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The family deal (tradition of a family lunch) of

the Family lunch is such transformer. It has no framework and restrictions. It has the free form and uncertain contents. It can be easy and nourishing, four-hour and prompt, is formal - pompous and on disposable plates... He does not suffer only silence and alienation.


In one clever article in clever women`s magazine it was written here that: regular family lunches do not allow children grow blockheads. These children having dinner with parents - some miracle is simple. Among them there are practically no juvenile criminals, addicts and alcoholics. They are not depressed, receive quite decent estimates and go to the university. They find contact with parents, and in old age give them a glass of water and support financially. Without saying that they know in what hand it is necessary to hold a fork.

Children`s problems

High collars, hardly audible rustle of footmen, eight changes of dishes and “children - not - put - elbows - on - a table“ through clenched teeth - all this years two hundred as has no right for existence. But family lunches still business thin, and it is necessary to approach their organization responsibly.

the Family - artful. Them you do not dozovtsya, they take offense that you always at work. That with success to gather all, it is necessary to accustom them to it is and to be accustomed - literally from the very beginning. When to the child only a year, there is nothing he likes better - let`s stay with parents. Of course, the food for babies is cooked proceeding from a bit different principles, than food for adults. But if parents at least once in a week make over themselves effort and will make a lunch, suitable and to them, and to their child, health at all will only increase. Already two-year-old kid can fully participate in a lunch where on the first - pumpkin soup, on the second - the fish baked in an oven with vegetables, and on the third - a fruit dessert. Just lay napkins there where the most part of a children`s portion will fall, and be not nervous - you will be engaged in the child`s manners then. Let`s it enjoy understanding that it as the adult, eats the same, as the father with mother.

B five - six years to the child are interesting to eat everything - if he prepared it. My seven-year-old daughter, in principle indifferently belonging to fish, at each campaign on the market demands to buy a trout, either a whitefish, or a mullet, or anything, the main thing - “with nutrennost“ and scales. My task is in that “nutrennost“ to take out, find and show heart, a liver and calves. And the young lady relieved me of cleaning of fish long ago - perfectly copes itself, being active at the same time a huge knife. Children they in general such - if to trust them, they also will not think to cut off to themselves fingers or to have a shower bath boiled water.

it is the worst than

from the point of view of a family lunch teenagers. (However, they from any point of view it is “worse“.) All of them time are busy with some mysterious affairs and even if it is possible to set them for a table d`hote, it becomes clear that exactly today and it they are not want. But teenagers accurately let know that the concept of a family lunch from three dishes which, having put on lacy fartuchek and without taking off at the same time shoes on hairpins, carelessly prepares mother, became as outdated as history with footmen and high collars.


of interests

the Most correct food for a modern family lunch - that to which all are related. Not just good, and active. Here pelmeni, for example, ideal choice. The part of a family which has skillful hands can mold them. The one who possesses consumer abilities brings meat to the house. The brute man`s force which is not located to a sentimentality cuts onions and twists forcemeat. Middle age rolls dough and a glass of a mug cuts out. And maybe, even forcemeat displays.

the smallest, as a rule, perfectly sprinkle all with flour... Even in hopeless cases when preparing is absolutely sure that all others only one touch of a spoon will spoil fruits of hours-long work, an exit is. Let these others set the table. Place wine glasses (at least and for juice), remember from what party from a knife it is necessary to put a spoon, and argue who where sits. Let they will think up, than to decorate a table and what music to put. Salad will be made let, eventually.

I Had familiar French who for many years of times a week did Nisuaz salad. Children in a family was three, plus parents and the grandmother. And all loved a miscellaneous!“ Nisuaz“ was for them a point of a skreshcheniye of interests though they did it specifically. The huge dish on which lettuce leaves gave all the best undertook. Hills put on them: slightly boiled green beans; olives and olives; the cut circles boiled potatoes in a uniform and eggs; pieces of a tuna in own juice; anchovies; croutons; the ham sliced long; fresh champignons; gherkins and, apparently, green onions. Whether it is necessary to say that everything, since croutons, has to the classical recipe no slightest relation? At the same time except usual gas station (olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper) on a table on the small heating support the pan with the melted cheese was put... By the end of a lunch the dish sparkled ideal purity, and all dispersed full and happy. Loading of plates in the dishwasher was a holy duty of the head of the family never taking part in preparation of salad in connection with permanent reading Le Mond. The wife took out them then - but it is already other history.

