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What to present for New year?

When we think over what to present to the person for New Year, we, certainly, not really - that are anxious with a question of an origin of this nice and all a favourite holiday. However...

you never thought of what we, actually, congratulate each other under peal of bells on? Happy New Year, with new happiness! What new happiness is?


Davny - long ago, somewhere in the east where lived ancient Indo-Iranians, and the first Persian states just began to be formed, ancient farmers already had the calendar and knew: there are in a year days when the longest night replaces the shortest day. After this night the dazzling, life-giving Sun every day is late in heaven longer and longer, the nature begins to wake up, and life finally triumphs over gloomy winter silence and death. This day is called day of a winter Solstice and according to our calendar it falls on December 22. Day of the longest night and the shortest day... This day ancient Persians - farmers celebrated the birth of Solar god - Mitres. By means of special ceremonies and rituals they helped the Mitre to be born and win against the villain Zima, helped arrival of spring and a new harvest. All this for them was very serious, their life depended on timely arrival of spring. And suddenly without their help the Sun will not manage to be born, will not be able to win winter?

further the Mitre became

one of the main gods of the Persian kingdom, and from it got to Romans who, as we know, treated foreign states very jealously and sought to subordinate them to themselves, and to foreign gods, on the contrary, were ready very loyally, and against their temples and worship of it had nothing. So solar the Mitre became one of the Roman gods.

In the Roman Empire months had the different length (sometimes length of month could be changed for a bribe), but New year steadily fell on January 1 - date of change of consuls. The end of December was time of festivals and all revelry. Very successfully also birthday of the Mitre - a Victory Day Sveta over Darkness laid down here.

Rejoice! - Romans welcomed each other. - The solstice passed, one more year passed, put by spring... Rejoice!

So they also rejoiced several centuries in a row and when the Roman Empire officially became Christian, suddenly somehow unexpectedly it became clear that the new, one God Jesus Christ was born... On December 25, and Christmas is located absolutely close to a holiday of a winter Solstice and New Year`s festivities, traditional for Romans.

- Rejoice! - new Romans - Christians spoke each other. - Jesus Christ was born! - Also went to rejoice.

Medieval Christian Europe, official and gloomy, unlike antique Romans, cheerful holidays did not love. However, peasants still plowed the earth and needed timely arrival of spring. Therefore in day of a winter Solstice they did everything possible to help the Sun to be born - burned down fires, banished Zima sticks, decorated with fir-tree branches and birch branches of the house which were dismissed in heat, untied knots etc. (in more detail about it it is possible to read at Frezer “A gold branch“) And having worked and having won together with the Sun, began to celebrate a victory!

To Peter I`s decree (1700) Russians conducted the calendar “from creation of the world“ and celebrated the beginning of new year where in September, after harvesting and where - in March, in day of a spring Solstice. Peter I, our only active reformer (except for absolutely old Vladimir - the Sun Is red), brought our chronology into accord with the European and enjoined to celebrate New Year in the winter - on January 1. The people on a habit posoprotivlyalsya also began to celebrate (at the same time first the winter holiday did not cancel autumn and spring celebrations at all - than more holidays, life is more cheerful than subjects)...

From this short historical digression to the reader, has to be, it became already clear what we congratulate each other on in New Year and what new happiness this night overtakes us. So, we congratulate each other on the fact that

1. It was succeeded to endure one more period of shortening of day and approach to the world of Darkness.

2. Now, when Solar God was already born, and began to win the positions from Darkness, everything will be good.

3. Let in the hidden look, but spring, and, therefore, blossoming of the world already began. And it is fine.

4. We endured this difficult period together, without having betrayed and without having lost each other, and, so our relations became even deeper and stronger (see the all-European custom to kiss at the time of approach of New Year).

A can return to gifts now. How all aforesaid is reflected in New Year`s gift traditions? Oh, all this is known! Paper flowers, fir-tree branches, garlands and small lamps - light, life and pleasure! Gilded cones, nuts and apples - germs, symbols of revival and spring! Children`s round dances around a fir-tree with the subsequent analysis of the gifts hanging on a fir-tree, - all this as if imitates ancient to the veseena - the summer ceremonies connected with blooming of leaflets and collecting fruits...

What gift messages can consider

specifically New Year`s? Perhaps, such:

the Most difficult already behind, is farther everything it will be good! to the Person for whom last year was hard and you know about it. Something beautiful is given, ornated, even slightly thoughtless. For example, a detail of summer clothes for the woman, a cowboy`s hat for the man.

Despite everything, this world is beautiful! This message suits as for a formal gift (to the friend - the colleague, the chief`s secretary), and for quite serious relations. General rule: gift relation to the world of fine. It can be also a collection album on art in a basket of roses and a lovely New Year`s card with the flower attached to it, the main thing - your personal confidence in the validity of the message. If are not sure, enclose something another.

As it is great that in a hard time we - together with you (with you)! Personal gift. Perhaps, even something self-made. And it is obligatory, with personal registration and packing. In the maintenance of a gift we will quite allow a hint on something, endured together (it is not obligatory within this year). Give in a situation of the long and checked friendship, family life, or (more rare) than the long love relations.

Thank you that this year you were (was) together with me! the Gift too personal, but nevertheless more formal, than in the previous message. Together with a gift it can be hoped for development and strengthening of the relations. In this case there is a careful intimate component. For example, the man gives to the woman a magnificent Chinese dressing gown (but not linen!)

I want

Ya that next year at you everything was also healthy, as well as in it! the Cheerful, funny issued gift. With balls etc. Is suitable also for the personal, burdened by nothing relations, and for an office or friendly party.

I believe

Ya that next year it will be better! the Gift - hope. Everyone solves. Differs from the first message in the fact that the difficulties experienced by the person who is given a gift have not passing character (for example, a chronic illness), at all did not end together with approach of new year.