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“Demon“ of a carriage

Some 100 years ago the invention of a carriage made the real revolution in difficult business of transportation of babies. Just imagine, the child can not just be taken out on the street, but also to move with it, to be mobile, so, - free! At first I could not rejoice on “cane“ too. Folding, easy, inexpensive. For the one-year-old kid - it! Took a carriage to the subway - you will think, two stops, - and there put it and forward!

However in practice everything was not so iridescent

at all and it is beautiful. Traveling around the megalopolis with the cane, I constantly came across unforeseen circumstances. For example, inevitable, but for some reason unexpected children`s dream. Filled up the baby, as a rule, precisely before transition therefore positive impressions about a carriage were given by a booming echo in my back a couple of days more later. The cane with the sleeping child dressed in overalls weighed not less than a ton in any way. Fortunately, progress does not stand still: modern mobile mother is almost not limited in the choice of the “figurative“ means which are specially created to make her life it is simpler.


and a crumb of Ru

of “Baby born“ - it the magic phrase in various variations is heard by all, communicating in “okolomamsky“ society. From “kengurushka“ for babies this 100 - the dollar accessory is nearly the most untwisted and what to hide, convenient. It provides correct “landing“ of the kid, pressing it to the adult`s breast.

C our “baby - boric“ we walked not one kilometer on forest footpaths, bypassed all neighboring shops of the developing games. Ergonomic and stylish design, “pleasant“ fabric, the thought-over design, ease of leaving - at backpacks - a kangaroo of new generation the mass of advantages and nearly 100 - a percentage guarantee of safety for health of the kid and mother. It is a pity only that the children who are quickly gaining weight promptly grow up from them. Besides, carrying positions - facing themselves, facing the world are limited.

On a leash

the Baby sling has much more degrees of freedom. The kid in a baby sling can be backed, on a breast, on a hip. And it is unsurprising: in fact the baby sling is a piece of fabric with which it is possible to work wonders. Thanks to William and Marta Serz`s weighty Talmud to their honor written in simple and available language, “sling“, “the scrappy holder“ it “a baby sling with rings“ became popular among mothers wishing to lead active lifestyle.

the Baby sling was irreplaceable

for rocking babies, the most newborn, for slow walks on the seasonal dacha, for distant sorties with friends. The spouse Serza, and also numerous mothers - popular writers of this means of carrying made the real break concerning parents to “mobile“, but beskolesny vehicles with kids.

Idea to carry the child, pressing it to the body, it is not new. So women from every corner of the world did: Asian, American, African mothers. Remember photos of black women from the Round the world magazine with sticking out from - for backs a black-eyed mug. The Asian mothers who are famous for the ideal bearing actively used and continue to use fabric to hold the baby closer to themselves. Perhaps, the main thing, not it, but the fact that devotees of a mobile way of life with the child picked up idea a design was processed, having as much as possible adapted to modern realities.

Today to services of unruly mothers and fathers about 4 - 5 main modifications of a baby sling. From the simplest byazevy, colorful holders with a ring to difficult hybrids of “scarf“ and “kengurushka“ - sutemi pack and May - baby slings.

the Baby sling with a ring in the West are called by maya wrap - www. mayawrap. com, we have a scrappy holder or a sling, baby - a baby sling. Russia sews it to order, sell at parental schools and in the Internet - shops. The main advantage - the price: from 150 to 500 rubles. Main shortcoming: load of one shoulder. Before buying, it is good to try on a baby sling with a ring. To look for situation which seems to you the most convenient. It is desirable under a vigilant eye of the active user of a similar baby sling or the consultant for breastfeeding. If you feel discomfort, do not despair, in the world thought up the mass of other similar products.

Not really far from the African prototype the so-called baby sling - “scarf“ left (www. sling - sharf. ru, www. babysling. narod. ru/didimos. htm). In summer execution from coarse calico, in “winter“ - from fleece. Its advantages - simplicity of a design. To the kid who is wrapped up with such scarf, conveniently and most comfortably. With rings the scarf favourably distinguishes variety of provisions of the child in “holder“, and more uniform distribution of loading from a baby sling. Such baby sling can be sewed the hands. Quite really independently to learn to tie this thingummy according to the instruction. And it is possible to order a baby sling on the house directly with consultation of the expert (about 200 rubles for departure).


