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On a visit to Father Frost you Remember

how once long ago the majority of us on New Year`s Eve tried to catch for Father Frost to look at it though with half an eye? But, maybe, will be enough passively to wait and it is time at last to go towards to a miracle? To all children, and even adults when they were small, always wanted to know where there lives Father Frost.

Velikiy Ustyug

Now it began quite real - to visit Father Frost directly in his residence. It appears, it it is not so far - in the Vologda region, in the city - the reserve Velikiy Ustyug. For the purpose of revival of national traditions since 1998 at the initiative of the government of Moscow and administration of the Vologda region this ancient Russian city is declared by Father Frost`s homeland.

the Small quiet town surrounded with the picturesque woods with houses is not higher than three floors of

and friendly inhabitants, is known even since 1207. Within several centuries it was famous for such art crafts as production serebreno - dark products, a carving on birch bark and a tree, but only a few years ago, with assignment of the new status, he received a rebirth. And now the dedmorozovsky industry here actively gains steam: there are new hotels, shops, restaurants, entertainment complexes.

of Travellers invite at once to the city residence of Father Frost where everyone receives the accrediting diploma about visit of Velikiy Ustyug. Besides, all will be led to a throne-room and will show the souvenir shop. Inquisitive will find the book from a family tree of the white-bearded old man from which it will become known of his relatives, in particular here about that from where the Snow Maiden undertook.

But the main place of dislocation of the main hero of a New Year`s holiday is its ancestral lands which is in 15 km from Velikiy Ustyug - on the bank of the river of Sukhona in a beautiful pinery. To this wooden estate to meet with Father Frost, seek to get also young and old alike. But for achievement of the treasured purpose by the newcomer it is necessary to pass a number of tests. For example, to walk on a track of fairy tales where continually heroes of the Russian national fairy tales before passing travelers, will ask them to perform any cheerful task. Continuous game process which will carry away not only children, but also their parents, will come to the end with a long-awaited meeting - Father Frost and the hostess of an ancestral lands the Blizzard will invite all in a magnificent winter garden with exotic tropical plants where any can ask the most fantastic grandfather of the country to grant treasured desire.

Numerous competitions, round dances around a fir-tree, general fun and pleasure of the kid will allow you to feel in the center of a holiday or maybe once again at least for a while to return to the childhood.

As a rule, the travel companies organizing New Year`s trips suggest to visit the city residence and Father Frost`s ancestral lands on December 31, to meet New year under a crash of multi-colored fireworks at the holiday table. And entertainment and folklore programs will not allow to fall asleep till the morning.

If you invent

that on it the holiday comes to an end, then strongly you are mistaken! In the afternoon 1 - go January when the slept guests go outside, everything only begins! Various competitions and draws, sporting events on prizes of Father Frost and Snow Maiden will leave nobody indifferent. The smallest with pleasure will rush off from the mountain down, will take part in a construction of fortress and a molding of a snowman, adults will be able to saddle a horse or “snow-storm“, and it is pleasant to go to a skating rink all family. Round dances at a fire and tea from a samovar will warm those who froze, and the doll performance will entertain tired of snow joys. Eager for creativity will be able to visit the master - a class of woodcarving and a list on birch bark. It will be interesting to someone to visit the museum of the Christmas and New Year`s toy, and someone with pleasure will taste sweets of the Vologda confectionery.

One of the most popular entertainments in the fantastic city for small and adult, undoubtedly, is driving in sledge under a melodious ring of bells. Having collapsed on a bench having wrapped up more densely, it is pleasant to enjoy urban views and to study passersby. Whom only you will not meet on the way: both Father Frost, and his granddaughter, and even Baba-yaga.

generally, here it is possible to have fun, a rest carefree with all the heart and to enjoy life, having left far all the grieves and problems. Whether we aspire to it in everyday life?

by Plane, by train, by car

it is not so difficult to Reach by

Velikiy Ustyug which is located approximately in 600 km from Vologda: by car, the bus or the train it will borrow less than a day, about 20 hours. It is possible to arrive also by plane. Some travel agencies, offering the services, do not include transportation costs in cost, having left the solution of this question for travelers. According to such scheme accommodation at sanatoria in 15 - ti minutes from the city, three single food, excursions in dedmorozovsky places, and also a New Year`s dinner during the period will cost from December 30 to January 2 the adult about 9 - 11 thousand rubles, the child - has slightly less. And right after approach of new year Christmas round lasting 6 days will cost already cheaper.

the New Year`s express on system “all inclusive“ will approach parents with children of the advanced preschool age Father Frost more and to school students as this travel provides movement and accommodation by specialized tourist train, excepting stay in hotels. For three days of traveling it is necessary to visit sights of Velikiy Ustyug and Vologda. On the eve of a holiday such trip in a compartment car will cost about 7 thousand rubles on the person, right after it - is 1 - 1,5 thousand rubles less. Journey in a reserved seat will cost respectively cheaper - from 4,2 thousand rubles

Of course, it is possible to save considerably means, having organized a trip independently: journey, accommodation, food, entertainments. However it is necessary to estimate in advance whether there will be enough at you for it free time and forces.


