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Milk is a hundred times more tasty if it... I Want to tell mother`s milk

about that why breastfeeding why it was chosen by me and many other women is necessary. How to help your organism to establish and support production of milk.

Why should undertake and fight for breastfeeding:

  1. Breast milk of mother is ideal on structure proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins food for the kid. It is created especially for it and “was developed“ together with it.
  2. One of the most important reasons for which it is worth feeding with breast milk - immunity your child. Female breast milk contains high concentration of protein of a laktoferrin (LF). According to department of molecular genetics of IEM, laktoferrin in a large number contains in colostrum (0,67 g of %) and breast milk (0,26 g of %). It possesses antimicrobic, detoksitsiruyushchy and transport (transfer of substances on an organism) functions. Besides, LF promotes cellular growth. Its joint action with lizotsimy, also being bakteriostatiky and contained in breast milk, can lead to synergistic bactericidal effect (synergistic effect - joint action which cannot be reached in the absence of one of substances). It is established that persons with the congenital or acquired insufficiency of LF are susceptible to an age infection.

    As a result, at the child who eats breast milk immunity several times above, than at the child eating mix.

  3. besides, sosya a breast, the child calms down . Everything, nursing, know that the simplest spopob to calm and relax the kid - to give him a milk. Feeling your heat, your smell, the child is confident that everything is good. Therefore it is very important, even at a komleniye from a small bottle, to embrace the child, to contact to it.
  4. Besides, it also is very convenient. You should not dissolve mix, to warm up it, to select it, risking to cause an allergy in the kid.
So if you want

that your child was healthy, strong, quiet and felt confident in world around, then a chest vskarmlivayeniye - for you. Main - it is correct to p to begin

and to continue well

  1. One my acquaintance did not nurse because in maternity hospital did not show it how to do it (the truth, seems to me that there were also other reasons, about them I will write later). I explain - the child has to take not only a nipple, but also the most part auras. It is necessary to give it time to try and be trained. If it is impossible to it - help it, implant a nipple correctly.
  2. One more my acquaintance decided to refuse feeding because she was afraid that at it the breast will droop. On this subject I can tell here that:
    • in - the first, during pregnancy a breast already bulks up, therefore, it can droop also without feeding;
    • in - the second, listened to interview with the plastic surgeon recently - on his supervision the breast droops also at those women who not that did not feed, and did not even bring children;
    • in - the third as practice shows, after feeding it droops not at all.

    Besides, means which help to make your skin more elastic happen. It is necessary to choose from those that are made especially for feeding or for children - others may contain substances, harmful to the child, which will be absorbed in milk.

  3. It is very frequent at first feedings - painfully, it is normal. If at you poyavlyayutya cracks on a nipple, it is possible to grease them with special creams which reduce sensitivity and heal wounds. Besides, special nozzles on nipples are on sale. Over time pain will pass.
  4. It is possible to give to
  5. at first in each feeding both breasts, but it is necessary that the child at least exhausted one of them completely (next time - another). It is connected with the fact that at first the child exhausts the “first“ milk - it, as a rule, more liquid and transparent, but more nutritious just not it, but what it is heavier to suck - “second“. In the “second“ milk there are more fats and proteins, it is more dense, and it has a yellowish color. Besides, when milk is completely exhausted, your organism understands that it it is necessary more.
  6. two of my acquaintances had a problem (from the very beginning of feeding) - at both children badly sucked a breast. One of them, having run about on policlinics and having had heard plenty of shouts of doctors on the fact that she is bad mother (the child did not gain weight), passed to artificial nutrition. Another, having studied a question, bought a good milk pump and supported the child the milk to 11 - ti months.
  7. Very important conditions of a good lactation - enough liquid and nutrients in mother`s organism. At first (month 2 - 3) I had to drink and have a bite feedings before each feeding. Very much special tea for a lactation, usual tea with milk either any other hot or very warm liquid helps. It is worth getting a thermos since at night without it it is difficult “to feed“ an organism in time.
  8. Always milk on demand. It will not interfere with establishment of the mode, but very much will help establishment of a lactation. In spite of the fact that I fed always on demand, or perhaps and thanks to it, in 3 months a night dream we had 7 - 8 hours.
  9. Try to have a rest more (at least less to be overstrained). The emaciated organism will not be able to make milk:. You remember - the child - the most important in your life. The rest can be filled then (study, work, cleaning of a plate, shoveling of mezzanines, etc.), health of the child needs to be built now. Do not worry on trifles (trifles - all this, except your mylysh / baby). Look at the being who is most loved in the world and feel inflow of happiness. And also milk:... Be adjusted on your kid. Feel it. Once we with the girlfriend walked with our children (both were feeding), one child began to cry, another joined him, and at us at both circles on t-shirts right there went.
  10. Teeth. Bite. Do not despair. Children are very quick-witted. If you several times after a sting take away his most favourite object from the child, everything will be adjusted again. Do not give to the child a reason to distract (the TV, other people etc.) - usually it serves as the reason of stings. And see point 3.
  11. Feeding and feeding up. So far the small child (till 4 - 5 months), is better to be limited only to breast milk. It is in addition possible to give unless usual or dill water (though it is not obligatory). If you enter a feeding up it is worth using a spoon or a small bottle with the correct size of a hole. If it more than it is necessary, then to the child laziness will exhaust milk, and he will begin to throw a breast after short attempts (exhausting at the same time only the “first“ milk). It is very important to use a good small bottle - they are made anatomic correctly, i.e. the child will not spoil a bite (to me spoiled 9 in due time, then long corrected) and will not be accustomed to suck incorrectly. Besides, in it holes d not rasyatnutsya (important that from a small bottle was it is not simpler to eat, than from a breast).
  12. If you leave somewhere (for a long time you leave), costs to you, and, most likely, it is necessary to be decanted - besides better to use a milk pump. By means of it you will be able quicker to suck away milk, at the same time the nipple is injured less, than at usual decantation. One my acquaintance (the truth, in the USA), came to work when the child was 3 months old. At the same time she continued to feed the child with breast milk - collected milk, using a milk pump, and during a perervyv carried it in a garden.
  13. the Transition period - 3 months. It should be waited, i.e. besides to milk on demand. It was the moment when I nearly broke in the intention to feed, but quickly enough milk became much more. And, on my supervision, a little bit changed itself protsees its developments. It became “more obediently“, arriving on demand.

Anyway do not despair. It is known that in some tribes in case of death of mother, grandmothers (the truth, young people) put the child to a breast, and at them milk begins to be emitted. There was even a case in India when after death of the wife, the man applied the child of a breast, and after a while at it milk began to be emitted (though, I think, it not at everyone will turn out - all - mammary glands at men are not developed :). So continue to try and at you everything will turn out. Good luck.