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Happy continuation of the history

(began to read here)

Oh, my turn really came to tell about my long-awaited pregnancy? My God, as I am happy! So there is a wish to share with you pleasure!

I just forgot

In August about planning, analyses, tablets and in general about doctors. Decided that not time is simple so far. It is necessary to have a rest, gain strength, and since September - October to register in AI and to start up already heavy artillery up to EKO.

Meanwhile I decided to become the cofounder of tourist tour operator across Japan, was engaged in documents, the organization and negotiations with Japanese. Everything was healthy, and the main thing, turned out to disconnect the head. I was going to fly to Japan.

not just a trip

On the Fourth of September we went to Tula with friends who somewhere ride all the time, and this time they decided to celebrate birthday in Tula and there invited us. I think and what not to go - that? Well also went.

Exactly there also the sacrament of conception occurred, but I about it did not even suspect since on terms it was the last day of a cycle. Also it is necessary, I became pregnant in the last day of a cycle (happens, it appears, and it).


On arrival for some reason very much wanted some black bread with the smelling vegetable oil, and at night. Then the breast began to hurt. Thoughts of pregnancy did not even come to mind, I was even afraid to remember it that these thoughts did not become persuasive again.

I here, we sit with Japanese at restaurant, and I nearly faint, Japanese were frightened, and I think, something with an organism not that, it is advisable to sleep horoshenechko. On the way home I meet the girlfriend, and she goes to a drugstore... to buy to itself the test for pregnancy, here and I think:“ Give - I will buy“, - though I understand that the test which time will disappoint me. I buy.

I get up in the Morning, I do the test in the semi-sleeping state and... I forget to look at result. I go to work, then put, I come home late. I go to a bathtub - the test lies. Polozhitnlny!

I measure by

the next morning BT - 36,8. It is clear, that I, of course, was disappointed in soul and I think what it I, the silly woman, hope, matter of course, all the time that pregnancy can only dream me: - (. And itself on the way home I buy already 2 different tests. I do. Both are positive. Again still I am afraid to rejoice, but nevertheless I hope.

Between meetings was 15 minutes old, and I run, having been out of breath, it appear in Invitro, I take a blood test on HGCh. I wait for result next day.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Next day a seminar, I hardly - hardly wait for 12 hours, at 12:01 already I call to Invitro. The girl speaks:“ Blood on pregnancy positive, you have 142,8 units that corresponds to 2,5 weeks of pregnancy!“ All! On a seminar I did not return any more. Roared in a toilet, could not calm down. Then got over in the car, I cannot go, I have just a hysterics, roar violently with happiness!

Remembering last, bitter experience (there was an abortion), I run ran in a maternity welfare unit in the place of a registration. There I tell the doctor that I had an abortion, and it is possible, this not incubation and that it is advisable to undertake something already now. The doctor speaks: “Well here you will undertake? Well, drink a vitaminchik E!“ And here I understood that it is necessary to hurry from here and to do something.

it was p in TSPSIRE. There the doctor of higher category appoints utrozhestan, avtovegin, delivery of necessary analyses and folic acid respectively at once (told that till 12th week she only folic will be enough!).

Preservation (as there is a lot of in this sound...)

we rang out with

B of 5,5 weeks in hospital and lay 4 weeks there. Sometimes it was possible to attend a forum, quickly for 5 minutes from the doctor`s computer, the laptop to me was forbidden to be brought: - (. My mother learned about my pregnancy from the doctor:-). Until my hospitalization nobody except the husband knew, I so was afraid to maleficiate, perhaps, and was afraid to lose. I and now very much am afraid to lose the baby, for me he already any not a fruit, and my child, my firstborn!

Now us was written out, I can direct nothing any more, doctors forbade to work, drive the car (a uterus in a tone, and the press cannot be strained) and a lot of things still forbade. I now from the house try to settle everything. But, frankly speaking, to me so all the same that is created there, at work, and in our new business, and at all can distract nothing my attention from my kid.

When we were in hospital, my husband wrote SMS: “Hold the friend the friend there!“ . And we keep from - for all forces, we are each other necessary! I am very happy future mummy!

Ya hardly - hardly waited for control ultrasonography what I would be told that the baby develops well, and I waited for the moment when I at last can tell you: “I am pregnant! Waited!“.

This day we brought closer

as could!