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Methods of massage of children till 1 year of

Massage are carried out by Shepeleva Natalya Sergeyevna (The state diploma in “Obstetric business“. Additional specialization - “Medical massage in pediatrics): worked as the obstetrician in the Center of Planning of the Family and Reproductions (Moscow); has wide practical experience in medical massage and gymnastics of children till 1 year; brings up the daughter.

“As the children`s psychologist I can tell

that the gymnastics and the massage of children till 1 year which is carried out by mother or the father promotes the correct, comfortable development of mentality of the baby, and also establishment of interrelation between parents and the child“.

Stroking plane

Stroking intensifies blood circulation and by that improves blood supply of fabrics and bodies.

Pay attention that the movements of hands of the massage therapist are always directed on the course of blood vessels, in the direction of a lymph flow
Plane stroking you make
  • a palm or a back surface of a brush.
  • On a back you carry out strokings in the direction from buttocks to the head by the brush back.
  • Back hands go by air.
  • the First phase of procedure superficial stroking - without pressing on the massed surface.
  • When stroking movement slow.
  • In the second phase carry out strokings with easy pressing.

the Clasping stroking

Stroking calms nervous system, causes relaxation of muscles, helps to kill pain.

  • At the clasping stroking the thumb strokes a lateral surface of an extremity, and other fingers - a back surface.
  • On hands the movement from a brush to axillary hollows.
  • At first we make superficial stroking, then with easy pressing.
  • Standing the movement from foot to a groin.

Grinding “1 to 4“

Is applied by

on limited (small) sites from first weeks of life.

Grinding 1 to 4 is carried out by thumb small pillows, at a support on 4 taken most aside.

the Ring peresekaniye

the Ring peresekaniye is a type of grinding.

  • Is carried out when massaging a hand and shin by the regions of brushes established in parallel at distance of 1 - 3 cm
  • of the Movement counter, fast, with small pressing. You do not slide on a skin surface, and shift it.
  • in the course of procedure skin has to redden.


  • of Shtrikhovaniye on extensive sites makes by small pillows of 4 fingers of one hand and 4 another.
  • of the Movement fast, forward. Only fingers work. Pressing is moderate, with skin shift.
  • On limited surfaces the shtrikhovaniye is made by a thumb of each hand.

the Cross razminaniye


distinguishes a bigger effort in comparison with grinding.

4 fingers are located
  • At a cross razminaniye on one side of a muscle, thumbs on another. Brushes are located at an angle 450.
  • Clamp more deeply soft fabrics and delay to top.
  • Fray
  • between fingers, slowly moving along a muscle.

the Shchiptseobrazny razminaniye

Procedure positively affects with

joints, ligaments, sinews and muscles, and not only superficial, but also located rather deeply.

the Shchiptseobrazny razminaniye you make
  • three fingers. Index and average fingers have to be opposite to big.
  • Take muscles. The taken fabrics have to be displaced towards a thumb.
  • Displacing skin, you make roundabouts in one party, and then in the return.
  • carry out
  • of the Movement vigorously, but it is soft and gentle.
  • Look at
  • how this reception on extremities becomes.


It is carried out by small pillows 3 - x fingers. Soft fabrics are taken more deeply, slightly delayed to top, fray between fingers at the simultaneous movement of the right hand clockwise, left - counterclockwise, with the subsequent taking away of a brush from skin on 10 - 15 cm


  • After 3 - 4 months when the muscular tone is normalized, apply percussion by fingers.
  • Percussion you make
  • the back of slightly placed fingers. At such way percussion soft and painless.
  • Carry out
  • one or two hands.


  • It is carried out by elbow edges of brushes.
  • 4 fingers are spread slightly wide by
  • .
  • of the Movement fast, only along muscle fibers.

Having fulfilled technology of the main receptions you will be able to do massage to the child in parallel with the instructor of a videocourse.