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It is time to be going to policlinic of

I do not know how you, but personally I do not like to go with the child to children`s policlinic. For me, mother, this campaign - a stress, for my two-year-old daughter - a serious event. Corridors of children`s policlinic almost always remind Babel, at each office - turn, under doors of laboratory where take blood from kids, - habitual morning fight. The headache, bad mood, irritation for the whole day are provided. But it is possible to avoid it. How?

the Policlinic, as well as theater, begins with a hanger. Therefore from first minutes of stay there, undressing and smartening up at a mirror, remind the child that he came not to a gym, and corridors of policlinic do not suit for establishment of records on jumps and run.

of Line to doctors, expectation - exhaust, and, naturally, the child grieves for the movement. Well, an exit is - take a walk together with it in corridors a slow step. To consider and discuss pictures, posters on walls it is not forbidden.

the book - a lifesaver which you brought with yourself will help to Pass away a waiting time also. Only not utykaytes a nose in the reading matter. Read the child aloud his book. You look, three - five foreign kids will approach you together to listen to reading. So, in corridors and halls will be much more quiet and peaceful.

Should not feed with

the son or the daughter under doors of offices. In - the first, it is unhygienic, and in - the second, you do not want that people around thought of you:“ They arrived from the barren region“.

do not dress the child, being going to policlinic, in bright clothes. Especially red. Whatever one may do, bright colors excite the person and if the person is excited - he acts. Runs, jumps, shouts, cries. To it - that, running, well, and to people around - turned sour. The headache is provided.

If you very young mother (in sense recently become it), come to policlinic with the baby only in baby day. When it is slightly less visitors, than usually.

Whenever possible (if it is absent - create

) go to policlinic three together: kid, mother and any of relatives. It is incredibly difficult for one adult (especially in the winter) to dress - to undress the baby, to change to him diapers or pampers, to rock to sleep, drag from an office in an office. And in hands there has to be also a bag with the things accompanying the child.

For babies, unlike the senior children, needs to be taken with itself in policlinic a small bottle with drink not to starve him to death in mad turn.

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