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Open the door in summer of

Let`s remember how it was good in the summer at the dacha: the kid ran on a grass barefoot, lapped in the small river, sunbathed on the sun, breathed fresh air, was not ill, ate with appetite and stayed in good mood. And as everything changed with arrival of fall: the mood deteriorated, whims, diseases, and about longer to stay on the street, out of the question began.

Well, - parents will sigh, having bought a standard set of means for cold in a drugstore. - Let`s wait for the next summer. For now we drink lime tea and to put on more warmly...“ It is possible not to continue further: this approach is considered the most traditional and is for certain known to all, even to very young parents. However presently there are also other opportunities to help the kid not to be ill in spite of the fact that the summer ended long ago. It is possible to temper, for example, the child, pouring over him cold water. If you do not risk to undertake this business independently, address to the center of recovery treatment. And you will be pleasantly surprised what will be offered to your kid by experts: without leaving hometown walls, you suddenly will appear on the sea coast, in mountains or on a meadow among the blossoming herbs!

the First stage

Keep in mind

that you will need to be prepared for the beginning of a course of improving procedures. First of all it is worth taking care of a daily routine of small: despite weather, try to walk more, it is less time to carry out near the TV that the kid was not overexcited, surely let`s the child have a rest in the afternoon and put him to bed a bit earlier that as a result duration of a dream increased on 1 - 1,5 hour. Plus to it you watch that the food of the kid contained all useful components (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral substances), that is make so that, except favourite macaroni, sausages and sandwiches, in his menu fruit, vegetables, natural meat, various grain, fermented milk products appeared. Besides, dishes have to please the child with bright, unusual appearance.

of you Want to reach the maximum effect of an improving complex? Take care of that in an organism of the kid there were no centers of a chronic infection: painful teeth, not cured nasopharynx … Usually for these purposes doctors of the center of recovery treatment use special inhalations, light - electro - and a magnetotherapy.

the Wide choice

A what will be offered to the kid by specialists of office of recovery treatment?

  1. of Phytotherapy (in translation from Greek - treatment by herbs). This science appeared about six thousand years ago for this reason there is no occasion to doubt its reliability and efficiency. Phytotherapy - a traditional component of improving and rehabilitation programs during which little “vacationer“ suggest to drink teas - the made phytocollecting, to do inhalations or to treat purposefully the failed organism “details“. For example, to cope with a chronic inflammation of a rotonosoglotka, to the kid appoint washing of a nose, rinsing of a mouth and pharynx phytoinfusions and broths which part the herbs capable to destroy harmful microbes are and to protect “district“ from attack of the opponent. The St. John`s Wort, a calendula, a camomile concerns to them, chistotet, an eucalyptus, a plantain, a sage. Besides, some of these herbs add to oxygen cocktails - the dense foam formed by means of oxygen is which very much it is pleasant to kids.
  2. of Aromafitoterapiya . By means of essential oils of a phytogenesis experts warn or many diseases treat. It is known that absence or a lack of aromatic substances of environment can lead to various troubles. That it did not occur, experts advise every day to inhale 3 - 4 mg of vegetable aromatic substances. If the illness everything is will begin, essential oils will turn into the most real medicine. Why? In - the first because they contain the substances capable to kill harmful microbes, in - the second, they help dust to settle (it is known that it contains allergens, microbes and other harmful substances), and in - the third, the freshness and unique aroma which as well as possible lighten mood give to air. There is in the centers of recovery treatment also other interesting method - a so-called hardware aromafitoterapiya. By means of special devices in air the background which usually arises over plants in habitat is created. The most important that this method does not cause an allergy, that is why it is especially recommended to kids.

of In house conditions for inhalation of essential oils are used by various small pillows - a sachet, aromalampa, diffusers, candles or special evaporators. It is worth recognizing that quality of the sprayed oil not always corresponds to due level, besides, at the time of heating radio substances can change the properties and instead of advantage to do harm.

Attention! Be careful in the choice of essential oils: give preference to vegetable, but not artificial means. Why? It is known that one oil may contain about 500 components for this reason its unique structure not so - that is simple, and at times at all it is impossible to repeat in conditions even of the most perfect laboratory. And though synthetic essential oils smell approximately the same as natural, they do not possess “the same medical action. Moreover, some synthetic substances instead of advantage do harm: inhaling the “wrong“ radio fumes, it is possible “to earn“ tendency to an allergy and other diseases.

  1. of of Aeroionoterapiya - the prevention and treatment of diseases by means of electrically the loaded gas particles of air - aero ions. In the nature they fill with themselves the atmosphere on the sea coast, at falls and mountain small rivers. Aero ions relieve an organism of a stress, help it to endure such troubles as a lack of oxygen, cold, infections, drug intake. Plus to it they improve health of the kid, his dream, appetite, help work of a brain and maintain physical activity. In the centers of recovery treatment experts prefer to use an aeroionoterapiya which can be operated: action of easy negative ions of air is strictly controlled, and as necessary doctors change their quantity in air.
  2. Halotherapy (in translation from Greek - I will merge treatment) - the artificial microclimate close created by scientists on structure to the atmosphere of underground karst caves and salt mines. Galo - a chamber of the center of recovery treatment is the specially equipped room on which walls the salt covering is applied. In it the medical environment sated with salt particles is created and supported. By means of halotherapy it is possible to strengthen immunity, to cure an inflammation, to throw down a challenge to an allergy, to put nervous system in order. Visit of the child to a salt cave is followed by specially picked up music and light registration. Both helps to improve health and mood.

of Why rest in mountains so well influences health? One of the reasons that mountain air is rarefied also oxygen in it less, than at height habitual to the majority of us. As a result in an organism get into gear of nervous, it is warm - vascular and respiratory system, return to normal exchange processes, diseases recede. It is good that such “mountain air“ is in an arsenal of doctors of the centers of recovery treatment.

  1. of Physiotherapy exercises and massage - the most known components of a complex of improving procedures. The centers of recovery treatment will offer you an interesting novelty: hardware massage which is carried out by means of the elastic pseudo-boiling layer (EPBL). What does it mean? With different intensity strikes a set of metal balls a surface of an elastic membrane, as creates illusion of boiling or a swirling. Unlike traditional massage the new type of procedure does not cause accustoming, from - for what the medical effect increases. Usually to children appoint massage of foot, to be exact, of its sole. Thanks to different degree of intensity of EPS the set of the “dozing“ reflexes gets into gear, for example, tonic muscles which support a backbone strain. Besides, thanks to massage their blood supply improves that affects a condition of a spinal cord and other bodies of the kid.
  2. Various bathtubs (mineral, aromatic, vesiculate), heattreatment (dirt, paraffin, sand), thermotherapy (Russian bath and sauna), cryotherapy, or treatment by cold, and, of course, pool. By the way, if all other methods are appointed to children from 2 - 3 years, to float it is possible to begin literally from the cradle. Usually invite kids aged from two weeks about three months to occupations (the umbilical wound already began to live, and the reflex swimming movements which each newborn has, did not disappear yet). At first children swim in a usual bathtub and when it becomes small, that is from 4 - 5 months, occupations transfer to the pool. That water in it always remained safe, experts prefer to purify it by means of ozone, and to no more traditional and absolutely unnecessary kids substance - chlorine. Thanks to swimming the kid is tempered, and his organism becomes steadier against infections, besides, in water the child develops more harmoniously.

of Kids who are engaged in the pool from the cradle learn to get on with water quicker. Of course, it does not mean that future the child surely will become a champion, however to learn will float to him much more simply.