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Than to entertain the child in hospital?

Such this unpleasant business - hospital! My Timoshka by two and a half years managed to visit there five times. And with younger Ilyushka, to which soon year, we too just from there.

Of course, the most difficult - the first days when the kid does not sleep - does not eat, endlessly cries and, one may say, lives at mother on handles. But here crisis passed, the most difficult behind, and there is a question: than to entertain the child to an extract? It is good if the father can often bring new books and toys, but if there is no such opportunity?

Here I will try to provide the small list of with what it is possible to occupy the kid.

Rails, rails (we draw on a back longitudinal lines)
of the Cross tie, a cross tie (we draw cross strips)
the train overdue Went (we carry out by a fist along a back)
From the last car peas suddenly fell down (we knock fingers on all back)
hens Came - pecked, pecked (we knock forefingers)
geese Came - nibbled, nibbled (nibble all surface of a back)
Came an elephant - trampled, trampled (“stamp“ fists)
Came an elephant cow - trampled, trampled (“stamp“ more weakly)
Came the elephant calf - trampled

, trampled (“we stamp“ fingers)
the janitor Came, swept all (we iron a back)
Put a chair, put a table and the typewriter (with each word it is patted on a back)
I began to print:
“My dear daughters!“
(we print fingers on a back)
Vzhik , (we run fingers across a back) , a point , (we tickle ribs) vzhik , a point . “I bought
for you chulochka!“ (again we print)
Vzhik, a point, vzhik, a point.
“And to the little son - the cool car!“
(is printed)
Wrote, sealed and sent - was stroked on a back and slapped on buttocks .

I, if the speech about hospital came, I want to lay out one more useful thing. It is the list of things which need to be taken with themselves. Not the first time I get into such situation: there comes “ambulance“, the doctor watches the child and speaks: “gather!“ . Here also throwings begin. Once I even went to hospital without slippers.

Therefore look with

at the list, edit under yourself and decide what things will be necessary to you first of all and what will be brought by relatives. Hide a leaflet together with policies, and let it be never useful to you! But it will be if something happens possible to gather quickly, just deleting points. it is better for p to pack

of the Thing into a sports bag (and to hang up it on a shoulder), but not in several packages - you still should carry the child!

  1. the Policy of the child, the passport
  2. Phone, the charger
  3. Soap, shampoo, toilet paper, toothbrushes, paste, hairbrushes, small scissors
  4. Wet towel wipes, children`s cream, pampers
  5. of medicine which is taken at present by the child or you
  6. Ware (cups, spoons, a fork), a bottle with boiled water (at least a floor - liter)
  7. of the Small bottle, a pacifier, a poilnik (?)
  8. the Boiler (teapots in hospital not always hot and if it is necessary to scald nipples and small bottles? However, not in all hospitals in chambers there are sockets)
  9. Food for the child (at least a little initially: it is unlikely the kid to whom it is bad will eat unusual food)

    Soluble porridges, mashed potatoes, juice, granulated tea, cottage cheeses, “Agush“. (By the way, concerning “Agusha“ I will tell separately. In many hospitals, especially in infectious offices, it is forbidden to pass fermented milk products even if you will tell that you drink them since you nurse. And what to do if the child without “Agusha“ just does not sleep? Last time I hid about ten bags in the begun pack of pampers that in hospital to perepryatat in the refrigerator. But this time we were lucky: in our office not only did not forbid, but gave out to “Agush“ in any quantities.)

  10. Food for: yogurts, sandwiches, tea (Generally, though something. Not in all children`s hospitals of parents feed. And in day of receipt precisely it is necessary to hunger - on kitchen the application about you did not arrive yet.)
  11. of the Diaper, a towel, bibs, handkerchiefs
  12. Clothes to and the child, replaceable linen, clothes for a dream
  13. Footwear for hospital to and the child
  14. Packages for garbage and dense packages for street footwear
  15. Rubber gloves (it is necessary to wash the floors in chamber, most likely)
  16. the Handle and a notebook (to write down recommendations of the doctor or the list of the fact that you need to bring. And if to take a notebook, then it will be possible and to draw with the child)
  17. the Children`s book and couple of malyshovsky toys
  18. For certain something forgot
  19. - add:-)
be not ill