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We decorate the house by New year of

Of course how to decorate the house by New year and Christmas, imagine practically everything - to put a fir-tree, to hang out toys and brilliant tinsel, to light candles... And why not to try to add this traditional magnificence with something new?

Today the leading tendency of modern European design decoration of the house fresh flowers and compositions from them becomes em> - in the most different options it is available even to those who never ruined any cactus on a window sill. Especially fresh flowers in New year - it is symbolical: during full fading of the nature, in a gloomy cold season objects which are symbols of fast revival of the nature are of particular importance. Therefore the large role in Christmas ceremonies is played by the evergreen plants or branches of trees put in water and which are dismissed in the winter. Special vital force was attributed to such plants; in order that to adopt it, tried to bring them for the period of a holiday in the house or to concern them people and animals.

Option 1 . There are traditional winter plants with which decorate placements on holidays, - they can be bought specially in flower shops by Christmas and New year. Among this traditional live jewelry all the known poinsettia is a Christmas star (Euphorbia pulcherrima), a white mistletoe (Viscum album), and also less extended a gaulteriya (Gaultheria) - a small semi-bush with roundish brightly green below and bronzovo - red leaves in the top part of krone and the average sizes red berries, and a nightshade (Solanum) - a small bush with large it is bright - orange berries. The nightshade, to all the other advantages, perfectly gives in to the forming hairstyle therefore more mature plants it is possible to tonsure in the form of a trapeze or a pyramid, as if repeating a form of a Christmas tree. Place on the house pots with bright live plants - and you will see how it will change. By the way, pots it is possible to tie with tapes, having made beautiful bows.

Option 2 . The basket with flowers can be made, using house plants which already are available. The cyclamen, a poinsettia will be suitable for these purposes an anturium, spatsifilum.


some beautiful basket, lay out it a polyethylene film from within. Put pots with flowers inside. Fill intermediate space with a damp piaflor (it is similar to green polyfoam, is on sale in the gardening centers and flower shops), in which fix branches of a pine or a fir-tree, then accurately lay nuts, a thistle, artichokes and pine cones - that is available. Further everything depends on your imagination. At your disposal - tapes, small toys, figures of angels and gnomes, the sparkling garlands. The golden dusting (there are special spray paints) will give to all ensemble solemnity and the sparkling look. Only do not splash it live plants, otherwise they will die!

Option 3 . The special charm will be brought in the New Year`s and Christmas atmosphere by the buds of narcissuses or tulips which are dismissed in the eyes if to follow simple rules of their vygonka.

it is traditional

by Christmas expel tropical, thermophilic bulbous flowers, such as an Amaryllis, freesias and white narcissuses which do not demand preliminary keeping at low temperatures. The ready to a vygonka, already taken place the period coolings of a bulb can be got in the garden centers.

Place bulbs in the beautiful pot on three quarters filled with the good garden earth, enshrine them in the correct provision. From above fill up bulbs with one more layer sa lands, slightly condense a surface. It is possible to decorate a surface with a moss or a layer of gravel. Do not forget that the pot has to have drainage openings and the pallet for water discharge. It is possible to make two layers of bulbs - one is slightly lower than another in chessboard order, smaller bulbs above. It is possible to use bulbs of different types or even different plants in one container. It is important only that the identical period of time from landing before blossoming was required for these bulbs. After landing properly water a pot that water came out in drainage openings, and support the soil in a damp state.

Instead of a pot with the garden earth can use the beautiful basket which is laid out by polyethylene or a wide decorative vase. On a bottom of such vase it is necessary to lay gravel approximately half or on two thirds of height, then in one layer closely to arrange bulbs, and from above to fill still a layer of gravel or decorative stones. The vase needs to be filled with water so that it only concerned a bottom of bulbs, and to maintain such water level throughout the first time until bulbs give roots.

One more old way which now again in big fashion, assumes use of special glass vessels for a vygonka. These are the transparent pear-shaped flasks opened from above. The narrowed middle supports bulbs in vertical position. Water in such flasks has to not reach only on millimeter a collum of bulbs, then they successfully will give roots within a week. Elegant flasks for a vygonka can be got in the garden centers. If you have no such opportunity, it is possible to use glass jars from - under mayonnaise or mustard.

you Keep bulbs in the cool place (about 10 C) far from a direct light source. Sprouts will appear within a week or two. After that transfer capacity with bulbs to the warm lit place. Plants will give buds approximately in 4 weeks. After the beginning of blossoming it is necessary to clean plants from a direct sunlight again. Ideal conditions for long blossoming - a cool and the twilight.

After the end of blossoming the bulbs expelled in water will be unsuitable

to the subsequent use.

During the work with bulbs do not forget to use rubber gloves and to be careful as some bulbous contain toxins which cause irritation of skin and mucous.

Option 4 . The big pleasure will be brought in the winter by green flowers of a jasmine, guelder-rose, lilac, quince. And to force them it is not difficult to turn green at all.

Cut off a branch with well developed flower kidneys and put in a vase with water. If the branch is cut off in frosty weather, then at first it should be lowered in cold water that it thawed. Only after that it can be put to the warm room. In 3 - 4 weeks of a kidney will be dismissed. This process can be accelerated if daily to sprinkle kidneys water. It is possible to add several drops of liquid ammonia to water. Heat baths give good effect: branches for 9 - 12 hours immerse in warm water (30 - 35 C). For acceleration of blossoming it is possible to press slightly kidneys or to pin them a needle - then they will be dismissed literally in several days. The green gentle branches and flowers surrounded with New Year`s toys and accessories will create interesting New Year`s effect.

I at parting several general councils. First of all it is worth deciding on color scale in decoration of the apartment to sustain style. It is possible to stop on classical green and red flowers which came to us from Catholic Europe. Styles of decoration of a New Year tree can be different, but style a metallic will be still popular. The metallic means use of jewelry of silvery and golden flowers, silver spray, blue and silver spheres.

Still quite recently in a New Year`s interior: even Christmas trees were decorated with spheres, bows, garlands of one or, as a last resort, two flowers. Now the European designers advise to return to flowers, traditional for this holiday, - red, white, green, gold, blue, silver. In such bright, rich and various color scale it is also offered to decorate the apartment.

Happy and beautiful to you New year!