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Health of the kid directly depends on what he eats. The range of baby food in our shops is big. But how to make a right choice and will buy what will be useful for the child, but will not do much harm to it?

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, very simply. To choose food is more expensive, and is more known than the producer. The way is widespread, but not always effective. In Russia even the most reputable producers do not follow the rule of obligatory marking of the products containing genno - the modified ingredients (GMI). And use transgenes practically everywhere - in dry dairy mixes and porridges, in children`s canned food, in cookies. It is impossible to distinguish such products from natural without carrying out special examination. Meanwhile, they are hazardous to health of kids.

the Children`s organism, especially to 4 - x years, sharply reacts to alien proteins to which it is not adapted. Transgenes in tens of times increase risk of developing of allergies, food poisonings, cause immunity to antibiotics, influence development of tumors and chronic diseases.

specialists of clinic of pediatrics at Cornell University could show

After long-term researches that feeding of children of hypermarket - soy products increases risk of diseases of a thyroid gland at least three times.

But how all - to save the child from test on it experimental products?

the Only way - to choose “conscious“ producers. The Greenpeace conducted survey of producers of baby food and collected data on what companies use GMI and what refused them. Besides, production of many producers was checked by experts Greenpeace and the centers of hygiene and epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor. The obtained data formed the basis of the special reference book Greenpeace for parents.

It contains lists of the producers who are using and not using transgenes.

Now in Russia laws which will allow use of transgenes in baby food prepare. In that case our children will become participants of dangerous experiment.

We cannot risk health of the children! The Greenpeace considers that transgenes in baby food have to be forbidden!


If you are concerned by health of the smallest, participate in the stock Greenpeace - send the address to the Minister of Health M. Yu. Zurabov with the requirement to forbid use of GMI in products of baby food.

of the Detail on www. greenpeace. ru