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Healthy food of your kid from the first spoon of

Health is put in the earliest childhood and substantially defines a condition of the child during the subsequent periods of his life. How it is correct to make the first diet of the kid to provide it with all necessary nutrients and at the same time to protect from diseases?

Breast milk or its substitutes are the main source of the vital elements of the kid for the first year of life as provide development of bodies and fabrics, influence the level of physical, psychomotor, intellectual development, increase resistance of the kid to actions of infections and other adverse factors. However in process of growth of the child it is necessary to enter other food which will become “bridge“ to the world of adult tastes in addition to milk. Need of introduction of a feeding up can be caused the following factors.

  1. From 4 - 6 months milk of mother or its substitute cannot satisfy completely need of the growing organism for energy and nutrients.
  2. can be satisfied with
  3. of Need of a children`s organism for nutrients only at the expense of feeding up products which are rich with vegetable proteins, various groups of carbohydrates, vegetable oils and minerals.
  4. Development of a gastrointestinal tract and need of stimulation of motor activity of intestines of children. So, by 3 months of life maturing of a number of digestive enzymes is noted, in 3 - 4 months the sufficient level of local immunity of intestines and mechanisms of a proglatyvaniye of semi-fluid and firm food are formed.
it is important to li to remember

that the available time of the kid for introduction of a feeding up depends not only on its age, but also on physical development which can be determined by 4 main signs:

  1. Sits with support.
  2. Surely holds
  3. and turns a head.
  4. the Weight of the kid since the birth doubled, and now it weighs about 6 kg.
  5. the Kid remains to
  6. still hungry after 8 - 10 feedings by a breast or drinks about 900 ml of mix a day.

needs to follow the following simple rules that introduction of a new product brought to your kid benefit and joy: Begin with

  1. a feeding up with unicomponent products: mashed potatoes, juice and porridges.


Unicomponent products are products which compounding includes one ingredient, and there are no other components which are often added for improvement of a consistence and taste of a product (salt, sugar, vegetable oils, starch, and also natural chemicals, preservatives, flavoring additives or food dyes). It is important as only at introduction of unicomponent mashed potatoes, juice or porridges you will be able to trace those products to which the gentle organism of your kid reacts positively or negatively. Attentively read labels with frontal and the back.

Any new product should be given to
  1. when you are completely sure that the child is healthy.
  2. the new product in morning feedings is better to offer
  3. to the kid during the day to monitor reaction to it.
  4. Each new product needs to be entered gradually, since a small amount (1/2 h l.) and gradually increasing its volume within 7 - 10 days. At emergence of symptoms of bad shipping of a product (such as dysfunction of intestines, allergic reactions, etc.) it is necessary to stop introduction of a product and to try to enter again it after a while. At repeated negative reaction it is necessary to refuse a product and to try to replace it similar (for example, apple puree - pear, buckwheat cereal - oat etc.)
  5. Temperature of a product has to correspond to temperature of maternal milk (37 º Ρ).
  6. If the dish to the kid is simple
  7. not to taste, do not insist, try to offer it in several days. Be patient, offering a new product to 10 - 15 times.
  8. the Feeding up should give
  9. to children before feeding by a breast, from a spoon, but not through a pacifier. At the same time it is necessary to feed the kid patiently and carefully, then he will learn to swallow of dense food.
  10. should Fill up a diet of the kid only with unicomponent products. It is necessary for identification of possible allergic reactions to this or that ingredient that it is rather difficult to trace at the use of the multicomponent or mixed products.
Terms of introduction of various products are individual

for each child and are defined by features of development of babies, specialists of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and scientific research institute of Food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science declare. Surely consult with the pediatrician observing the kid concerning introduction of a feeding up, namely with what products to begin a feeding up to your kid: unicomponent fruit or vegetable purees. juice or one-grain porridges.

Fruit purees

Fruit contain a wide set of carbohydrates - glucose, fructose, sucrose, starch and food fibers, - each of which carries out important function in the growing organism. Natural sugar - irreplaceable fuel for cells of a brain, food fibers are necessary for normal functioning of a gastrointestinal tract. Fruit food fibers more gentle therefore it is more preferable to begin to acquaint the kid with new types of food from them.

Vegetable purees

Accustom the child to a various and balanced diet since childhood. Vegetables - an integral part of a diet of the kid. They that are also valuable to children that they contain the balanced amount of easily acquired nutrients and necessary food fibers.

Fruit juice

Juice - one of the first products with which the kid and which become important addition of its daily diet gets acquainted. Fruit juice is well acquired by a children`s organism and has high nutrition and dietary value. It is necessary to begin with unicomponent juice.

Simple one-grain porridges without addition of sugar, milk or fruit are also ideal

of Kashi to start introduction of a feeding up. Porridges load the kid with energy, give him sense of fulness and are a rich source of the major nutritious elements: iron, zinc and calcium.

a feeding up Basis for kids of the first year of life experts of baby food recommend to make

of products and dishes of industrial production. The matter is that the food cooked in house conditions not always differs in a variety (especially in the winter), contains necessary vitamins and minerals, meets safety requirements and high sanitarno - to hygienic requirements. Mother, buying fruit, vegetables and meat in shop or in the market, it cannot be sure of their ecological purity. Use of juice, mashed potatoes and porridges of industrial production not only facilitates work of mother, allowing her more time and love to give to the kid, but also gives the chance to provide the child with the healthy, useful, well balanced and safe food.


In assortment of baby food of the Gerber brand presented a large number of unicomponent fruit, vegetable and meat mashes, juice and porridges on the basis of which you can make an individual diet for your kid. Here you can get acquainted with production of the Gerber company intended for introduction of a feeding up.