Fantastic mail

At Father Frost is the post office - the main place of work of the fantastic grandfather and his granddaughter Snegurochka where letters from children have from all Russia.

cannot doubt Now that the little sender surely loves will receive Father Frost`s answer and if parents together with the letter of the kid send a toy, then the kind old man will beautifully issue everything, will assure the press and will send back. And your friends will be pleasantly surprised, having received from you a New Year`s congratulation on Father Frost`s autograph and his personal press.

At Santa - Claus too the Post office from where any will be able to congratulate the friends is, having sent cards with personally signature of Santa. Its correspondence is sorted by assistants - fantastic elves.

Address of Father Frost:
162340, Russia, the Vologda region, the city Velikiy Ustyug, Father Frost`s house

the Address Santa - Claus:
of Joulupukin kamman. 96930 Napapuri. Rovaniemi, Finland.
Can be written and it is simpler than that: Santa - to Claus, Lapland. Most likely, will reach.

Home Santa - Claus

If you want to get home Santa - Claus, then you should go to the fantastic country - Lapland, namely to the Finnish city of Rovaniemi. Here you are waited by surprising meetings and wonderful opening in the world of the foreign colleague Father Frost. If you arrived on a visit to Santa, visit of its village which is at the Polar circle (8 km from Rovaniemi, in the town of Payakyul) will become main “highlight“ of travel. But be not afraid, here it is not necessary to you shivers from fierce cold as the echo of the warm Gulf Stream Current considerably softens local winter.

Official opening of the residence of Joulupukki (the Finnish analog of Father Frost) took place in 1985. In the village Santa - Claus waits for you puppet theater, restaurant, shopping center and workshops where do New Year`s souvenirs.

Here gnomes will show

to everyone as it is beautiful to pack a gift. And Santa - Claus dressed in a red caftan and a cap with a pompon daily at a fireplace in the residence listens from 10 to 18 o`clock to treasured desires of children and treats them with candies.

your kid, of course, will want to whisper

I to the magic grandfather about what gift he wants to receive for New year. And in you after a meeting with the owner of the village the hope for certain will become stronger that at least something from this what you dream of, will surely be executed. In memory of a trip to a fantastic kingdom your family will be surely imprinted in Santa Claus`s company in the photo in which he then will leave the autograph. You also receive the certificate of crossing of the Polar circle.

the Program of a meeting of New year everyone can pick up

to itself(himself) to liking: quietly and peacefully in the family circle, in a separate cottage or at a party of hotel with various entertaining actions. Who is not afraid of cold, with pleasure will participate in a New Year`s festival in the fresh air. Polar night will not seem to you such dark because all city will be painted with reflections of fireworks and fires. The most courageous can meet New year in the wood, on a visit at reindeer breeders. Kids will be able to compete in the speed of pushing of the Lappish sledge here, and adults - in a throwing of an ice glass in a snowdrift. Whatever way of a meeting of New year you chose: in this country on a holiday table surely there will be such traditional dishes as pork sausage, fried pork ribs, marinated herring, malt bread. The fantastic natural phenomenon - the polar lights in the night sky can become the culmination of a holiday!

After such surprising and unique meeting of New year nobody will want to sit under a roof. Fans of cross-country skis will enjoy in Rovaniemi a good ski track and beautiful views from Ounasvaar`s top where the ski center is located. Someone will prefer a snowmobile, skates or winter golf, and of course the Finnish sauna, an aquapark and subglacial fishing will not remain unaddressed. Bars and small restaurants which in Rovaniemi work practically always will not allow tourists to freeze and will offer national viands: a salmon on fire, roast from venison, Lapland cheese, cloudberries jam.

