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Gifts by new year. We adopt the western experience of

Who argues, it is so pleasant to receive as a surprise a fine and necessary gift when relatives and the family wonderfully guessed your intimate desires. But this situation is ideal, and in reality everything happens in a different way... As a result in the house many unnecessary things - the twentieth candlestick or shower gel, besides not suitable on style or a smell accumulate. It is indecent to regift such things, and it is a pity to throw out. This problem when New year “coincides“ with pregnancy is especially staticized. Traditionally it is considered that future mother most of all will like the presented children`s things though in 90% of cases it not so: someone essentially does not buy children`s things before childbirth, someone already has their such stock that there is no wish to increase it at the expense of New Year`s gifts. What to do?

What to do, for a while to you it is necessary to reconcile to the fact that in you see not so much the woman, how many future mother. Such role is pleasant too and it is necessary to take from this situation a maximum pleasant and useful to itself. Perhaps, much would not like to receive useful and even utilitarian gifts, but why it is rational to future mother not to approach this question and not to receive now what so seriously will be able to facilitate her life and thus will give pleasure? For certain there is a mass of things which fall under this category. Why on western manners not to discuss with friends and acquaintances what you want to receive as a gift? Your rationality and care of the future will be appreciated. Or to hint casually? And for absolutely inscrutable - to allow to read this article.

So what gifts can be referred to this category?

Useful gifts

Scales . Pregnancy - a good occasion to receive them as a gift, without being confused diets, pokhudaniye, a weight increase that it is a traditional woman`s secret. During pregnancy it is possible to be weighed with joyful feeling that your child grows. And good scales will be useful to you and after the delivery when begin a diet and weight loss again. Now on sale the huge choice of scales, including those that remember your previous weight and measure a percentage ratio of amount of muscular and fatty tissue in an organism. You represent how scales when you grow thin - not on days will be useful, and on hours - after the delivery?

Double boiler . Healthy food - it not only is fashionable, during pregnancy and for the feeding mother it is just necessary, and the fried products do not belong to the category of healthy food in any way. So why not to receive it as a gift at once to begin with it new life? The double boiler during pregnancy becomes just irreplaceable assistant. Thanks to it it is possible to prepare exclusively useful dishes, at the same time spending for cooking less time and efforts. If you use a double boiler, then can not be afraid that something will run away, will burn slightly or will be overdried. Even if you will forget to switch off a double boiler before withdrawal from the house, nothing terrible happens: when the determined time expires or all water will evaporate, the device will be switched off automatically.

Juice extractor . Too the irreplaceable assistant in preparation of freshly squeezed juice (which can be drunk in fasting days) and not only. An opportunity round the clock to receive vitamins B a natural look at the minimum quantity of the spent efforts - unless is not a good gift?

Yoghurt maker . It is also intended for fans of natural food among whom there is future mother in the forefront. These so far devices, a little unusual for Russians, allow to prepare the real house yogurt without dyes, substitutes and preservatives. They represent the capacity with heating reminding a heater of children`s small bottles. Inside jars with milk and ferment (7 - 8 pieces) are located. Jars for convenience are supplied with covers with exposed on them date as the expiration date of natural yogurt does not exceed 10 days. It here the useful invention of the western civilization on service of health of mother and kid.

Air cleaner, humidifier, air ozonizator . The ecology of the modern apartment is so far from perfect that all devices doing air purer and better and respectively mothers promoting improvement of health and the child, - too a good and useful gift.

Air cleaners are the special devices intended for improvement and purification of air. The majority of such devices use standard process of a filtration which consists in sedimentation of the particles and substances which are present at air on special filters. In the course of splitting all toxic impurity will be transformed in harmless to health of the person.

Humidity of air - very important part of human existence therefore humidifiers were invented. It is important, especially in a cold season when with the included heating air in the apartment becomes dry - it complicates breath, dries skin, dehydrates an organism. The principle of action steam humidifiers are similar to electric kettles: for evaporation they bring water to boiling. The most popular humidifiers - ultrasonic. The air stream from such device gives water mix to the room where it passes into a vaporous state. Important advantage of all humidifiers is that they do not demand installation. Everything that is necessary, - to fill in water in a tank, to turn on the device in the socket and to be going to breathe easily.

the Ionizer sates air with positive ions, useful to an organism, restoring indoors normal natural electric composition of air, besides air in the apartment becomes, as on the street after a thunder-storm. The matter is that electric negative charges of air - the aero ions arising at the expense of natural natural factors in clean air in the country are absent in rooms of modern reinforced concrete and brick buildings. Even in air of rooms of wooden houses their quantity is much lower, than in the open air. It occurs because aero ions are quickly neutralized by walls, ceilings, floors, systems of communications, electric conducting, pipes, cases of household appliances. The quantity of negative ions of oxygen in the enclosed space hardly reaches 100 charges in cubic centimeter of air. Meanwhile the person during the multithousand-year evolution got used to breathe air with natural concentration of negatively charged ions of oxygen - from 1 thousand to 10 thousand in cubic centimeter. Therefore, being in the room with the switched-on ionizer, the person inhales the same quantity of aero ions what he would inhale in the wood, mountains or on the seashore. So the advantage for health not only future mother, but also all family members is available.

