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Travel by New Year`s train (the scenario of a New Year`s children`s holiday) of

After to my son Mishutke was 2 years, I decided that it is time to organize for it and his friends children`s holidays. New Year`s evening for kids and their parents was very first. 14 people gathered in our small one-room apartment: two girls and two boys for 2 - 2,5, two girls of 12 and 14 years, and also mothers and fathers. That everything it was cheerful, I decided to think up competitions both for children and for parents. Still I asked all to arrive to a holiday in suits - and big and kids.

Mother was a leader, and the father the cameraman.

guests gathered So far, I sewed all adult on a plate back with the name of some fairy tale character (for example: Kolobok, a frog - the traveler, the boy about a finger, small torments, a mouse - a norushka and. etc.) . The essence of game is that, asking questions which it is possible to answer only “yes“ or “no“, everyone had to guess what character at it on a back. And the plate with an inscription is seen by all, except her owner. While there was a holiday, all managed to remember well who is who. We played this game with parents already sitting at a holiday table.

Each child chose by

to himself a medal with number of the car. We put passengers (mothers, fathers and the senior little sisters) in our cars, joined hands and under knock of wheels (we have a toy imitating various sounds of the train) went to our New Year`s travel. Having made one round of the room through a corridor, on kitchen and back to the room, we stopped at Courageous and Dexterous station (names of stations were written and hung on a sideboard door one under another).

At this station a baby was expected by the following tests.

First competition.“ Find the lodge“

the 4th size of different color Are put - it is lodges. To a signal children run on the room, after a signal run up on the lodges.

Ya used in this competition a musical toy - a snowman, but it is possible to think up any other signal. While our snegovichok sang a refrain from the song JINGLE BELLS, children ran on the room, but as soon as its song came to an end, they had to return to the lodges. Mothers, of course, helped children.

Second competition. “Run between size“

Size cost

to the line at small distance from each other. At first mother helps the kid to run all over all size, and then they are interchanged the position. Between size mother runs, and the kid helps.

Third competition. “Bring down size“

Knocking down kegel. Fathers helped with this competition. That it was easier for kids, size forced down a big rubber ball.

Fourth competition.“ Creep under a crossbeam“

On two chairs the crossbeam lies. A task of the father and kid - on all fours to crawl to a crossbeam, to creep under it, to crawl to the leader, to win a prize and to return back, having done the same actions.

After each competition children won small prizes.

I again we seated on cars and went to a way, to of Cheerful and Resourceful station . At this station kids and parents had to cope with the following tasks.

First competition: “The city of balloons“

Leading are told such story:“ In one city once upon a time there were balloons. There were they big, beautiful and everyone had the beautiful ribbon. But once flew strong wind, broke ribbons and carried away them. And balls were blown off and became small“. Children together with mothers look for strings on a fir-tree. Who finds a string approaches the leader and itself finds a ball of the corresponding color. Then fathers inflate balls and tie, of course, color ribbons.

Second competition. This competition was for fathers. Each father blindly drew the New Year`s picture. For example, New Year tree, snowman, Father Frost, Snow Maiden and. etc. And mothers, the senior little sisters and kids supported the fathers.

Third competition. A competition - a joke in which only one father participated. The rope is displayed on a floor on all room. It is desirable that on the way there were obstacles. At first the father looks and remembers as the rope lies. Then to it tie with a scarf eyes and it has to pass on it blindly. The joke is that so far one person ties with a scarf eyes, the second pushes aside a rope and obstacles, the participant of a competition does not even guess it. When it begins the way, all begin to prompt actively in what direction to move, where to sit down, where to jump, where to bend down and. etc. It turns out very cheerfully.

I the hand bell inviting sounds again to go to the following station under the name “Round“.

At this station all of us together drove a round dance and sang the song “To a small fir-tree cold in the winter“ (we have a cartridge with New Year`s melodies for children, there was a melody of this song therefore we had a music, but it is quite possible to do also without it).