In an amusement park Santa - Park, located in Syuvyasenvaar`s cave underground, kids with pleasure will sweep on a Christmas roundabout and other attractions, will look at the tale of how Santa - Claus jumps on deer on the star sky. Here it is possible to make walk on sledge the Lappish year from time to time, to look at representation at puppet theater, to take part in baking of Christmas cookies or to have a rest behind a little table in cafe.

No doubt, children will not be left indifferent by visit of the most northern zoo of the world Ranua (80 km from Rovaniemi) in which more than 60 species of polar animals, including a polar bear, a glutton, a lynx, a polar fox, a raccoon live. Sweet teeth will be enraptured with shop of sweets, and scientifically - the research center “Arktikum“ will acquaint locals, inquisitive with customs, and the Polar region nature. whether

A long ago you were on a visit at the shaman? Were present sometime at a ceremony of “the Lappish baptism“? Whether it happened to you to have dinner at ice restaurant with ice furniture and from ice ware? You should test all this in this snow country. And unless somebody will refuse to sweep on cervine or dogsleds?

Cannot doubt that a large number of entertainments, beauty of the wild nature, mysterious Santa Claus and the polar lights will make great impression not only on the child, but also on his parents. In this region of boundless snow you should not miss, from this northern country you will return happy, well rested and freshened up, with a cheerfulness charge for the whole year.

the Material question

can Reach the fantastic country by different ways: by plane, the train, the car to Helsinki, and then in the same way to Rovaniemi. And it is possible to reach at first by rail to St. Petersburg, and then - by bus to Finland, but it is possible and at once by train. Standard round keeps within 6 - 8 days and surcharge for the child of 3 - 14 years - 200 - 400 euros will cost from 435 euros for the person. As a rule, is included accommodation in double rooms of two in the price - three-stars hotels, breakfasts, the excursion program, a transfer, the medical insurance policy. Some operators provide a discount to all who will pay New Year`s or Christmas round till November 30.

In addition should pay a consular fee for the visa of 40 - 45 euros (from the children entered in the passport of parents, the consular fee is not raised), train tickets (60 euros for the adult and 50 euros for the child) or air tickets (about 400 euros for the person), a New Year`s dinner - 60 - 70 euros and 40 - 55 euros respectively, an additional excursion package - 50 - 65 euros.

Besides if you have time and desire, can be engaged in the organization of a trip independently. Keep in mind that the visa to Finland is made out within two weeks. And it is better to reserve hotels in advance.


option Situated near Moscow


Of course, in search of Father Frost it is possible will go and where - nibud is closer, for example to Moscow area. Clean air, the beautiful nature, the festive program with invariable New Year`s heroes and attributes will not leave indifferent you and your child.

Already now many rest houses are ready to offer

quite good service with decent living conditions and food. The majority of them have pools, some even with aquapark elements, cinema halls, sport centers and winter infrastructure: skiing lodge, skating rink, hills, snow-scooters.

the Obligatory dramatized New Year`s program passes

with Father Frost and Snegurochki`s participation. And further everything depends on the cultural employees of concrete rest house capable or incapable to organize interesting entertaining actions for children and parents.

the Average cost of accommodation with food in New Year`s days makes 2,5 thousand rubles a day on the person, the occasional seat for the child of 3 - 7 years - is 1,5 - 2 times cheaper, to 3 - x years, - as a rule, free of charge. The New Year`s banquet for adults can separately be paid within 1,5 thousand rubles. Right after New year the prices of rest in Moscow area fall by 2 - 2,5 times.

the Pleasant moments

Most important for the sake of what it is worth getting mixed up in general in such adventure, are unforgettable impressions of your kid about a New Year`s trip. Undoubtedly, the meeting with kind Father Frost on the eve of a holiday forever will remain in memory of your child and will strengthen his belief that miracles are possible. And parents as much as possible use an opportunity to entirely devote themselves to communication with the child, having escaped far away from daily problems. And all this is in an environment of the unusual nature and the purest fluffy snow.

Besides, mothers, undoubtedly, will appreciate an opportunity to celebrate a meeting of New year outdoors. It is so pleasant to pack on the eve of a holiday a suitcase with favourite dresses, but not to rush on shops in a human crowd, to stand in queues for quickly bought up products. Also it is not necessary to puzzle what to prepare for a holiday table, to stand on December 31 at a plate till 11 in the evening, and on January 1 to wash the mountain of dirty ware.

