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The house fairy tale under the Fir-tree of

(the scenario of a house New Year`s holiday for the smallest)

Comes the most favourite by all the holiday which is annually carrying away us secret footpaths of memory to the world of the childhood. There, where thrill of anticipation of a miracle and fulfillment of desires, belief in power of good and the recovered fairy tale lodged in our soul once. Repeating from year to year, this remarkable magic gained strength, imperceptibly becoming part of our personality. And now, having become parents, we desperately hurry to share this wealth with children. Not therefore whether New Year`s Eve vanity, with all her cares is so pleasant? Especially, when in the house there is a kid for whom it is the very first conscious meeting of New year. As we know, the first impressions the brightest and they at early age lay the foundation of perception on all further life. And so there is a wish to make them the most joyful and happy... What is necessary for this purpose?

It is possible, someone will be helped by the councils based on personal experience of the organization of such holiday for children by age about 3 - x years.

the Example is especially actual

for the “house“ kids who are not attending kindergarten. However such cozy house holiday prepared and which is carried out by close people anyway will not become superfluous. Especially as many children only in a similar situation will feel relaxedly and surely. And the company at desire can always be picked up from familiar kids with which at the baby especially cordial relations were already established.

and still advantages of independent preparation of morning performance Are. At least an opportunity to consider interests and hobbies of the kid, so, in some degree, to realize his cherished dreams! It is also quite good to pick up the style of occupations and speed corresponding to its character.

So, we will begin with preparation. Actually, it also is, perhaps, the most important part of a holiday! She creates necessary mood and that magic feeling of expectation of a holiday which, as we know, lasts more and is brighter than the most solemn moment.

As kids still absolutely small, it makes sense to acquaint them with attributes of a holiday: fir-tree, New Year`s round dance and traditional New Year`s characters. It is worth picking up and showing to kids shortly before a holiday thematic books, animated films. And it is still very exciting to include these stories in occupations by creativity.

For example, it is possible to beat the poem “In the Wood the Fir-tree Was Born“ remarkably. It is only necessary to cut out from dense paper a fir-tree (it is desirable even to stick together from two halves - so that it was possible to put it). To paint it with gouache in green color. And to suggest kids “to wrap up it with a snowball“ from white gouache as a frost. Let under it then the hare will ride, and the child with pleasure will hide him from a wolf. By the way, it is quite easy to mold such heroes from plasticine.

On the following occupation the same fir-tree “will be brought for a holiday“, and it will be necessary to decorate it. Remains, available and interesting to it, a way of ornament - to roll small balls from bright plasticine and to stick on a fir-tree. Then it is possible to suggest to strew all this with spangles.

Very much I recommend to use also a plot of the fairy tale of V. Suteev “A snowman - a mailer“. It just contains all festive attributes. And children usually adore it. So it is possible to make successfully this fairy tale a basis of all morning performance for such kids.

A here several ideas for creativity on this subject. Beating the scenario, to stick together the wood with the child, using molds. To roll with it together the snowman. If it is good to be prepared for occupation - it is possible to mold also a puppy of Doggy (using the same children`s molds). Then, following a plot, to the Snowman to draw the letter. For this purpose it is enough to suggest the kid to paint a triangle on a leaflet of yellow paper. And, maybe, the Snowman will find in the wood just that fir-tree what we on last occupation by a snowball wrapped up?


If for the holiday conceived carnival costumes, or masks - should be arranged rehearsal that kids got used to them.

Now to the scenario of the holiday.


Traditional rhymes - poteshka will suit for a start, as game warm-up.

“... Hares sad sit:
Ears freeze at leverets!
of Pryg - skok, pryg - skok
Ears freeze at leverets!...“

Kids of this age can quite master also a short role. Let`s tell, to beat a plot of the poem in which forest animals come to leverets to a fir-tree, everyone with the gift. Having represented the movements characteristic gait of the hero, and handles a gift. A bear - a honey keg, the Little squirrel - nutlets...

