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What is the board of trustees?

History of the boards of trustees consign to the remote past. In imperial Russia the similar organizations sponsored practically each school, hospital, a shelter for the poor.

And today this phenomenon returned less than ten years ago...


History and the present


Who at school main knows even to first graders. Of course, director. He is a strategist and tactics, on his shoulders the solution of a set of organizational issues, including - continuous searches of sources of financing...

But unless one person can be responsible for everything and all? Controversial issue. However, even the strongest administrator will not be prevented by volunteer assistants. Especially, when business concerns money, a liability. The same director has the right to spend only budgetary funds. But they are not enough for elementary things! Helps out sponsorship, charity. But here - a dark with registration, taxes, legality of carrying out “transactions“... Here also assistants - public organizations, members of the Board of trustees of school will be useful.

In the past the boards of trustees of gymnasiums and lyceums included “powers that be“ - representatives of merchants, noblemen, governors and officials of the highest rank. They had a real opportunity to influence the events in “sponsored institutions“. Also they promoted not only financially - watched quality of education, encouraged exceptional children, drew public attention to educational problems.

A that now? Alas, not so cloudless situation. The large organizations, serious sponsors, the famous figures help usual schools “with a scratch“, finance secondary education inertly. And the reason not that do not want - it is necessary to cover on it the distance of bureaucratic obstacles, formalities too much! To buy chairs, school desks in classes - and that a problem. Businessmen wait until target programs of the help - with the preferential taxation, the thought-over legal basis are adopted. On the other hand, directors of schools, administration do not hurry to concede part of powers to public councils. Here also leaves in practice: the boards of trustees turn into the inflated parental committee which main objective - a whip-round.

we Will support

according to Public opinion fund, 67% of parents are ready to spend serious funds for education of children. At the same time various sums are regularly spent for “school needs“ by about 90% of families of pupils!

Nesaktsionirovanny requisitions - “headaches“ of most of fathers and mothers. So, in May several directors of schools and managers of kindergartens were ousted for systematic taking of bribes. Many fans of “easy“ parental money received preventions and strict reprimands.

But if payments for receipt in school or the transfer from a class to a class are strictly forbidden, what to do with the legalized collecting - for services of security agency, “the disturbing button“, additional classes? The Department of Education is not bent: cash at school should not go. In - the first, the cash turnover complicates the taxation. In - the second, the chance is big that the part of means “will settle“ on the way to someone`s pockets.

Options of a solution exist - to register all payments through specially created fund or the board of trustees.

Tatyana, first grader`s mother :
“Before study held meeting. The main issue - a whip-round. It was simple earlier: developed “on ruble“, defined what needs to be bought, handed over the sum to the teacher - problems are solved. And now? Means can be transferred only “clearing settlement“ into the account of educational fund. Who will be charged that they will go for repair our 1 “B“ classes, but not on another matter?“

Such question would not arise, be at this Board of trustees school.

the Simple example - at school is not enough for

computers and manuals on mathematics or Russian. Similar expenditure are not provided by budgetary funds this year. The decision is made: to collect a certain sum of money for school needs. But money is enough only for something one - or for acquisition of grants, or - computers. When in educational institution the board of trustees works, the issue is resolved taking into account his opinion. If it is done by administration, officials, then parents are just presented with a fait accompli.

What gives to mothers and fathers creation of similar body? First of all, a guarantee that means will uncontrolledly not be spent. He makes decisions where specifically to direct money, what sum.

“One of the main objectives of trustees - to attract and distribute additional finance for the educational purposes. Keywords here - “to attract and distribute“ - the head considers a press - services of Department of Education of Moscow A. V. Gavrilov.


It is influenced educational process

Close cooperation of the board of trustees with school administration not only on financial, but on many other questions, partnership and full mutual understanding!. Sounds invitingly, but so far only sounds. So has to be. Ideally. In practice teachers do not want to admit “strangers“ to educational process. They are ready to accept financial support, but no more: “We know better to what and how to teach the pupils“.

the Similar position only strengthens belief of parents: “Well, of course, school nothing concerns, except requisitions!“ Deadlock there is a situation, both parties are in own way right...

But an exit from it is. It is necessary accurately, in details to define powers of the board of trustees, to fix them legally.

In - the first, the Board of trustees has to be registered as the organization, autonomous from school. Even if representatives of school against, it is worth insisting and convincing. If council is only one of divisions of school, it is insufficiently independent. Actually depends on administration. Is in the subordinated situation.

In - the second, all disputed issues, the rights and obligations of council it is necessary to record in the charter of school and the provision on creation of the board of trustees. Between educational institution and the board of trustees the contract on cooperation is signed.

the Charter is developed in common by administration and representatives of parental community. At some especially “advanced“ schools pupils are involved in process.

Parents who are not a part of the board of trustees have the right to address at any time his representatives for explanations, the help or support. All arriving offers are considered. Acquaint the principal with the most interesting.

What the board of trustees with “expanded“ powers can?

the Trustee movement only begins with

Instead of the summary procession along the country. Schools recognize - public organizations are necessary. Also parents do not object. However and others the first course do not hurry to do that. Mothers and fathers not up to the end understand advantages of Councils. Administrations of schools fairly believe that artificial planting of system of guardianship can be apprehended in bayonets as one more way of legal extortion of money.

Government officials in forecasts are careful

: that the Boards of trustees got accustomed in Russia again, there has to pass time. Initial five - ten years - trial. It is not surprising that the first, second and even the third pancake can leave a lump. whether

or will choose policy of waiting - to solve only to you.

we Make the provision on the Board of trustees

the Decision is made. The group of enthusiasts decided to create the Board of trustees.

Ideal option - to consult with the lawyer who will help to make all necessary papers.

you Want to be

independent in everything? The provision on the board of trustees has to contain the following items:

the Thin moment

do not confuse two councils - Council of school and the Board of trustees. The first consists of representatives of administration, parents and pupils in equal shares and resolves public and administrative issues.

the Notebook of the parent

answers with

questions of parents the head a press - services of Department of Education of Moscow A. V. Gavrilov.

- I would like to have an opportunity to communicate with the class teacher of my children, teachers of school, to see in what conditions children are engaged. But in school, after strengthening of measures for safety, nobody is let, forbid to ring a teacher`s room. Whether there is an order limiting access for parents to school? Do I have legal basis to insist on the?

- Of course, the ban to ring a teacher`s room is an extreme, it should not be. The parent has the right to visit school, previously having agreed about a meeting on phone or through the child. If systematically refuse to you, address the director, then - in district administration of education.