Celebrating a holiday outside the house, the woman also has an opportunity (for many - rather rare) to flash in public in a beautiful dress, having struck not only the husband, but also surrounding gentlemen and I will give them. Having declared a trip a New Year`s gift, spouses can save time and forces for considering and search of festive gifts each other. It will be necessary only to buy gifts to children who just will not understand their absence. At the same time parents during travel, participating in various competitions, can rto asschityvat on receiving memorable souvenirs.

At last the main entertainment on New Year`s Eve for you. And if you go to travel after a meeting of new year, then fully feel advantage of extension of holidays, having filled them razvlekatelno - informative actions.

Minimization of minuses

Increase in cash expenditures in case of making decision on travel, probably, will become the most unpleasant moment of the forthcoming holidays. But think whether so often you make to yourself such expensive gifts, which it will be held for a long time in remembrance? Having well organized the festive leisure, it is possible a lot of things interesting to see and visit, manage to try various winter entertainments what in usual life there is not enough time for. Only present how it will be pleasant to all family members to turn over in several years an album with photos from a festive trip and to remember what fine there was time! Besides, its independent organization considerably will allow to reduce expenditure for travel.

It is possible, will confuse someone that the otmechaniye of a family holiday will go far from the house, to the companies of strangers. But it is not excluded that someone will just want to expand a habitual circle of contacts, having got acquainted on a trip with new people.

Most likely, from - for a daily routine of the child, especially small, parents will not be able to visit all planned excursions and entertaining actions. But if your main task - to give pleasure to the child, and then itself, then for you this small inconvenience will not play a significant role. Besides it is possible to agree with the spouse about serial watch. For example, mother is engaged in the kid when the father catches good luck on subglacial fishing. And then the father entertains the child while mother swims in the pool.

One more important point of a trip are the inconveniences connected with moving of children whom it is difficult to call approximate passengers. Therefore it is necessary to think over carefully than and as you will entertain the kid during a way.

Personal experience

Here what impressions remained with those who already spent with children New Year in this way.

Olga met

New year in Velikiy Ustyug with the daughter 4 - x years:
“If is honest, I did not want to leave under the Newest year somewhere far from the house. And practically by any holiday I treat rather quietly, without awe in a breast, for a long time not as happened earlier. But the husband and the daughter insisted on this trip, and I had to obey.

At first I decided to have a rest passively, but various competitions and quizes in which mine participated the daughter and the husband could not leave me indifferent. And when we came to be on a visit at Father Frost, to delight of my child there was no limit!

I wanted to ride a horse long ago, and there I at last could make it. Let this and not my treasured desire, but it was executed! And what there air! From it the head is just turned! And nature!!! I always thought that such landscapes happen only on pictures“.

Anna celebrated a holiday in Moscow area with children 10 - ti and 2 - x years:
“If to compare to similar rest at the end of 80 - x, then is absolutely other level of comfort and convenience today. Now for a meeting of New year with children in rest houses Fathers Frost, nurses, morning performances, even children`s discos, fireworks and other are provided. Special children`s programs and proximity to Moscow are essential pluses of such pastime. But entertainments after approach of New year are, as a rule, same.

can “hand over“

In some Moscow region rest houses at the request of parents of the child to the nurse for a New Year`s Eve. But for us New year is a family holiday therefore we did not decide to mark out him separately from children“.

Sergey went to Finland when the child was 5 years old:
“The main thing - to be adjusted on a meeting of New year with children, that is in advance to be ready to refuse to itself something. A lot of things, of course, depend on finance. If money allows, then it is better to rent the house in the suburbs where completely you belong to yourself.


In Finland even in private houses practically everywhere presented winter types of rest. Besides, there is even the Russian television what we did not expect in any way. The only inconvenience was the fact that to “civilization“ it was necessary to get by the car. Well and the program of a meeting of New year was thought over.

the Most important that we met New year by all family. At first, as usual, noted in the house, and continued already outdoors. In other days we rode on vicinities with the informative purpose, went to an aquapark, drove on skates, skis, snow-scooters. So at us very active recreation turned out. Of course, not all adult entertainments this time were available to us, but the child was satisfied therefore I consider that our trip was successful“.

That and at you everything turned out well if you decide to make a New Year`s trip with the child, it is necessary to plan everything in advance and it is obligatory to have spare option if something goes not as you conceived. Well and, of course, you should not buy the ticket for flight or to go to a way in the evening on December 31 that from - for possible by chance not to meet delays new year on the way.

It is possible that this time, having woken up in the morning on the first of January and having seen happy eyes of your kid, you will not feel that the holiday passed by you again and you missed something very important again. Do not forget: as you will meet new year, so and you will spend it!