the Permit in boarding house, rest house or sanatorium . At today`s variety of the choice near the house it is possible to find the suitable vacation spot, since three days. Usually sanatoria and rest houses are located in picturesque corners of the wood where you will be able to enjoy wonderful winter landscapes, clean air and silence, without having appeared in any half-civilized place: the majority of boarding houses offer the developed infrastructure and medical care that for future mother very opportunely. Besides in many vacation spots there is a pool where it is possible to swim for a while much. The similar type of rest - in the company or in a narrow circle - almost always appears a sure bet. The main thing for future mother - not to move away from a civilization and medical care.

a cosmetics Set for mothers . The cosmetics always remains lovely to female heart and a body. The cream from extensions including vegetable extracts which softens and increases elasticity of skin (it especially actually at a weight set during pregnancy). The leg gel which is taking off fatigue and tension, relieving of hypostases. The nipple cream preventing their irritation and cracking; the softening shower gel, skin oil and different other pleasant features will allow to continue to feel like the woman.

of the Book, the cartridge, disks about pregnancy and childbirth . Information solves everything presently - it concerns also childbirth and pregnancy: from that how future mother will be prepared for this important event both psychologically, and informatively, a lot of things depend. It concerns not only opportunities to understand what happens to you in “hour of X“, but also abilities to relieve to itself pain during fights, it is correct to make an effort and breathe to optimize process of childbirth. Such information yet to nobody, except advantage, brought nothing therefore the book (in this case about pregnancy) - the best gift! And the disk or the cartridge will add unforgettable visual effect to information.

Photoshoot . It is good to imprint to become and beauty of future mother by means of the professional photographer who will arrive directly home or will invite to himself in studio, will adjust the correct lighting for shootings and will make so that beauty of future mother remained in centuries - for admiration to descendants. It is possible to make a family portrait, including with parents. Not for nothing pregnant women inspired artists at all times and eras. Such gift will remain in memory for a long time!

expensive equipment which it is possible to agree to buy by sharing the cost with relatives belongs To a series of gifts valuable in every sense.

Washing machine . She will be the best assistant who will save the mass of forces and time when in the near future the huge number of children`s things appears. Besides now there is a special children`s powder for washing machines.

Dishwasher . By female efforts will deliver to this invention of mankind a monument therefore as a gift the dishwasher is very attractive. Also designate doubts in purity by the washed car of ware and the leading role of the hostess!

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In a design of “dishwashers“ mechanical brushes or any rags - all procedure of cleaning of ware is made by means of water streams. In the beginning objects are loaded into a basket. In special compartments detergent, a conditioner, salt is located. Then the car gathers water, heats to the necessary temperature and adds to it detergent. Solution under pressure moves in the rotating nozzles - sprayers, from their openings streams of water get on ware. The quantity and a form of sprayers, an arrangement of openings in them are calculated so that in a washing chamber there was no corner left where the washing solution would not get. The used solution automatically merges in the sewerage. In completion of work the car will rinse and will dry up ware. So it is necessary only to have a rest, devoting time to itself and the family.

Flat liquid crystal monitor . Not for nothing constantly remind of restriction of work with the personal computer, and for pregnant women even the number of hours which can be carried out near office equipment is established. Change of the beam monitor with liquid crystal - a useful gift action, because:

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A now what it is not necessary to give to future mother once again not to remind her of the restrictions assigned to it, not to tempt and not to tempt her temporarily inaccessible.

Harmful and useless gifts

Perfumery : during pregnancy as a result of hormonal reorganization of an organism touch therefore pronounced smells can just irritate - at best, and in the worst becomes aggravated - to cause an allergy.

Chocolates and other sweets : chocolate during pregnancy has to be limited by 2 segments a week, no more, as it is strong allergen.

Visit of night club : noise, din, loud music, vibration and furthermore active dances with jumpings and vykruchivaniye are capable to lead to pregnancy interruption threat easily. It is strictly forbidden!

Linen for pregnant women : you remember that the linen is a subject of individual use, and during pregnancy only the woman will be able to define what suits it. As option of an erotic gift the bandage or a bra for pregnant women look strange.


Besides, most of women irritate as gifts of a pan, a frying pan, irons - all that is intended for daily house work so if there is no confidence that the hostess dreams to receive as a gift a grater with nozzles, you should not risk.

you Have more than useful gifts and happy New year which surely will be successful!