Unfortunately, it is visible that not all novelties in this area came to Russia. The benefit allows to look at a network that interesting was thought up for parents by handymen from all over the world. The western mothers actively extol so-called Sutemi Pack and its analogs . And, in general, is for what: baby slings of “new generation“ are qualitatively sewed, the design is thought over to trifles. The holder under the name of hug - a - bub® supports a head of the baby that is especially important when the baby falls asleep. Hands free is not only the device for the mobile phone, but also a direct consequence of use of the baby slings which are densely pressing the kid to a body.

Krom of convenience - the main advantage of holders from fabric - in modern baby slings (like “essences“, “hug - a - bub®“, “May - a baby sling“) is attracted by their appearance. What to hide, backpacks and other means for carrying not without reason are called cure for boredom, “having wrapped“ the kid in such modern “kulechek“, it is possible to be published safely. In full rigging.

The scrappy holder and a scarf, despite the numerous advantages, are not universal from the point of view of clothes. The scarf - though looks “plyushevo“ and is cozy, especially in the version of a winter poncho from fleece, is not absolutely convenient - “to muffle“ in the city in fabric 4 - 5 meters long without preliminary training not so - that simply.

Americans borrowed

from Indians of a Papoose Coat coat with the built-in pocket for kids, especially for cold weather. The quite good decision for the Russian winter, is a pity only that the price with delivery will make about 300 dollars. However, mothers with “hands“ can easily borrow idea of Americans and sew to themselves the fine copy. Instructions are quite detailed.

sometimes are provocatively motley

of the Coloring of the scrappy holder. It is difficult to imagine mother in a strict suit, with a byazevy scarf on a shoulder. And here “May - a baby sling“ or “essences“ already quite adapt under office style. Producers of baby slings begin to understand the heroine “Prostokvashino“ at whom the whole three “unworn“ evening dresses in a case hang. Also arrange a product under needs of the mobile mothers who are eager to remain beautiful. A novelty of this season - New Year`s sets of “Velin“: a baby sling and a suit for the kid - in tone to a festive attire.

the Western producers, as a rule, sew these “carryings“ in Hugo - East Asia, and on one of the websites the head of the company solemnly swears that on the productions in Guatemala they do not use work of children.

By the way, the websites - an excellent way to study modern trends in the sphere of the means fitting to parents a mobile way of life. Here you will find the detailed description if you know English, so-called testimonials - they are responses, how maya - a baby sling changed life of mother of three children. And if you are not able to read in English, look at step-by-step photos - instructions (for example, here everything is very evident) how to carry kids in modern devices. The huge choice of fabrics and models by the sizes. There is only one “but“, and you already, probably, guessed what. Price. The starting cost of a product makes at least 30 - 40 dollars, everything 75 costs “essences“, and do not forget to add 25 - 30 conventional units on delivery. As a result receive 100 dollars, and approximately as much there are backpacks - “kengurushka“ from the well-known western companies which can be bought in the Russian shops.

Me everything from above is visible to

, you you can be sure of that!

As soon as to the kid “officially“ allowed to sit (as a rule, it is 8 - 10 months), it is possible to pass to “a bag for a back“ - so in translation from French the backpack sounds. The frame backpack for carrying of children perfectly is suitable for mountain walks, park “walkings“ and just “browsers“ on sights, with it it is possible even to ski. The red backpack of VauDe with a bear cub a panda accurately is associated at me with the sea, the Crimea and … a nagging pain in a back. The frame design, unfortunately, was too heavy for the modest weight and brittle shoulders of the author of these lines.

But to mothers and furthermore fathers with the normal constitution can use convenient “carrying“ in the most different circumstances - the main thing that your kid sat in it, and it it was pleasant. Unfortunately, there is it not to each child, but children - “audience“ for whom this channel of perception is the leader, by all means will estimate opportunities to take a look at the world “from above“, from there “all is visible“.

the Western companies - Tatonka (kids carrier, baby carrier), VauDe sew excellent children`s frame backpacks worth from 3000 to 4500 rubles. The backpack of “Bembi“ of domestic producer of the Terra company will cost only 1500 rubles. You should not forget and about “the second life“ of children`s accessories - to place the announcement in “family“ conference enough, and same “Tatonka“ can be bought at the price of a domestic backpack.