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Festive... diet?

Combination, perhaps, quite strange. But you do not hurry to close this page. To or later, but any celebration all the same does not do without diet. Better - to. And such diet to you will not spoil holiday mood - if, of course, will approach business without fanaticism .

All - should not forget

that behind red days of a calendar inevitably there comes labor everyday life. And that they did not overtake you unawares, it is desirable and to approach holidays with some, perhaps, health stock. Then the aggravating consequences of “dolce vita“, somehow: extra kilos and various frustration, it will be possible to minimize.

it is very simple to Make

. So, at least, Valentina Kudasheva, the candidate of medical sciences, the associate professor of the Moscow medical academy of I. M. Sechenov considers. It is enough to include products which stimulate endurance in a holiday diet, increase physical and intellectual activity, and also warn zheludochno - intestinal problems. However, these products - healers and on a holiday table will be not so superfluous.

Sea cabbage (laminaria) . Contains vitamins C, B6, B12, nicotinic acid and other biologically active agents; provides an organism with iodine, slows down development of a sclerosis of vessels, interferes with formation of blood clots. But its main property - ability to reduce absorption and accumulation in an organism of radionuclides and toxic substances.

And for achievement of effect is enough to be eaten daily at least on the 2nd teaspoons of a laminaria.

At expensive restaurants of the Mediterranean Venice salad which part the cleared shrimps, pieces of fish, olive, tomatoes, onions and greens are has great success. All this is flavored with vegetable oil, vinegar and sea cabbage.

In any case to tell

, usual Health salad perfectly diversifies the “heavy“ festive menu. Chop straws the hard-boiled egg, the cleared fresh cucumbers, crude or boiled carrots, onions, add sea cabbage. Mix everything, dress with mayonnaise or sour cream. It is possible to replace onions green or to add green peas.

Live sprouts . China calls them health sprouts. Sprouts of cereal cultures became very popular in the West, first of all in the USA and Great Britain in recent years. There couch seeds of the most different plants: haricots, mustard, cabbage, sunflower, lentil, buckwheat, barley, oats, corn, flax, garden radish, spinach. Sprouts stimulate appetite, contribute to motility normalization zheludochno - an intestinal path, possess antimicrobic action. By the way, they allow not only to strengthen health, but also to grow thin - they are not kaloriyna, but at the same time create feeling of satiety within several hours.

are eaten by the sprouted grains, as a rule, with fruit. Sometimes their after dehumidification mill in the coffee grinder. Such flour is especially good as an additive to various salads, sauces, seasonings, the test. It is possible to make sandwich-type weight of the sprouted wheat. To crush the sprouted grains (it is better in the mixer), to add vegetable oil, garlic, to salt and carefully to shake up everything. To add chopped greens of parsley to ready weight. Options are possible: instead of garlic and salt to add honey and to serve fruit.

Vegetables . Do not ignore them on a holiday table. It is proved that the use of vegetables reduces risk of such diseases as cancer, diabetes, and that is especially important in our case, warns zheludochno - intestinal frustration. The matter is that vegetables contain so-called phytoprotectors which possess properties, extremely useful to an organism. First of all pay attention to fresh cucumbers, in them tartronovy acid which slows down formation of fat in an organism is found. The vegetables belonging to the class krestotsvetny (all types of cabbage), are rich with indolny connections. They regulate activity of the enzymes responsible for destruction in an organism of various poisons. And the radish contains the substances possessing bactericidal properties. That during multi-day feasts especially actually.