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Scenario of family New Year

Hello! I want to share the New Year`s scenario which made last New Year for the family. Very much it was pleasant to all. Collected material on all Internet so if someone meets something familiar, do not abuse.:-)

Old year comes to an end in

Good kind year.
we will not mourn,
New to us goes...
Accept wishes,
Without them is impossible in any way,
Good luck and are happy!
Happy New Year, friends! I congratulate
of All,
I Welcome all,
Yes are well jokes,
Fun and laughter! (at these words the cracker shoots)

During the holiday needs to have fun.
Let blossom a smile of the person,
of the Song vigorous sound.
Who is able to have fun,
That is able not to miss.

(for the correct answers small prizes, for example, of candy, Christmas tree decorations are awarded)

  1. From where it is Persian cats? (From the Southern Asia)
  2. begins
  3. With a bird, comes to an end in a small animal how the city is called? (A raven - a hedgehog)
  4. U of whom the most long tongue? (At an anteater)
  5. Father Frost`s Informer. (Staff)
  6. Object of art creativity of Father Frost? (Window)
  7. Nickname of Father Frost? (Moroz - the Red nose)
  8. the Presumable historical name of Father Frost? (Nikolay)
the Competition “Take a Prize!“

is put by

On a chair a package of a prize. Around a chair participants of a competition. The leader reads the poem “Time, Two, Three!“ . Those who try to grab a prize not in due time leave a competition.

I Will tell you the story
In fifteen phrases. I will Only tell
the floor “three“
the Prize immediately take! Once a pike we caught
Gutted, and inside
of Small fishes small counted
I not one, but whole TWO.
Dreams to Become the boy tempered
the Olympic champion, Watch
, on start do not use cunning,
A wait for team of times, two, SEVEN. When verses you want to remember
, them do not cram
until late at night, about yourself them repeat
Just once, another, and it is better FIVE!
Recently the train at the station
to me THREE hours had to be waited.
But what you a prize, friends, did not take,
When was an opportunity to take?

the Competition “Theatrical“

to the Wishing contestants cards with a task which they perform without preparation are given. A prize - fruit. It is necessary to walk before little tables as:

  1. the woman with heavy bags;
  2. the girl in a tight skirt high-heeled;
  3. the sentry protecting a food warehouse;
  4. the baby who only learned to go;
  5. Alla Pugacheva during performance of the song.

“Cheerful nonsense“

At the leader two sets of strips of paper. In the left hand - questions, in right - answers. The leader bypasses little tables, players serially “blindly“ pull out a question, (read aloud) the answer. The cheerful nonsense turns out.

Approximate questions:

you read to
  1. someone else`s letters?
  2. you sleep peacefully?
  3. you listen to others talk? whether
  4. you Beat with
  5. from rage ware? whether
  6. you Can play a dirty trick on the friend? whether
  7. are Written by you anonymously?
  8. you extend gossips? whether
  9. you Are accustomed to promise
  10. more than your opportunities?
  11. you Would like to marry by calculation? whether
  12. you in the actions are persuasive and rough
  13. ?

Approximate answers:

  1. This my hobby;
  2. Occasionally, for the sake of a joke;
  3. Only in summer nights;
  4. When purse empty;
  5. Only without witnesses;
  6. Only if it is not connected with material inputs;
  7. Especially in others house;
  8. It is my long dream;
  9. Is not present
  10. , I am very constraining person;
  11. Ya never I refuse such opportunity.


from a fir-tree

All participating remove to themselves from a fir-tree “the“ pieces of paper (painted in certain colors). Prikolki can be perceived as a prediction or as a joke.

  1. Dear parents! Would you like grandsons?
  2. “Is closer than
  3. to the mother-in-law - a stomach fuller, farther from the mother-in-law - love to it stronger...“
  4. In a family: one - wives, another - wrong! it is the best of all for li to give to
  5. useful gifts. The wife to the husband - handkerchiefs, and it to it - a mink coat.
  6. the Compliment doubles the woman`s productivity.
  7. I Will undertake not a simple task - the Family budget I will economically spend
  8. from me do not have
  9. In cookery of secrets, I will make both a dinner and a lunch!
  10. Between cares, between affairs.
    I will Diligently lie on a sofa.
  11. We all, sometimes, somewhere go,
    we Go, we float, we fly as birds,
    There where the unfamiliar coast...
    you is waited by the road abroad.
  12. this month you devote
  13. A to art -
    In theater, the ballet and the opera descend!
  14. to be to you the beauty since morning an asterisk, a berry, kisonky tomorrow, rybonky and as on beer you will give - again the wife will become.

of “Candy“ on a thread


Through all room stretches a thread with the “candies“ hanging on it. Each participant blindfold cuts off to himself five “candies“. If gifts got “at the wrong door“, then it is possible to exchange, with the consent of both participants.

