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Hypersensibility to cold of

How to reduce hypersensibility of an organism to cold, different experts advise.

the Doctor of higher category, the candidate of medical sciences, the manager of neurologic office 11 - y city hospital of Moscow Alexander Lazarevich Shapiro .

- What is hypersensibility to cold ?
is first of all violation of operation of mechanisms of thermal control. At the healthy tempered person both in cold, and during a heat body temperature remains to a constant. People, insensitive to cold, are steady against the general cooling and quickly get warm. People, highly sensitive to cold, are characterized by lower average body temperature lowered by temperature of feet, hands, fingers, auricles, a nose. Besides it considerably fluctuates within a day and is hardly restored when warming. The woman freezes even in the warm room and painfully reacts to sharp change of weather.

- That is its organism develops not enough heat ?
- In that is continually that is not present. Heat which develops our organism within an hour quite would be enough for boiling liter of ice water. The woman freezes from - for violations of heat exchange between an organism and environment. If mechanisms of thermal control are broken, then the organism is not able to compensate losses of heat. And it often happens at heart diseases.

- That is to such women needs to check the health ?
- Yes. And first of all it is warm - vascular and endocrine systems. Intensive influence of cold with diseases of heart, kidneys, lungs can cause tachycardia, increase of arterial pressure, violation of blood supply in vessels of lungs, extremities, a brain in people. Hypersensibility to cold happens also at women to vegetososudisty dystonia. This disease in essence no other than peculiar reaction of nervous system to various changes of environmental conditions. Patients complain of fast fatigue, attacks of migraine, fluctuation of pressure and instability of pulse, feeling of a sleep in extremities. Stresses, a nerve strain, frustration of a dream, the wrong work-rest schedule can provoke vegetososudisty frustration and considerably lower your cold resistance.

- But if the woman is young and healthy and the cold nevertheless hardly transfers ?
- In that case it needs to be engaged urgently in training of vessels - a hardening and gymnastics. The contrast shower, cold rubdowns, physical exercises in the fresh air help to restore a tone, to improve food of a vascular wall, to normalize the speed of current of blood and a lymph. Fabrics at the same time are better supplied with oxygen, exchange processes become more active, working capacity increases. It is very useful to pour over 4 - 5 times a day over hands cold water. Water at a temperature of 16 - 20 degrees well influences action of the heart. Frequency of its reductions decreases and time of rest and rest of a cardiac muscle is extended. Under the influence of cold there is a reflex narrowing of vessels of skin which contain about 30% of all blood of the person. Blood flows to internals, adding cages new portions of oxygen and nutrients. Cold bathtubs promote increase in amount of hemoglobin, erythrocytes and leukocytes. Respectively, immunity increases. Physical exercises, self-massage, a hardening - a fine way of increase of your cold resistance. But it is necessary to carry out these procedures for half an hour to food and not earlier than in 1,5 - 2 hours after it. It is very important to conform to this rule. After food blood flows to digestive organs. Means, its inflow to heart, a brain and other vitals decreases. Sharp change of temperatures can cause an angiospasm of skin and internals up to heart attack at this time. Physical exercises are especially necessary hardenings at the beginning. In process of accustoming of an organism to cold it is possible to do also without warming. Then it will be possible to reach bigger cold resistance of an organism.

Psychotherapist of the Moscow Center of mental rehabilitation Maria Aleksandrovna Makerova .

- Hypersensibility to cold can have purely psychological character. If the woman constantly feels chilly without special on the reasons, so to her is uncomfortable in this situation. It is in the conflict with environment. And roots of this fear of cold need to be looked for in the early childhood. Whether was sharp overcoolings in the first year of life? In what conditions she was born, born in the winter or in the summer whether hands of the delivering midwife not too were cold? The fear of cold is fixed in infantile age at the level of subconsciousness and in the future can exert negative impact on mentality of the woman. Once it peremerznut - and she already in panic is afraid of drafts, the working conditioners, wind and a blizzard. She begins to freeze constantly, even under a warm duvet. And everything from - for the fact that memory of the childhood works. - How it is possible to overcome this fear ?
- In - the first, it is necessary to change a surrounding situation. To rearrange furniture. To change color of wall-paper and curtains, having added warm solar colors. It is good if in your room there is any bright spot in the form of a bouquet brightly - red flowers, a lamp with the red lamp shade. You thus will deceive the subconsciousness demanding urgent change of living conditions. You do not hurry to sign doom:“ Such organism at me. I do not take out cold“. Be not wrapped up with the second blanket, and try to fall in love with cold. Come before going to bed to a balcony, vigorously pound hands and feet snow, and then a dry terry towel. And, without putting on socks, you go to bed. Grindings can be done also by a wet cold napkin. Such procedures not only temper an organism, but also strengthen will, prove that it is possible to resist to cold. If all these actions do not yield results, then ask for the help the psychologist. Because such hypersensibility to cold can be caused by the latent depression, a stress, neurosises.

the Cosmetologist - the dermatologist of Institute of complex problems of restoration of reserve opportunities of the person Svetlana Anatolyevna Dyadilina .

- Hypersensibility to the lowered temperatures can cause such disease as Holodova dermatitis. Food of open sites of skin is broken. On a face, auricles, hands appear itching bordovo - the red shelled spots. Skin becomes dry, its drawing changes. There can be hypostases, blisters, an erosion, feeling of heat and burning. Such disease demands complex treatment. The preparations improving peripheral blood supply, vitamins A, C, E, PP are appointed. It is necessary to enter the products rich with nonsaturated fatty acids into a diet. These are fat grades of fish, corn, soy, rape or sesame oil. It is desirable to refuse strong tea and coffee, alcohol and cigarettes completely. And to eat food only in a warm look. Skin at women, sensitive to cold, needs special protection. It is the best of all to wash thawed snow. To replace soap with a cosmetic milk or cream - a skin for washing. In the morning nutritious cream with addition of oils of germs of wheat, rice bran, oils shi, seeds of grapes, blackcurrant, an ogurechnik, avocado is applied on skin. In the medical purposes it is possible to use cream with the glycoleft acid. It peels dead cages and accelerates restoration of a lipidic layer of skin. The massage, a contrast shower and masks containing the irritating receptors components are very useful: menthol, mint, camphor. You apply on skin the moisturizing cream with hyaluronic acid, collagen, wheat protein in the evening.

- If at the woman fingers of hands constantly freeze, then it, probably, is reflected also in a condition of nails ?
- Yes, dermatitis quite often affects with Holodova also nails. They become thinner, stratified. On nails white tochkoobrazny spots or cross strips appear. In this case trays with sea salt at the rate of 3 - 4 tablespoons on a glass of warm water give good medical effect. They become once a week for 30 minutes. Also hot paraffin trays help. Hands should be washed only with warm water and besshchelochny soap. And after washing dry to wipe a towel, to grease with cream, to do a light massage of fingers. One - two times a week rub oil or nutritious cream in nails. And as base under a varnish use means with calcium or fibers of silk. But all these procedures are good only in a complex with the actions directed to strengthening of vessels and overcoming of hypersensibility to cold.

Council the first

Should develop the personal program of fight against cold. To adjust an organism on a hardening up to minutes. Then he will become your ally.

Council of the second

Various everyday sovetik will help you to deceive cold in case of need. By practical consideration define what from recommendations of experts helps you better.