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Inflammation of appendages. How there will take place pregnancy?

the Frequency of inflammatory diseases of genitals wins first place among all gynecologic diseases and makes about 65% of all addresses to a maternity welfare unit. Early sexual activity, frequent change of sexual partners, and also the erased current of the majority of inflammatory diseases leads to formation of their chronic forms. It should be noted that among all patients with such problems more than 80% are made by not giving birth women aged till 25 years therefore often pregnancy arises against various inflammatory diseases.

Inflammatory diseases of genitals

belong To inflammatory diseases of genitals: a colpitis - a vagina inflammation; tservitsit - a uterus neck inflammation; salpingooforit, or adneksit - an inflammation of appendages (ovaries and uterine tubes); endomiometrit - a chronic inflammation of an inside layer of a uterus.

Are in the lead among these diseases chronic salpingooforit and endomiometrit. Infections, sexually transmitted are the main reason for their emergence: trichomoniasis, mycoplasmosis, clamidiosis and so forth. Apparently from the name of this group of infections, the pathogenic microbe gets to the woman`s organism mainly at sexual contact with the infected person. Especially there is a wish to note that overcooling cannot be the cause of an inflammation of appendages - it can become a provocative factor for an aggravation of already available inflammatory process or for activation is conditional - pathogenic microorganisms (normal each person has them: colibacillus, streptococci, ureaplasmas, etc.) which will cause inflammatory process in a uterus and its appendages.

the Long inflammation of uterine tubes and ovaries leads

to development of dense connecting fabric which replaces the died cages. As a result already very thin gleam of a pipe (only 1 - 2 mm in the diameter) can easily “grow“ with connecting fabric, and the pipe will become impassable for an ovum. In such conditions the meeting of a spermatozoon and an ovum does not take place therefore also fertilization is impossible. Besides, in the course of an inflammation also the cages covering an internal surface of uterine tubes are surprised. They promote advance of an ovum on a pipe, besides many microorganisms, for example hlamidiya and mycoplasmas, can take root into these cages and the activity to break their functioning. Therefore the struck cells of uterine tubes cannot “deliver“ an ovum from an ovary to a uterus. As a result of such changes infertility is formed, there can be an extra-uterine pregnancy. whether

of Display of diseases

the woman Had before pregnancy an inflammation of appendages, it is possible to judge by results of the analyses which are carried out before pregnancy and also on existence of the following complaints: the moderated, arising periodically, stupid, pulling, aching pains in the bottom of a stomach amplifying when cooling and also violations of a menstrual cycle which becomes unstable - with delays, intermenstrual allocations. Pain is usually felt in the bottom of a stomach, in inguinal areas, in the field of a sacrum, in a vagina. Quite often its intensity does not correspond to nature of changes in genitals, i.e. inflammatory changes in bodies can be minimum or as a result of treatment they can be liquidated, and pain as the residual phenomenon, remains a long time. Such state can long proceed, without accurately expressed beginning and the end of a disease. Pathological allocations from a genital tract - more or less plentiful, sometimes with an unpleasant smell also belong to signs of a chronic inflammation of appendages of a uterus and the uterus.


What inflammatory diseases are dangerous?

Inflammatory process in ovaries can lead

During pregnancy to violation of their work, at the same time the ovulation - an ovum exit from an ovary - does not come at all (in this case pregnancy is impossible) or comes with delay. So, if normal the ovulation happens in the middle of a cycle, then at a chronic salpingooforit, as a result of violation of production of hormones of ovaries, it comes after put, almost before periods. On the place of an ovum after an ovulation special gland - a yellow body is formed. This gland produces progesterona hormones which provide the beginning of pregnancy, are the major supporting factor in the first trimester. At a chronic salpingooforit the ovulation occurs out of time, and the yellow body works defectively, developing insufficient amount of progesterone. This factor often serves as the reason of threat of interruption of pregnancy in the first trimester. As it was already told by

to p, also inflammatory process is the main reason for extra-uterine pregnancy. In its result there is a growth of connecting fabric and narrowing of a gleam of uterine tubes. Besides, work of eyelashes of a vibrating epithelium - the cages covering from within a gleam of uterine tubes and promoting advance of an ovum in a uterus cavity is broken.

