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New Year`s hand-made articles of

I would like to congratulate all 7yan with coming New Year and to share ideas of New Year`s hand-made articles.

the Fir-tree from beads

This fir-tree I thought up

about five years ago, and, of course, it did not remain. But the other day - hurrah! - I incidentally found the scheme - a crib and made new. Originality of this fir-tree is that its height only about 6 cm, and looks quite as real.


to you needs green beads of two shades (for tips of branches I took more dark) and a wire of such thickness that, folded double, crept in beads.

  • According to the scheme “and“ we spin the top, since core. When it is ready - symmetric branches need to be bent: left to the right, and right on the left, i.e. cross crosswise. If not to make it - between them there will be an ugly hole in the form of a rhombus. Further it concerns all symmetric branches. We do not cut off the ends of a wire.
  • Tier 1. According to the scheme we spin four identical branches. We bring together them around a fir-tree top. We hold with the left hand, right it is straightened. Then we take one of tips of a wire and we twist it around “trunk“ directly under branches. It is better to reel up more that this motor-check served as if as a divider between tiers.
  • Tier 2. Four branches according to the scheme “in“.
  • Tier 3. Four branches according to the scheme “g“.
  • Tier 4. Five branches again according to the scheme “g“.
  • Tier 5. Five branches according to the scheme “d“.
  • Tier 6. Five branches again according to the scheme “d“.

When all tiers are collected by , the fir-tree is almost ready. Now it is only necessary to pick up a support. The part of a cap from a felt-tip pen quite will be suitable for this purpose. I used a bubble lid from spirits (shpenyochek it is cut off, and the opening from above is drilled) the Excess wire we cut off.


as toys will suit small multi-colored or gold beads.

By the principle of this fir-tree can make by

a snowflake.

a quick Fir-tree

I do not remember

where found here such remarkable fir-tree. On a cardboard cone an adhesive tape to paste small toys (and their strings are more right); to wind a cone with tinsel. Simply and with taste.

of the Snowflake from macaroni

(from the website www. bereg. div do not have ru)

of description Per se, but it seems to me that macaroni will be fine fastened with the glue gun. It is possible to paint in white or gold color, to shower with artificial hoarfrost.

Cheerful fir-trees

Make on drawing simple templates of a cardboard that the child could cut out on them figures from felt or other material. Houses for certain will be unnecessary buttons of different forms and flowers. Give to the child that he could sew to the taste them to figures. Toys can be hung up on a fir-tree.

Fir-tree Sandwich (from the website www. millionmenu. ru. Here you will find a set of the illustrated recipes. One sandwiches of what stand: mouse, cat, hare, machines, and even motorcycles!)

Necessary products (for 4 portions) :
long loaf - 4 slices
smoked chicken quarter - 1 piece
cheese of firm grades - 200 g
walnuts - 50 g
mayonnaise - 2 tablespoons
fennel greens

From long loaf to cut off a crust, to slice, dry in a toaster.

From ham to cut off pulp and to crush in the processor to a pastelike state. To add small chopped nuts, mayonnaise and to mix. To smear with the received weight slices of long loaf and to strew with grated cheese.

Cheese to slice 0,7 mm thick and to cut out from them “fir-trees“ 3 and 4 cm high

of “Fir-tree“ to grease with a thin layer of mayonnaise, to roll in on both sides in the crushed greens of fennel and to issue them sandwiches.

All following hand-made articles are taken

from the website www. lobzik. pri. ee Very much I recommend to come, to especially amateur fathers:-).

“Rice“ cards

Very lovely, original and simple performed by a card. Here and comments any are not necessary. p do not have

the Fir-tree from candies

of the Detailed description, but the idea is important. I think, besides, easily will be pasted by the glue gun of a candy to a cardboard cone. Children will be happy to receive such fir-tree.

the Decorative fireplace

Original idea of decoration of the nursery by holidays. The framework from a chipboard sheathed by plywood (8 mm); in “window“ the fireplace - a heater from the remote Soviet past is inserted, heaters are disconnected, only light burns.

Cheerful all of holidays!