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The countdown of

U you soon birthday, anniversary or a wedding of the girlfriend or daughter, and till a holiday remained no more than a month? You have enough time to shape up - to dump couple of kilograms, to clean skin, to make a hairdress and to try a new make-up. In any case, the purpose of the next month is clear: to celebrate a holiday at peak of the beauty!

remained to

Till a holiday

of 25 days: Clarification

of Change, as we know, begin strong first of all from within. And it is necessary to prepare for a new round in your life in advance.

Adopt a cleaning course. Healthy food, fasting days and physical exercises are capable to create a miracle. And though the probability that festive feasts will quickly return into place the lost kilograms is high, your skin for a long time will keep a positive charge of these of 25 days.

Give yourself a gift - buy the card in beauty shop. Only several visits of a bath, massage, wrapping, mask and sunbed are capable to return to your skin healthy color and natural smoothness.

Problem skin quite often is especially whimsical those days when we do not observe “the sports mode“. That acne rash did not become a New Year`s surprise, address the cosmetologist. Traces of cosmetic cleaning precisely will pass through two weeks, and the preparations appointed by the doctor will help to improve a condition of skin.

During the day try to drink as much as possible liquid - waters, tea or natural juice (without sugar). Do not forget about vitamins, vegetables and fruit.

is 7 days old: In image

you already planned
  • festive evening and made all necessary purchases? Even if is not present - be not nervous, it is a lot more time. Just there is so much that all to be in time and create to mood.
  • “Try on“ a festive make-up. It is better for that who plans to address in day of celebrations the makeup artist to visit salon in advance to be confident in work of the master. And those who prefers to put cosmetics independently should rehearse a make-up and to estimate as far as it is combined on color with your dress.
  • If you are going to use
  • on the occasion of a holiday means, for example spangles, new to yourself, flickering creams etc., surely try them on skin to be convinced of absence of an allergy. Besides it is important to understand how decorative cosmetics will be able to pass test time. If in an hour of a spangle were showered, and shadows lost color probably it is worth trusting in more habitual means.
  • If you have a problem skin, now it is worth passing to softer cosmetics. Lay the drying tonics for time. Skin needs to stock up with moisture - only one sleepless night celebrated by alcohol and greasy food can injure the person.
  • do not postpone visit of a hairdressing salon for the last day. There is a chance that you will not like a hairdress or color and time will be required that to correct everything.
  • by
  • Make a pedicure. As practice shows, at the last minute about legs we absolutely forget and when we remember - already happens too late. Some days before New year still it is possible to find minute on massage by a foot and to manage to paint nails the most courageous color.
  • directly before a celebration it is better for li not to go To a bath. In - the first if you have a sensitive skin, on it reddenings and spots can be shown. And in - the second, after a bath the majority of us fall into complacent drowsiness and hardly can worry festive night.

1 day:

  • When till a holiday are left strong without vanity only a few hours, cares of themselves usually pale into insignificance. We are convulsively painted and we set hair, snatching minute from all other fussing affairs.
  • by
  • Make manicure in the morning after you wash and you will have breakfast. Later you can just forget about it. And under the pretext of cosmetic procedures it will be possible to extend minutes of quiet awakening (which will by all means be reflected in your health at night).
  • it is better for li to Correct a shape of eyebrows since morning, at a daylight and in quiet mood too. Do not try to change cardinally the image, just give to the face accurater look. it is better for li not to be painted with
  • At once. Allow the person to have a rest before hard evening in a full make-up.
  • do not forget to prepare for
  • cosmetics which is required to you for the evening. That to forget nothing, lay out all necessary on a dressing table. Let you be not surprised by similar foresight: professional actresses and makeup artists act this way.
  • If in the holiday you are going to have a sleep in the afternoon, do not drink before it a lot of liquid (especially alcohol) and do not eat salty that the person did not swell. Day rest should not exceed three hours, differently by the evening, most likely, you will feel tired and broken.
  • Feel the queen: take a bath and put the restoring mask on a face. Then walk on a body the soft sponge impregnated with fragrant powder. Tension will pass into nothingness.
  • Use the intensive moisturizing cream, but you do not put decorative cosmetics right after it. Allow cream to be absorbed and blot a face with a napkin that skin did not shine. Do not forget to apply nutritious cream as well on all body.
  • If you do to
  • laying independently, wash up the head with protective balm or use a mask for hair. It will allow to remove a static charge, will make hair more obedient.
  • After rest surely pay attention to hair. Even if the day before to you the master made laying, it is necessary to correct a hairdress a little nevertheless.

of 30 minutes: Finishing touches

  • This minimum time which is required to us on preparation for a holiday. There will quite be enough half an hour if all dress is already ready, the hairdress is laid, and the make-up is thought over in advance and laconic.
  • If time for a make-up remained to
  • very little, try to place emphasis on something one - lips or eyes. Habitual idea that on a holiday we have to look brightly misleads us. The modest make-up shows to advantage much more in several hours after midnight when the dense make-up loses a former look.
  • Light nacreous shadows are simply irreplaceable
  • on a holiday case. Put them under an eyebrow, on an internal corner of an eye and on a temporal stone - you will see how at once your person freshened up.
  • Should not cover with the sparkling cosmetics all face. There will be quite enough little sparkling lip gloss over usual lipstick. And here the poured body cream, spangles or flickering powder will give to hands and a zone of a decollete a smooth and seductive look.
  • Use a secret of makeup artists - put a little friable powder under eyes when you tint them. And even if ink and shadows will be showered in the course of a make-up, you a brush will brush away all lumps together with powder.