After we sang the song, remaining to stand in a circle, we played such game: the leader tells words, accompanying them with the movements. All others begin to repeat after the host of the word and the movement. Adults help to do the movements to children.

of the Word such:
We in the wood cut down a fir-tree
Here such, here such (shows the corresponding movements) dressed up
I in toys.
Here toy, here toy (movements) of
Above big red star,
Here such, here such (movements). our fir-tree simply a miracle,
Amicably we answer
: “Yes!“

(Game repeats several times. The rhythm constantly accrues.)

Then we amicably took seat on a floor and began to tell together the poem about New Year.

- still game for you Is: I will begin with
Ya verses now. I will begin
Ya, and you finish! amicably answer
with Chorus.
Outside a snowball goes
a holiday Soon...

Children: - New year!

- needles Softly shine,
Coniferous spirit goes from...

Children: - Fir-trees!

- Belous krasnonos
Under branches Ded...

Children: - Moroz!

- Well and a fir-tree, the miracle,
is simple As it is elegant as...

Children: - It is beautiful!

- Branches poorly rustle.
Beads bright...

Children: - Shine!

- toys -
Flags, asterisks Also shake...

Children: - Crackers!

- Here fires were lit on it,
How many tiny...

Children: - Fires!

- And, decorating a top,
Tam shines, as always,
Very bright, big,
of Pyatikrylaya...

Children: - the Star!

- Doors wide open,
Precisely in the fairy tale,
the Round dance rushes century.

Children: - Dancing!

I over this round dance
the Dialect, songs, ringing...

Children: - Laughter!

Leading: we Congratulate page.

Children: - New year!

Leading: With new happiness at once...

Children: - All!

the Following number of our program. Everyone pulled out from a New Year`s boot a card with number and carried out some forfeit. For example, sang New Year`s chastushkas, represented a goat (as we met year of the Goat), told a New Year`s joke and. etc. Kids just together danced everything.

after that we returned to the cars and again went. This time our train stopped at Father Frost`s kingdom (here I did in time under time of visit of Father Frost and Snow Maiden therefore as soon as our train stopped, the door was called by Father Frost and the Snow Maiden.) We invited Father Frost and the Snow Maiden from agency.

our holiday took place

very dynamically, and took only an hour, and 30 minutes of children D. Moroz and the Snow Maiden entertained. After farewell to Father Frost and the Snow Maiden and photography for memory we sat down at holiday tables. Children for the small little table, and adults for big. And here games for adults already began.

we wrote

In breaks between absorption of various dishes the story about how met New Year. For this purpose I wrote the small text with the passed adjectives. At a table all in turn called some ridiculous, original adjectives, and I entered them in the text and when the story was finished, read it aloud. It turned out very ridiculously.

Then we guessed the fantastic hero written on a back (see. the beginning), answered questions of the New Year`s comic test, thought out the termination of a toast which beginning was written on a card, and then according to numbers of forfeits looked for on a fir-tree small bags of the same numbers in which there were symbols with the corresponding predictions. For example: a castor - travel, a coin wait for you - you will grow rich, a candy - all year to you will be sweet and. etc. Kids participated in it too.

at the end of a holiday each kid carried away with himself for memory a balloon and a card in the form of a Christmas tree decoration with congratulations from Mishutki. Here cheerful at us the holiday turned out such. Very much it was pleasant to both kids and adults. Though it was “the first pancake“, but it turned out not a lump. to you it will be required by

For carrying out this holiday to p:

  1. of the plate with names of stations;
  2. balloons, different flowers and same ribbons;
  3. the cartridge with New Year`s melodies (but it is not obligatory);
  4. size and ball;
  5. of the plate with names of characters or names of some objects which will be sewed on backs;
  6. the text of the story with the passed adjectives;
  7. of a card from the beginning of a toast;
  8. of a card with numbers of forfeits;
  9. symbols with predictions which can be turned in a small piece of packing decorative paper, having tied a beautiful ribbon or a rain on which there will be a check;
  10. prizes to participants of competitions;
  11. greeting cards for kids;
  12. New Year`s comic test.