Should tell

that at extra-uterine pregnancy the test for pregnancy often happens positive, the woman can feel the same subjective feelings, as well as at uterine pregnancy (nausea, dizziness, etc.) . Therefore, knowing about presence at itself of a chronic salpingooforit and suspecting pregnancy, it is necessary to address the doctor for an exception of extra-uterine pregnancy as soon as possible.

the negative influence inflammatory process can show

on various terms of pregnancy.

So, damage of inside layers of a uterus leads to change of system of protection in a uterus. An inside layer of a uterus, trying to be protected from aggression factors (the microbes, viruses which caused an inflammation), perceives an embryo the same as the alien agent, there is a rejection of an embryo, an abortion. If all - to fetal egg is possible to be attached, then in most cases it happens in the lower departments of a uterus, that is the low attachment or prelying of a placenta is formed. These states, in turn, serve as risk factors on developing of bleeding during pregnancy. The endometriya can lead chronic inflammatory process to change of anti-gene structure of the infected cages: the organism begins to develop antibodies to own cages, that is there is a destruction of cages of own organism. The specified process is the most frequent reason of development of a syndrome of disseminirovanny intra vascular fibrillation. One of symptoms of this complication is formation of thromboses. During pregnancy developing of microthromboses in the field of a placenta leads to an otsloyka of a placenta, a pre-natal growth inhibition of a fruit, development of a gestoz - the complication of pregnancy which is often shown emergence of protein in urine, hypostases, increase of arterial pressure.

in the conditions of chronic inflammatory process of genitals against pregnancy failure in immune system which serves for recognition and removal from an organism of alien substances happens. The blood cells participating in the immune answer have toxic effect on development of an embryo and formation of a placenta.

All listed violations in an organism arising at inflammatory process of genitals can lead

to the following pathologies:

  • of an anembrioniya, i.e. to lack of an embryo in fetal egg;
  • not developing, or stood, pregnancies (at the same time there is a death of an embryo);
  • to spontaneous abortions on various terms of pregnancy;
  • to premature birth;
  • of pre-natal death of a fruit;
  • to infection of a fruit.

Pre-natal infection is possible

if during pregnancy there is an activation of inflammatory process. On early terms of pregnancy pre-natal infection can lead to formation of various malformations of a fruit, on later - to a fruit growth inhibition syndrome. Such kid after the delivery adapts worse, sometimes demands additional treatment. Therefore the newborn whose mothers had chronic inflammatory diseases of genitals, especially - sexually transmitted, conduct additional research on these infections.

At the time of delivery

Inflammatory diseases of various departments of a reproductive system can exert

negative impact and on the course of childbirth. One of the most frequent complications in labor is premature or early izlity amniotic waters.

the Majority of microorganisms possess a set of special enzymes which are capable to affect fetal covers and to give to untimely an izlitiya of amniotic waters. If normal waters stream when fights already are well under way, the uterus neck completely or is almost completely open, then in the presence of inflammatory defeats of water can stream prior to fights. At the same time development of weakness of patrimonial activity is possible; besides, the long waterless interval is the contributing factor for infection of a uterus, fetal covers. Mnogovodiye which often accompanies inflammatory processes also leads to development of primary or secondary weakness of patrimonial activity. In this situation the uterus is excessively stretched, cannot be reduced well at the time of delivery. Long childbirth against prematurely streamed amniotic waters, and also need of application of rodostimulyator at development of weakness of patrimonial activity finally has an adverse effect on a condition of the newborn.

After the delivery

Inflammatory process of genitals does not take place

completely and during the postnatal period. The probability of development of a postnatal endomiometrit who is shown by insufficient reduction of a uterus, temperature increase, emergence of pains in the bottom of a stomach, strengthening of bloody allocations, emergence of characteristic fetid allocations increases. Such state demands treatment in a hospital.

Thus, the chronic inflammatory process proceeding most often in the latent form leads to the expressed changes of the immune system, system of a hemostasis (curtailing systems of blood) and to terrible complications during pregnancy, in labor and during the postnatal period.

during incubation of the kid to all women who had before pregnancy inflammatory diseases of genitals conduct researches for an exception of infections including sexually transmitted. At identification of these or those activators make the corresponding treatment.

to All women having chronic inflammatory diseases of genitals carry out by

the treatment directed to prevention of oxygen insufficiency (hypoxia) of a fruit, appoint the preparations improving blood circulation in a placenta.

Each woman has to approach

with special responsibility pregnancy planning. Inspection before pregnancy and elimination of the centers of an inflammation will help to avoid complications during pregnancy, in labor and during the postnatal period.