  1. you Have to be happy many
    From a lottery now -
    Three remarkable cards
    of Prolotereena for you.
  2. That always beautiful to be, cream you hurry to receive.
  3. you follow advice: fruit the best diet.
  4. A here to you curd cake elegant, fragrant, tasty, chocolate.
  5. If suddenly the child begins to cry, you have to (you have to) to appease it. With a rattle you zaskacht and you will make silent.
  6. That always tidy to be hurry to receive toothpaste.
  7. your prize is original
  8. a little - you a pacifier got the nursery.
  9. If are asked by you suddenly that in a year came now, we words will not answer you and we will present a rooster.
  10. to
  11. to you got the first prize, receive and share (chocolate).
  12. every day you try to look younger, so more often in a mirror look.
  13. You with the companion such never despond, and wipe any place with a bast in a hot bath.
  14. Under the ticket accidentally to you this tea got.
  15. That the person and your sock were pure, on the ticket the piece of a mylets fragrant got.
  16. the balloon receive
  17. , to stars depart to space.
  18. you Look
  19. perfectly: both clothes, and a hairdress and in an award to you the prize - a hairbrush not in vain fell.
  20. Dishwasher. (Setochka for washing of ware)
  21. the Mercedes Car. (Children`s machine)
  22. Dustbin cotton. (Handkerchief)
  23. to you a prize quite rare, you got a fir-tree branch; it will force you, without doubt, to participate in gardening.
  24. Receive
  25. , hurry up, to you a notebook: write verses.

Guess a proverb

the Leader reads a simple explanation of a proverb and suggests to call her.

  1. the Gift is not discussed, accept what is given... (Never look at gift horse`s mouth.)
  2. needs to Study
  3. during all life, every day brings new knowledge, the knowledge is infinite. (Live and learn!)
  4. If began with
  5. some business, finish it even if it is difficult to make it! (Undertook a tug, do not say that it is not hefty!)
  6. Trouble, trouble happen usually where something is unreliable, fragile. (Where something is thin, that`s where it tear.)
  7. As itself you treat another, and will treat you. (As the call, so the echo.)
  8. do not undertake unfamiliar affairs. (Look before you leap.)

What is it?


, but with animals.

  1. “Povtorenye is mother of the doctrine!“ - a parrot
  2. “Not a chance!“ - a kangaroo
  3. “It`s no use to cry over spilled milk!“ - a crocodile
  4. “One man is no man!“ - the locust
  5. “To march in step a leg“ - the caterpillar

the Leader reads to

“Field of wonders“ a question and calls quantity of letters in the word. For each guessed word players win a prize (a small symbol of the answer).

  1. Name and surname of the man of old age. The ladies` man, is dressed on fashion Winter - 2005 (8 letters). Answer: Father Frost.
  2. the Dairy product maintaining temperature of winter, but is more often used in the summer (9 letters). Answer: ice cream.
  3. the Tree, lack of leaves at which speaks about its special mission (4 letters). Answer: fir-tree.
  4. the Model with a fair-haired braid always participating in winter holidays. Appears always accompanied by the elderly sponsor (10 letters). Answer: Snow Maiden.
  5. the Location of long-awaited pleasure for the people who lived up to winter. Always was the symbol which is under a tree without leaves (5 letters). Answer: bag.
  6. Liquid which is used inside at big pleasure (10 letters). Answer: champagne.

And finally...


hangs out the poster with phrases which should be continued. All participate.

  1. to Father Frost... (it came every day)
  2. that snowdrift which does not dream to become Is bad
  3. ... (frozen)
  4. the Real fir-tree about artificial... (“Continuous silicone, and anything else“.)
  5. If Father Frost is married to the job, then... (the Snow Maiden in the decree means.)
  6. do not close companies that who... (it it is not worthy.)
  7. By amount of paper per capita we occupy with
  8. one of the last places in the world and the first... (by the number of brilliant literary works.)