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Long-awaited New Year of

is Happy New year an a lot of snow and a lot of laughter. It is a lot of pleasure, games and kind words. We wish you happy New year and we hope that our New Year`s fairy tale - the performance and our New Year`s verses will decorate your holiday.

the New Year`s wish

Let will be kind, harmless,
not tired New year.
Let soft snow will heal wounds,
the Spring beam will melt ice.

smile to

As much as possible,
to you laughter only one medicine - pleasure will discover the wonders,
I -
Let to you will stick together all year eyes.

do not become isolated also in offense,
do not damn vanity. every day yours will be light
I will give every instant you dream.

let you new wind of wanderings
Will begin to whirl

I in greens of roads,
Let dissolve you in space,
Let beauty will bring down you from legs.

Look for

, suffer, decide,
Only in it life eternal light.
Everything that around you, admire, you will not throw
I happiness, no.

the New Year`s fairy tale

Once upon a time there were in the green wood on a clearing little musicians: blue hand bell, ladybug and grasshopper. The first beam of the sun touched a hand bell, and it swung a head: “Dzin - dzan“, - awoke the friends. “Dzhi - a dzha“, the ladybug on brushes - moustaches answered it.“ Plin - plan“, the grasshopper violinist responded, and day began.

Well there lived amicable little musicians all summer. Every morning they met by a cheerful dawn song, every evening saw off a silent sunset song. But the fall came. Blew into severe wind, prickly snow fell down and filled up little musicians.

In the same green wood in an izba there lived the brother with the sister: boy Dan and girl Dana. They lived one and all were able to do. Their mother - a yellow star - looked at them from height and rejoiced what they clever - reasonable. At the difficult moments it always helped of

Dan Will go for brushwood and will be late in a thicket before dark. The yellow star will go down below and will light to it a way home. Will go berry-picking Dan and will be late. The yellow star flies ahead of it, and all is visible how in the afternoon.

In warm summer evenings the brother with the sister liked to sit on a porch and to look at stars. It seemed, yellow beams tenderly ironed to them cheeks, a forehead, hair. Once Dan told the brother: “You know, probably, the star looks at us from above, and suspects our fluffy yellow hair that we with you too two small asterisks“.

the snow winter Came, there came New year. Dan brought a fluffy green fir-tree from the wood. “What a pity that we have no toys“, the girl sighed. “Nothing“, - Dan answered, - “but we have the most beautiful fir-tree on light“.

Suddenly yellow drops dug

from height. “Look, look, a yellow star, she cries!“ - cried Dan, and drops fell on a fir-tree and turned into bright golden small lamps. Houses the brother with the sister were long turned around a fir-tree and dreamed.

“Is given“

, - the sister told, - “well we would have mother“.

“Aga, and still any friends. We together would sing, played, danced“.

Only he it spoke

, in an izba corner, from a krotiny hole the black moving nose was poked out.

“Dan, you see, the mole came to get warm to us again. However, it is ridiculous?“

“Hello, I it is not simple to get warm came“, - the mole suddenly started talking, - “I to you brought wonderful musicians. They not bad play though small absolutely“.

So far the brother with the sister with astonishment watched

at a hand bell, a grasshopper and a ladybug, little musicians seated in places and played. Yet nobody ever heard such cheerful music.

Dan got the cherry pipe and picked up motive. At the very same time in the room became light-as in the clearest sunny day, and in a window the yellow star appeared.


screamed, and heart at it was clogged quickly - quickly. Dan laughed and stood with delight. “My family“, - the star told, - “I miss you in height!“

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