not obligatory for li to connect traditions only with gifts and a fir-tree. Get the rule: after a New Year`s Eve to go all family to a skating rink or to be chosen in the next wood with a snow-scooter and to ride from a hill. Musically gifted families gather and sing songs about New year to the guitar or a piano, and for development of sense of beauty someone goes to an exhibition of ice sculptures, and someone creates own masterpieces from snow and ice. Snow fight where as shells serve snowballs, and “wounded“ hide behind well strengthened walls of snowdrifts, a smart ski route and an invariable halt with tea from a thermos and grandmother`s pies - the winter gives a scope for the imagination. Think up the winter tradition and day when you realize it (for example, the first morning of year or evening on the eve of Christmas).

Other options: arrange to
a winter dinner for the kid. Inflorescences of boiled broccoli or a segment of a cucumber will well cope with a role of a fir-tree. Lay out them on a plate, forming “fir-tree“ branches, decorate “tree“ with halves of cherry tomatoes and pieces of color sweet pepper, instead of a snowdrift fill chopped chicken fillet or rice under “fir-tree“. For a dessert serve “snow“ cocktail from milk, ice cream and banana and “ice slope“ from cottage cheese.

a holiday Anticipation

the idea of wall winter calendars came From the western magazines on needlework and interiors to us. Numbering usually goes of December 1 to a New Year`s Eve. Every day the child will remove next “date“ from a calendar and at last will cease to torment you with a question: “Mother, and New year soon?“ Houses you can make own calendar: prepare 31 sacks and number them in bright and large figures. In each sack candy, a small toy, a kind wish or even the plan for day can lie. The annual calendar at the same time trains the child to consider, day (for example, it is possible to remove “date“ only after cleaned teeth) can organize it and, of course, serves as remarkable family tradition.

Other options: you can use
a usual calendar for December. Get the rule to approach every morning it together with the child and to lead round in a circle the come day. Under some days (for example, New Year`s Eve week) it is possible to write down affairs which will be carried out by all family, for example packing of gifts.

Instead of one thousand words

the New Year`s Eve
Yulia Vyshegradskaya whether the children`s psychologist
to Wait to your kid of peal of bells or not to solve to parents. But it is necessary to consider age and temperament of your child. Anyway you should not keep the child waiting for midnight and to be put to bed later, than at one o`clock in the morning. Psychologists categorically do not advise children till 3 - 4 years to break the mode and to wait for a chiming clock - the children`s mentality at this age is vulnerable. Consider the child`s biorhythms, even for adult “lark“ the late release is an unpleasant failure in an inner clock.
Tradition to dispatch to

New Year`s cards became obsolete with the advent of the Internet. But it is still pleasant to everyone to receive a paper small square with kind wishes. Together with the child write congratulations to the family.

Buy by

ready cards or do them by the hands. Begin festive efforts at the beginning of December - all congratulations need to be signed, enclosed in envelopes. And then, having taken mother by hand, to carry a treasured pile of letters on mail and on one diligently to lower in a mailbox. And if addressees live nearby, it is possible to work as mail carriers. And it is unimportant that it is possible to reach the house of the grandmother in 5 minutes, and to call even more simply. Only present how it will be touched when receives a card with a New Year`s wish from the beloved grandson...

Other options:

To us Father Frost goes!

Father Frost comes all time in a year, and for many kids this real event! First of all, in order that Father Frost was “present“, it is necessary to know, where to find him. Of course, it is possible to address the neighbor or the friend of the family and to ask it to dress up in a red fur coat and to congratulate the kid. However it is not excluded that the children`s intuition and good memory on a detail will bring you also on a familiar voice, eye shape or eyebrows the kid identifies “Moroz“. Whether there will be at parents a justificatory preparation on this delicate case?

Many families use

services of professionals. It is impossible to recognize professional Ded by any signs. Moreover, Father Frost for certain has an impressive experience in art of congratulations. Professional Grandfathers in usual life are the diplomaed psychologists, teachers of initial classes, less often actors occur among them.

not less than 3 years are the best of all to Invite Ded to children. If it is the first New Year`s holiday for the child or the kid constraining, psychologists recommend to invite for it only the Snow Maiden. Surely prepare the child for a meeting. Tell who such Father Frost and the Snow Maiden where live as they are loved by children around the world. It is better to invite the Grandfather to the first half of day, otherwise the kid by the evening so will be tired of expectation that will not enjoy very much a meeting.

If you decided to invite “company“ Father Frost:

Collect by

as much as possible information on the company to which you address. Do not ignore any responses and recommendations.

At office of the company to you surely have to show to

archive of already spent holidays. If the firm is not ready to provide information refrain from cooperation.

the Qualitative congratulation does not wash

to cost little very much. In too time has to guard you if the company demands 100% of an advance payment. Cooperate only with those who take payment for services after the held event.

Stipulate everything with organizers did congratulations up to texts, suits and even a make-up in which actors will act. It is necessary that the child did not experience negative emotions. The kid can frighten too severely shifted Father Frost`s eyebrows. And for children of school age the fur coat of the Snow Maiden is too short can be the cause for snickers and will distract from a congratulation.

If you plan to invite Father Frost not to one child, and in the children`s company, discuss with organizers that in a tandem “Father Frost and the Snow Maiden“ only one of participants can be an actor, and the second surely has to be a psychologist. It will insure from incidents and possible troubles.

it is not obligatory for p to see

of Father Frost at all, it is enough to find several letters with hints from it and to pass on traces to find the secret gift. By the way, if you for the present did not master the alphabet, let Ded it will be limited to pictures. It is important that the child himself without the aid of parents found a hiding place with the New Year`s surprise. This option will be pleasant to children of 4 - 7 years - the most inquisitive and research age. To children is more senior by the same principle it is possible to organize “treasure island“ with the present piracy map.

Children who with pride repeat: “I am!“ - tell that Father Frost brings gifts to those children who in New Year`s morning cope with all adult duties: make a bed, tie laces and come for walk that in a favourite snowdrift (about a miracle!) to see a New Year`s surprise.

Use the Hollywood methods - children with pleasure watch the western movies and animated cartoons about Christmas. Hide a gift in in advance prepared Christmas stockings. By the way, it is not obligatory to hang out them over a fireplace at all: the stove will perfectly cope with its role. The child will estimate it!

to Surprise with

the teenager not easy, but it is quite possible. Write down to it a congratulation on the copy of a disk on favourite music or the movie or festively issue wall-paper for a desktop on the computer and explain, where exactly it will be able to find the New Year`s gift.

not to puzzle over a question how to spend an unforgettable holiday for the child, one main recipe exists. Try to reincarnate for a while in the child! Wonder, as if you wanted to receive a New Year`s gift? What words wanted to hear from parents? What could wish themselves?