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On deer in the morning early...

Peter I cutting a window to Europe thought, of course, of Sweden. “To spite of the haughty neighbor...“ - it about Swedes. There was a civilization: army, fleet, European laws, merchants, overseas goods... Not so overseas, and quite sukhoputno the achievable territory of Finland, on the contrary, was not famous for a civilization. It was badly passable both in the winter, and in the summer, and did not use interest at most august Russian persons. These lands smoothly were a part of the Swedish state, structure of Russian. However, in the majority it disturbed locals, however, as well as further historical events a little, except unless fatal decision of Bolsheviks to release Finns from under the wing.

our reorganization, however, affected life of Finns much more than all world cataclysms - Russians began to master the Finnish open spaces actively. First of all delights of quiet and comfortable rest on other side of border were learned, naturally, by residents of St. Petersburg - several hours by car, and in the summer you gather mushrooms and berries in the pure Finnish woods, catch fish in transparent lakes (with the license, of course), and ski also snow-scooters in the winter. The proximity to border and knowledge of a subject led “from within“ to the fact that generally St. Petersburg travel agencies are engaged in the organization of trips to northern neighbors. In Moscow such rest, of course, too will be offered, but for active it is better to study proposals of colleagues from the northern capital directly.


the Meeting of New year in Finland - the pleasure which is already estimated by Russians - all most interesting offers are snatched away long before holidays. In cottage settlements and hotels, near the Russian border in New year of the foreign speech even it is not heard. On “recreation facility“ near border a cottage in 58 quarter. the m on 4 persons will cost for New Year`s week approximately 1000 euros, the guest house of people on 20 - 5000 euros.

obligatory service joins a sauna. Depending on equipment of “base“ in the territory there can be a pool, a grill. Cottages near Tampere - in the central part of Finland enjoy popularity on New Year`s holidays. By the way, near the city one of the best aquaparks for which Finland is famous is located. In the city the museum of trolls and a dolphinarium are of interest to children. Here, besides depending on a class of the settlement and the size of the house, week (with 28. 12 on 04. 01) in the house on 6 people will cost 850 euros. Besides an obligatory sauna and the optional pool, on vacation it is possible to ski and snow-scooters (are rented) and if bothers to have a rest on the place, it is possible to go to Helsinki by car or by train.

of Helsinki - not to tell what shines with beauty of architecture - it is not St. Petersburg and not Stockholm, but there it is lovely and cozy. By the way, about Stockholm, it is possible to go for couple of days on one of comfortable Finnish ferries there. It is the real floating city of entertainments. At night we drink and we walk, we get acquainted with Stockholm in the afternoon and... again we walk on the road back. It our way! However, unlike Finns, to Russian for it pass - voyage the visa which though it is theoretically possible to receive in Finland, but it is better to take care of it in Moscow will be required.

For the homophobes who are quietly hating crowd of compatriots in Finland special offers - separate cottages, usually on the bank of the lake are. Here depending on the area exotic can reach “oil lighting and water from the lake or a source“. But excellent subglacial fishing is guaranteed. Especially the Region of Lapland is famous concerning “any person on 100 kilometers“. 850 km to Helsinki if to look from Lapland. And on the other hand, what to you a difference, how many kilometers to the capital of Finland, even if to the closest bus-stop of kilometers 20, lighting in the house oil, and water from the lake? But to enjoy rest, comfort and not striking exotic it is possible wholly here.

It is known that the real Santa Claus lives in Finland. So, any meeting New year in Finland, comes to a body of the magic old man. So, it is not excluded at all that the wishes made in the territory subordinated to Santa Claus are carried out more likely. And even if it and not so, that pleasure derived from pure snow, the polar lights, a sauna on - black, together with bathing in an ice-hole, can quite compensate “Mercedes“ which is not received, but ordered to Santa. Eventually, wizards know what desires to them to carry out.

A in general, it is good that we gave Finland to Finns in time. Still would replace country “federal highway“ from Moscow to St. Petersburg with something high-speed. But, seemingly, and this desire will be granted soon. That`s when we will sweep. With a breeze!

of the Rule of the game

After booking confirmation and payment you receive detailed instructions how to reach the place, a name and the address of the owner of a cottage where and when you can receive keys. The necessary sum for booking - 30% of a rent which has to be brought within two weeks from the moment of drawing of the account. It is accepted to inform on an arrival time of the owner by phone, or if it for any reasons is difficult, then by mail. Day of arrival and departure - usually Saturday, and the minimum term of rent - one week. It is usually possible to remain in a cottage with 15 - 16. The 00th day of arrival to 12. 00th day of departure.


Finns are pedantic

and do not love “excess people“. The maximum number of the people living in a cottage should not exceed number of the berths designated in the description of a cottage. For example, if it is written 4+2, it means that there are beds for 4 - x adults and extra beds for children (for example, a trestle bed or a sofa).

the Price of rent includes operation of a cottage without restrictions, the boat and a sauna. Cottages have a standard situation, kitchen accessories, tableware. Fuel and electricity are also included, as a rule, into a rent.

What to take itself

you can take with yourself bed linen, towels. Usually bed linen can be rented at the owner for 6 - 13 euros from the person. Detergents, spices, toilet paper are not included into a rent. The tenant bears responsibility for cleaning of a cottage during stay. Before departure you are obliged to tide up a cottage, to wash the dishes. As cleaning usually does not correspond to our idea of own steepness, it can be ordered. It is necessary to make it in advance - at once on arrival. Cleaning cost usually makes 50 - 76 euros for cottages of average size.


the License for fishing

If it is not stipulated especially, then fishing is allowed. If you use something, except a rod and a bait from a worm for ice fishing, you need to pay the state license for fishing. Anyway, you should not bring dynamite through border. The payment in 7 days of fishing makes from 5 to 10 euros. On river thresholds the cost of the license higher and depends on local conditions. For a spinning also the local license which can be bought from the owner is also necessary. The owner will also prompt you “in confidence“ the most interesting fishing docks. Licenses are paid in bank or by mail. Keep the receipt during fishing to show to the inspector when checking.