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Any Christmas in Europe and America does not do without turkey, and every year all culinary editions discuss subtleties of preparation of this bird. For us a turkey - a product not so habitual. Use couple of a practical advice, and there will be to you happiness .

the Size matters

correctly to bake a turkey - occupation extremely responsible. For a start calculate what size the bird is necessary to you. It depends first of all on the number of guests. For example, from a two-kilogram turkey 4 - 6 portions of meat will turn out. Perhaps, it is worth taking a bird more. Let`s tell, it is enough turkey weighing 4,5 - 5,5 kg to feed 8 - 10 hungry friends, but if invited already 12 - 15, you do not waste time on trifles - buy a bird of kilograms on 9.

Fresh or frozen?

the Following step - be defined by

in what look you are going to get future queen of your table. Proceeding from it also act. Fresh turkey it is worth buying not earlier than in two days prior to preparation. Houses remove packing from a bird. Take out interiors, put them in ware with a cover and put in the refrigerator. Wipe a turkey with a paper towel (both outside, and inside), put her on a big dish, cover with a foil and also clean in the refrigerator.

the Frozen turkey demands careful thawing, and there are two options. In the first case, without removing packing, place a bird in the cool place with a temperature not above 16 °C. The second way quicker - ship the packed turkey in cold, it is not above 15 °C, water, regularly changing it. The average bird weighing 4,5 - 5,6 kg will be defrozen in 19 - 24 hours. And here to bring into the appropriate look 9 - the kilogram pterodactyl, it can be necessary about two days!

When the turkey will thaw

, check whether remained in ice crystals. If everything is all right, remove packing and put a bird in the refrigerator.

of by
of the Weight of a bird defrosting Time the Weight of a bird roasting Time
in water in the cool place of 2,25 kg 1,5 hours
of 2,25 kg of 10 hours of 20 hours of 3,6 kg 2,5 hours
of 4,5 - 5,6 kg < / td> for of 19 hours 22 - 24 hours of 4,5 - 5,6 kg 3 - 3,5 hours
of 6,75 kg of 30 hours of 34 - 38 hours of 6,75 kg 4,5 hours
of 9 kg of 39 hours of 40 - 48 hours of 9 kg of 6 hours

Council of the Epicure

to Giblets of a turkey will find application too. From heart, a liver and a ventricle fine broth - a basis for Christmas sauce will turn out.

For preparation of broth place giblets, the cut carrots, a bulb, a stalk of a celery and bay leaf in a pan of the average size. Season. Pour in enough water that it was possible to close a pan a cover, and you boil on weak fire of 1 - 1,5 hour then filter. It is better to make broth in advance and to put it for the night in the refrigerator. By the morning fat will rise by a surface, and it will be easy to be removed.

Hour of X

But here at last comes the responsible moment - it is time to start roasting! Take out a turkey from the refrigerator and leave her for an hour. Having got used to room temperature, and then having appeared in an oven, the bird will get warm as fast as possible. And it is pledge of the fact that meat will be tasty and juicy.

Cut out a chest bone at a turkey - so then will cut much easier a ready bird. Place a stuffing in cervical part, and fill the main space with halves of a lemon or orange and onions segments.


a bird at 190 °C (in an oven with air circulation - at 170 °C), having covered it with leaky adjacent foil (it will protect gentle meat of a breast from drying). However, it is important not to be overzealous, differently not to avoid “steam effect“. Each hour water roast with the emitted juice. And for half an hour up to readiness foils better to remove - then the turkey will turn out brilliant, with crackling zolotisto - a brown crust.

What is the time to bake

? Irrespective of the recipe, it is simple to calculate a preparation time: on each 450 g of weight 18 minutes are put. By the way, keep in mind that in the stuffed bird weight undertakes together with a stuffing.

Some experts advise

to prepare a turkey in very poorly heated oven during the whole night, it can borrow till 10 - 11 o`clock. At this way of roasting time so: 15 minutes on each 450 g of weight.

it is simple to p to Check readiness of a turkey. If you have a special thermometer for meat, it is a high time to use it. Thrust the thermometer in the thickest part of a hip, without touching a bone. The thermometer shows 90 °C? Means, the turkey baked. Kolya`s

of the thermometer near at hand it was not p, take a spoke, insert it into the fleshiest part of a leg and collect the emitted juice in a spoon. If it pinkish color or with even with blood - is better to return a turkey to an oven and to bake even minutes 30. If juice transparent or it is pale - golden - it is time to get a bird.


a turkey to a serving dish, densely cover with a foil and let`s it lie down before cutting minutes 20 - 45. From it meat will become more dense, and it will be easier to cut a bird.

the Fashionable section

At first cut off legs . Strong you keep a fowls, having thrust a finishing fork from above in any half of a breast. Cut skin between a leg and a breast. Leg aside also cut through Ovedite through through the place of accession of a hip, cutting off it entirely.

Cut a leg in half . Holding a leg a bone up, separate a shin from a hip. Repeat the same with other leg.

Cut meat from a leg . Hold a shin for a stone and cut off meat along a bone. In the same way process hips.

Now wings . Make a section from edge of a breast in the direction of a wing. Slightly move a knife to grope connection, and cut through through, having taken a piece of a breast. Repeat on the other hand.

Cut a breast . Hold with a finishing fork a side of a turkey and cut off a thin slice of meat on diagonal, beginning from cervical part and taking a little stuffing. Raise each cut-off piece, having clamped it between a fork and a knife and not allowing it to fall and collapse. Process of cutting of a breast on slices can be simplified. Holding a knife horizontally, make a puncture at the basis of one of sides of a breast. The sawing movement cut through meat from below under all breast, separating it from a skeleton.

By the way
the turkey who Remained after a meal can be frozen. Separate meat from bones, slice, put in the rigid container or turn in a foil. That the turkey was more gentle, sauce pieces, remained after roasting.