Fine object for joint eating - a bird. It is very different and usually satisfies inquiries of all family members. Sharing process always looks very touchingly. “To a lump wing? And who at us loves a rump?“ However, if in a family it is more than two children, you should arrange deliveries from a farm of three - or the quadruped mutants. Or to bake two chickens at the same time - that, by the way, is not more difficult than preparation of one at all. It is possible to bring a novelty aspect not only alternating a bird - a goose, a duck, a turkey, a quail, but also changing their contents. You just do not represent as far as taste of meat depending on a stuffing changes! Try, for example, berry with polenta pieces. Or the interiors which are slightly fried with onions and korenye. Or a quince with a cranberry. Or grapes with a fig. Or apples with cabbage. Or couscous with mint and a lemon...

If to follow the Russian culturally - culinary tradition, during a family lunch in the house has to smell of pies. Besides very much it is even simple to put in pie on corners the most different stuffing if you suddenly cannot agree on one. You remember coulibiacs with meat, mushrooms and porridge at the same time? It is possible to contrive and even with salty to combine sweet. For example, with one side chicken, from another - rice with dried fruits. There is a riddle: for some reason earlier, when dough had to be got independently, pies were cooked much more often? And now, apparently, came into shop, frozen bought - and forward. But is not present. Mentality exchanged, perhaps? Let`s change it back. The smell of pie is the best aromatherapy on light. He says that everything on light is good and reliable, at home warmly and comfortably, you are loved and adored. Otherwise unless would begin to potter with the test?

the Lunch on a lot If at you disputes on what delicacy do not stop preparing for

, make here that. Take several leaflets and write on them names of those dishes which members of your family love most of all. Curtail into tubules and put in a jug. And every time when there comes the choice moment, the youngest let closes eyes and gets from a jug of “menu“. It will be so honest. And it is cheerful.

One more good trick - to make for

lunches by the geographical principle. Let children will make the list of the countries, and you attend to selection of recipes. In each national cuisine, believe, there will be couple of dishes which are easy for preparing. In the Italian - the mass of options of pizzas and macaroni which you did not taste yet. In the Mexican - takos and tortilyas with stuffings. In the English - meat pies and puddings. In the Swedish - quenelles on - karlsonovsk. In the Chinese - the same pelmeni and cookies with notes. In the Japanese - sushi and beaters (children adore doing them!) . And French cuisine in general can be stretched for few months...

If you decided to enter (or to support) practice of family lunches, can make one more heroic effort. Get the family recipe-book. Write down recipes of all dishes which you prepare, and then, at the end of the month, choose and you bring in it the most interesting. You can accompany texts with notes: comments of children, associations of adults... Even jokes will approach. Add also family stories - with illustrations which with pride will be executed by younger family members. In several months to you of what will be already proud. And years through twenty of your strongly grown up offsprings with affection will thumb through pages - and, perhaps, to prepare with the children pancakes according to your recipes.

Trying to collect by

a family at one table, the main thing - look for options. If the father comes back from work after nine, there is no sense to wait for it with a dinner - children can eat mother. And here to hold a dessert is easily. If the family more or less at the same time leaves in the mornings - the breakfast can be joint. You are surprised how can give these unfortunate fifteen minutes much a day even if you look at each other eyes into which just right to insert matches. It is impossible to eat together every day - do it at least few times in a week. In any case: when at parents work smoothly flows in parties, and children have a theatrical circle, a circle on a photo, equestrian sport and mountain skiing, even one joint Sunday brunch - late - late, slow - happiness is simple. The matter is that the family lunch is not food. It is a way to tell the relatives: I love you, I want to spend time with you...