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“In each small child“ as it is sung in the known song from an animated cartoon of “Monkey“, irrespective of a floor, is “on two hundred grams of explosive or the whole halves a kilo“. And if to limit freedom of its movement to limits of a small room, then “the bang - women“ and is not present it, - the writer Grigory Oster warns parents. Especially for long Russian bad weather and the fidgets forced to live in the city, but it is not free to be grazed outdoors, the covered rock climbing walls - special exercise machines where it is possible not only to let off steam are thought up, but also to seize the mass of useful skills. For example, ability to think, work strategically “in couple“, to develop sleight of hand without any fraud.

On a wall

If to track the dictionary of common words of the srednestatichesky parent within several days, then it will turn out that nearly the most popular statement will be “where you climb?“ ... Now it is possible to answer this really Hamlet question safely: where you want, the main thing in places, specially allotted for this occupation. To the modern child is where to polazit: because in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan and other large cities there were modern, warm “walls“. Which it is possible to climb on not only, but also it is necessary. Certainly, with an insurance and under a vigilant eye of the skilled trainer.

Rock-climbing - an extreme sport, is short: overcoming of rocky sites by means of special technology of the movements. He demands good coordination, rational thinking from “rock-climber“. At children develops ability to own the body, to distribute loading, imparts skills of self-checking and self-organization. Sounds invitingly. But other things being equal the main advantage of rock-climbing - perhaps, positive consequences for a back. Swimming or rock-climbing: here panaceas from a syndrome of “sedentary life“ which kids suffer literally from seven - eight years.

Children like to climb. On trees, on garages, on buildings. And here with what they are attracted by the plywood boards painted in bright colors with catches? It appears, they like to ride a rope, to look at the world from “height“, to get under the ceiling, to hang headfirst and just to compete. Those that is more senior find the interest in regular jobs:“ to overcome fear “, “ to make the correct decision“. Generally, the rock climbing wall - a quite good attraction which possibilities can be used both for game, and for development. Made in due form, the exercise machine is absolutely safe. Modern safety systems exclude falling and if falling is planned, on this case there are mats.

Should polazit pleasure not so much if to consider all possible advantages of rock-climbing as sport. About 200 - 380 rubles an hour for single visit. The children`s card in “The rock - city“ costs 200 rubles, this sum includes visit and full equipment of the child. The card on 10 visits will cost 1600 rubles. She acts within three months. Groups on the rock climbing wall of shopping Mall Ekstrim are formed by the age principle. Three times a week for two hours within a month cost 3000 rubles. Obvious advantage of these complexes - the heated rooms, an opportunity to have a bite (in “Extreme“ - in blizlezhayshy cafes, and in “The rock - city“ - without departing from cash desk) and to be refreshed (small shower cabins). In “Veyparka“ it is necessary to pay for the number of rises, but not carried out on a wall of minutes. Besides, walls are in a number of capital fitness - clubs. For example, in “Olimpopo“.

Competing in speed

the Majority of modern rock climbing walls deserve

the name is sports rather - entertainment complexes. Because here it is possible not only to play sports all family, but also to arrange to the child cheerful, and, above all, an active holiday. Not banal clowns and cakes, and “the Fort - Bayar“ in a miniature. Cheerful starts down, searches of treasures and the most different adventures. So, in “the Rock - City“ the scenario of a holiday means about 10 group competitions - search of a treasure, a competition of captains, a bungee, a ram etc. On endurance, on ability to work in team.

If day of cooking passes

in the country, it is possible just to rent the rock climbing wall per day. Service costs about 180 c.u. a day (the minimum order - three days), plus approximately as much there is a delivery.

Home rocks

in the presence of the additional area and a wall which is not a pity for giving on worry the rock climbing wall can be built at home. Yes, directly in the apartment or at the dacha. Modular home exercise machines are “built“ by the Walltopia companies, “World of Height“, “Sorel Ekolodzhi“. The exercise machine can be both domestic, and foreign production, from plastic or a tree, with a polymeric dusting or without it. You can mount it to one of external walls of your house, can just put it in the yard as you a separate construction, can establish it indoors.

usually “establish“ to

In apartments the monolithic seamless rock climbing wall. The impressive structure is applied or on standard boards, or on a design from foam concrete directly on object. Installation takes no more than two days. As a result the part of the room looks as the rock from an animation animated cartoon: bright and amusing. The Bulgarian Walltopia in an arsenal has special children`s catches in the form of animal and fantastic beings painted in “cheerful“ colors. Catches is what grab hands and lean legs at ascensions. Rearranging catches, it is possible to change routes, to lay new routes. As soon as the child is incited“, - it is time to send to mountains, to collecting.

of the Address of rock climbing walls

  1. the Rock climbing wall in Shopping Center Ekstrim
  2. the Rock climbing wall “The rock - city“
  3. the Rock climbing wall in torgovo - entertainment center of “Veypark“. On 71 km of MKAD in shopping and recreation center of “Veypark“
  4. of “DDS“, t. 270 - 4501, Rabochaya St., 63.