“The goat to hares bears
Nearly whole kitchen garden...“ it is good to p to offer

To a subject of forest New Year to kids and to decorate a fir-tree independently. For this purpose it is worth preparing necessary quantity of safe Christmas-tree decorations. Well and self-made children`s toys to use. The fir-tree can “be filled up with snow“ from cotton wool and spangles. And before ornament the children with huge enthusiasm will begin to clear it.

In general the holiday for such kids has to be mostly game. And if there is a wish to enter classical rhymes or dances - that very little and surely alternating to free game. For example, they can execute several simple dancing movements under a song. Throwing at the end of a couplet on a floor beautiful paper snowflakes.

“Snowfall, snowfall
Flakes white fly...
Are turned snowflakes,
White fuzzes!“

present “snowfall“ Right there will begin

, and at once in the middle of the room the whole “mountain of snow“ will grow. Certainly, it is prepared in advance: several packs of the usual white napkins developed and laid in a big package. Be sure - children will think that farther to do! As option - to suggest to play snowballs from lumps of napkins. Having enjoyed to the full with all the heart, they will be ready to perform a small task again - for example, to tell rhymes for a fir-tree (that it pleased with sparks).

Can enter into the scenario an episode with the Snowman from our fantastic plot. There will be a puppy Doggy and will ask to help it to mold the snow friend. It is very simple to execute a suit of “Snowman“ from the big sheet of the foam rubber folded double, a cone from a color cardboard and a children`s bucket. He will become for some time a leader. Here, by the way, the children`s “letters“ executed during creative occupations will be useful.

Can and be experimented, mixing fairy tales. Kids will pleasantly surprise if in the familiar fairy tale the favourite hero from other work suddenly appears. For example, toy Kolobok will help to find with the wood the letter for the Snowman. At the same time will tell an instructive story about how it is bad to be greedy and quarrel.

... Suddenly I look - there is a Fox:
Oh, I use cunning - at - shchy eyes!
A in her teeth - believe! -
Yellow small envelope!

From - beyond fir-trees the wolf went:
the Grey wolf - teeth silk!
Speaks: let`s share!
- Not - e - the t is useful to me!
Quarreled, shouted, did not notice me.


to me remembered
the Fairy tale about the Snowman so far: to It children
gave to
the Letter in such envelope!
Ya was quietly driven...
Took the letter and started on a journey!...

However, in that case it is necessary to think over sequence of events according to the scenario - because according to a plot the Snowman brings a fir-tree.

when the Christmas tree is already decorated by

A - it is a high time to call Father Frost. Too it is quite simple to make his suit independently if necessary. It is better that it was someone from acquaintances. Remarkably, if it is possible to find Father Frost musical. Kids with huge pleasure will sing everything together familiar songs under its pipe, will feel raskovanny near it at the same time. And here to tell it rhymes can be afraid so it is for this purpose better to choose other moment. For a traditional round dance it is worth preparing audio record in advance: “In the wood the fir-tree was born...“ . Well, and of course, the final with long-awaited gifts of Father Frost. It is important to think over contents of gifts - so that it was offensive for nobody. They have to be if not absolutely identical then equivalent and in similar packing.

On it a holiday can be finished, having offered a food. Well, and if there is a desire to continue - to prepare the second part. It has to be only easy fun, with prizes and other entertainments which to children always a little. It is important not to include in such program any tasks with rules assuming attention tension not to overstrain children. And travel to the country of animated cartoons can be a subject, for example. When after shots of a familiar animated cartoon, and under the corresponding song, to general delight of children the soft toy - the character of the animated film appears.

Umk`s bear cub with the song about a fir-tree will well fit Into a subject of New year, for example. It, of course, will come on the ice floe (which is cut out from a big piece of foam rubber). And in the twilight will show to children the Polar Lights. Careful fathers and mothers will be able to make previously it of several strips of a foil for the pastries which is effectively highlighted by a small lamp. Well, and in general for any toy imitating the character of an animated cartoon it is possible to arrange the worthy presentation, having connected the imagination.

Main - to have big desire, assistants and there is a little time for preparation. And then everything by all means will work well. And you derive pleasure from such holiday not less, than children. Good luck to you and cheerful New year!