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Third time`s the charm

Ya tried to become mother of the whole ten years since that night which is called “the first marriage“. In twenty years life seems absolutely simple, and pregnancy is associated with a New Year`s gift, at least, so was at me. Thought:“ I will become pregnant, all me on hands will be carried“. Especially, there was a wish to make happy the second parents at whom at that time did not even smell of grandsons.

Future child was presented to me by the pink baby with dimples on cheeks; to feed, give to drink already at once everything the understanding kid and to give him to lyulyushkatsya to parents - it represented to me education of my girl (and that there will be a girl, I did not doubt) at that time.


But my light dreams was not fated to come true so soon. Errors of youth become friends only if after a while you understand that you it no other than your destiny, and try to take from everything that was in the past, a lesson. Now I know that I will never allow the girl to make abortion. To set thinking only threat of life of future mother can.

are not interesting to give rise to

of the Detail of my attempts, I will tell only what was two extra-uterine, long-term treatment, plasticity of a pipe, extra-uterine again, and for New Year. Having been tired of everything, we with the husband, my support and a support, decided to take a break. I calmed down.

my following step. I never regretted that I decided on a confession. Believe, never earlier even thought of God, that there is someone or something that can help us minutes of despair and loss of belief in the forces.

of Skhodiv in church, I felt improbable simplification and understood that everything will turn out. The internal voice said that that kind the uncle in the sky, his mother and his son forgave me. I flew.

We made up the mind to the last step. In the course of conception of my children several people participated. I speak about the EKO procedure, more simply, about “conception in a test tube“. It was long and difficult process both physically, and morally. Preparation took nearly a year and when I learned that I am pregnant (results of blood test confirmed pregnancy), gave vent to feelings.

pregnancy was for me work. On the fourth week my doctor reported that at me in a puzika two sit. You will not believe, but I knew it from the very beginning. Even when I prayed: “At least one of four placed!“ already knew that there will be not one. On the ninth week I laid down on preservation and in two weeks learned that in my boat not two, but three. The husband on my new message only could also tell: “Cool!“ . It was cool also to me to realize that I carry almost ice-hockey team under heart - ultrasonography showed three boys; the fourth, starshenky, my man, very much worried that all will be from one face.

Right after the stunning news the set of questions and offers rose. How to support, dress? How to walk to leave? How to feed all at once? etc. But it is necessary to solve problems in process of their emergence, truly?

, the strengthened food hormones, vitamins, iron and droppers was. Result - childbirth of three seven-months kids, one of which appeared... the girl, with a gross weight of 4,4 kg!

on it did not end with

of Test for us. There was a long period of rehabilitation when my children were between life and death the whole month. Just there is a wish to remember it least of all.

to Matvei, Artem and Ksyushe now year and two months. The most terrible for them, I hope, behind. But God continues to test me, checking whether worthy I am a mother to the children. Temochka is sick seriously, but we fight, and now in our life not the worst period.


Perhaps, after a while I will decide to write the book about education of children. In it I will share experience with mothers: how not to sleep at night and in the afternoon within four months, feeding one, the second, the third, then the first again. How to plan the family budget, spending the main income for pampers and for dairy mix on two boxes per day. How to bathe three, everyone in three seconds one hand, another dressing the second, and holding with a leg a rattle before the third. How to submit at once three who are shouting and sweated, hating caps and jackets for walk, and there, without allowing to rise in a carriage to guys, to carry on itself Ksyusha. Generally, I can share much.

I Believe

that God, granting me such happiness, that New Year`s gift of which I dreamed ten years, will not leave us by the favor. Not without reason speak: “Third time`s the charm“. I will try to be strong and wise.