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We test... a grandmother`s advice of

Small house cunnings of our mothers and grandmothers often helps out us in the most different situations. We decided to check on own experience whether national methods can always serve to us good service.

Reliable methods

Before baking pancakes, in a frying pan it is necessary to calcinate table salt.

the Verdict “TO“ : At all richness of the choice of ware with an antiprigarny covering, many of us still hold the magic skovorodochka intended especially for pancakes. And it is correct: the most tasty and beautiful pancakes turn out only on a pig-iron frying pan which the knowing hostesses try not to use for preparation of other dishes. It is possible to prepare a frying pan before frying of pancakes so: put a frying pan on fire, pour a little vegetable oil, fill 1 tablespoon of coarse salt and properly calcinate, then let`s cool down slightly. Wipe a hot frying pan with a tissue to remove all deposit, and then again fill dry salt and wipe once again. We checked - any pancake a lump!

to get rid of a scum which is formed in a teapot needs to boil in it water with vinegar.

the Verdict “TO“ : It is possible to use, of course, modern means for removal of a scum, but the national method of fight against deposits on heating devices by means of vinegar is reliable, cheap and harmless. It is suitable also for modern electric kettles. Dissolve about 2 - 3 spoons of ordinary vinegar in water liter and boil this water in a teapot. Before use carefully rinse a teapot.

to Clear fingers and skin of hands after cleaning of potatoes, beets or works with berries it is possible by means of a lemon slice.

the Verdict “TO“ : The darkened hands and fingers can be wiped with a slice of a lemon or to rinse in water solution with vinegar. Quite effective method. You can make the same and before get to work with the painting products - prevention always yields good results.

the Put too much salt soup can be corrected by means of rice.

the Verdict “TO“ : This national method of rescue of soup has full authority for existence. Advise to place a rice handful in a linen rag and to lower in a pan for 15 minutes. It is much simpler to lower in soup rice in a bag - so you will have a tasty soup moreover and the boiled rice in addition.

can Cut with

a bulb without tears if constantly to dip a knife in cold water.

the Verdict “TO“ : For those who sob over onions, cold water - the real rescue. Fill a wide bowl with ice water and from time to time rinse in it a knife. Before cutting do not forget to wash out the cleared bulb under a stream cold waters. There are recommendations to cut in half a lemon and to regularly wipe with it an edge. Also it is considered - the more sharply a knife, the less caustic juice is sprayed when cutting onions, therefore there are less tears.

of the Rose will remain longer if to put in aspirin half-tablet water.

the Verdict “TO“ : Exactly. The method tested by editorial office employees repeatedly. Aspirin also helps to keep chrysanthemums, carnations and gladioluses. And here for narcissuses add salt to water.

Egg whites are beaten by

quicker and long keep a form if to add to them a little lemon juice or a pinch of small salt.

the Verdict “TO“ : Really, several drops of lemon juice or salt will help to beat quickly whites in strong foam. Eggs have to be, certainly, fresh and it is desirable directly from the refrigerator. For example, yeast dough will rise quicker if eggs were fresh and proteins well shaken up.

Disputable methods

of Egg will not be beaten by

when cooking and protein will not flow out if to lower them in the added some salt water.

the Verdict “TO“ : If on a shell was even if a small crack, and you did not notice it, then salt will not help here. On the contrary protein under laws of chemistry will begin to follow outside under the influence of so-called osmotic pressure even more actively. If egg was also not going to burst, then it will hardly break when cooking - you need to lower accurately it in water. However, some consider that they during cooking of egg fight the friend about the friend and salt is prevented in some way by cracking.

the Fat spot on clothes should be powdered with salt as soon as possible.

the Verdict “TO“ : Salt is really capable to dissolve some types of pollution, but not all and that the most important - it does not affect fat and oil spots. Powder with salt ink spots, strong salty solution hot scents well move away from chocolate, coffee and tea. You should not rub salt in a spot, otherwise it will be fixed “tightly“. It is the best of all to powder a fat spot with talc or even tooth-powder, then to iron the iron and to leave for some time.

Unreliable methods

the lemon will help to Return gloss to leather boots.

the Verdict “TO“ : They say that boots can be wiped with a lemon slice, and then to rub with a soft flannel rag. Actually this procedure will not bring any visible results, except unless remains of lemon pulp on footwear - therefore if you want to try, wipe shoes with a wadded disk, moistened in lemon juice. Among modern means for a shoe-polish there will be much those which perfectly return gloss of leather footwear.

Milk will not burn

if before to boil it, to rinse a pan cold water.

the Verdict “TO“ : Cold water does not play any role here. The main thing - in what pan you boil milk. It is the best of all to do it in a pan with a thick bottom, it is possible to use ware with a teflon covering. Besides, pasteurized milk which is on sale in modern packings is not obligatory to boil at all.

Outdated methods

the Burnt pan can be cleared, having boiled in it salty solution.

the Verdict “TO“ : It is simple to boil salty water in a pan not enough, it is necessary to leave it at several o`clock to soak. And if the ware was not cleared, you should repeat procedure again and again. Actually will cope with this problem it is possible much quicker. At first clear a pan usual means as far as it is possible, then half fill with water with a cleaner (it is desirable on the basis of biocomponents) at the rate of 1 tablespoon on liter, put on fire and you boil within 10 minutes, then wash out with liquid for washing of ware. The usual rigid sponge will help to remove the remained parts.

the Dried-up nail varnish can dilute

with means for removal of a varnish.

the Verdict “TO“ : Perhaps, about 20 years ago this method was the only opportunity to reanimate nail varnish. After this action the varnish loses all the properties: lays down unevenly and keeps not for long. Presently it is possible to rescue a favourite varnish in less barbarous way by means of special liquid for dilution of a varnish which can be bought in departments of decorative cosmetics.