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Partner childbirth of

you surrounded and supported All pregnancy the husband, a family, friends and girlfriends, colleagues and even passengers in transport who are giving way to you. You felt this support in pleasure and in alarm. But here decisive hour - childbirth comes. Really instead of close and familiar faces there will be benevolent around, but nevertheless strange faces of doctors? Now parting with favourite people, even for a while, at doors of maternity hospital becomes optional, the increasing popularity is gained by partner childbirth when together with the woman in labor except doctors there is a loved one. It can be the husband, mother, the girlfriend, the sister. Other option - the professional psychologist who accompanied the woman throughout pregnancy and respectively knows, than it can help it.

Partner childbirth is always the weighed decision, and not only from future mother, but also from the one who will be near it in this most important hour. So, we choose the partner for childbirth.

Motivation: why you need it?

First of all should answer with

to itself this question and to try to make it accurately, transforming vague desires and feelings to the concrete reasons.


Continue by

the list at discretion.

Should meaning

that you should not count on unambiguously positive expected result as it is impossible to assume absolutely precisely what will be behavior of other person in an extreme situation.

Following negative experience of predecessors, It should be noted that if childbirth together with the husband is considered as a way of the solution of any intra family problems, then it can do serious harm to these most family relations.


Indispensable conditions for partner childbirth:

  • desire and woman in labor consent;
  • desire and consent of future father;
  • joint preparation for childbirth;
  • a consent of the physicians delivering;
  • preliminary testing (in some maternity hospitals it enters conditions of presence of the stranger at the rodzal);
  • existence of special clothes and slippers;
  • coherence of actions of all participants of process of childbirth.

the sense of guilt Generated by a type of sufferings of the wife at the man too not the best option. Nobody loves in the principle to feel guilty, especially in such thin aspect - the birth of the child of the man is considered also as the merit.

Motivation: why it is necessary for the partner?

It is the same important aspect as partner childbirth therefore is partner that assume a consent in understanding of the purposes and tasks. If there are a basic consent and desire someone from relatives to be together with you on childbirth, find out what for them is priority. Quite good even to try to look at it as far as your motives coincide, to accurately formulate them orally or in writing.


Than can really be helped by the partner on childbirth?

we Will look at

what besides psychological support, the partner can make?

you already know that childbirth includes three periods: fights, attempts and birth of a placenta.

the First period of childbirth lasts from the beginning of the first fights before full disclosure of a neck of a uterus. The most difficult in the first phase are the painful feelings in a stomach and a sacrum connected with fights.

What the partner can make?

to Measure by

In the second period childbirth of fight become more long, strong and frequent. At the beginning of this phase you have to be already in hospital. The second period lasts from full disclosure of a neck of a uterus till the child`s birth. During this stage attempts - any reductions of muscles of a forward belly wall join fights. Thanks to attempts the head of the child goes through a small pelvis down.

What the partner can make?

to Cut with

an umbilical cord, being guided by instructions of the midwife.

during the third period of childbirth the uterus continues to be reduced by

, the placenta separates from uterus walls, then is expelled - and childbirth ended!

What the partner can make?

to Imprint

How to help the partner to avoid an emotional shock?

To such test as presence on childbirth, not everyone is ready

. Especially it concerns men. Going together for childbirth, part of young couples simply do not represent reality of childbirth. And lack of elementary prenatal preparation for such important step leads sometimes to sad consequences: the husband sees sufferings of the wife, but cannot help. It is a big stress for the man who feels responsible.

Childbirth is a hard work for the woman. But, knowing about their specifics, about the role in them, the man, being near the wife, can facilitate considerably for it process of the birth of the kid. From the partner in labor the concrete help relieving pain during fights, for example massage of a waist and stomach, control of correctness of breath and many other things that demands serious prenatal preparation is required. Therefore training of the partner for childbirth has to become the same component of process as training of future mother. It can be made on courses on preparation for childbirth.

here extent of participation of the husband in labor each couple has to define

A. Whether to be to the husband in the rodzal during attempts or to come after the child`s birth? Whether to take the sister, the girlfriend or the professional psychologist on childbirth - everyone solves, proceeding from the individual situation.

you remember

I: you should not be blindly in the fashion - especially in such serious question as partner childbirth.

Who will be this partner?



B 1971 on the International congress of psychosomatic medicine which passed in London, the doctor of medicine J. Sasmor presented results of researches of 45 thousand childbirth, including with participation of husbands, that presence of the beloved preserves the woman in labor against sensation of fear and loneliness, reduces emotional stress, strengthens mutual understanding of couple. And, as we know, psychological comfort of the woman at the time of delivery - guarantee of their success.

In the western practice not a rarity when the new family member is met except the father who became there obligatory by elder brothers and sisters, grandmothers and other relatives. Similar “family“ childbirth there not a rarity is also perceived long ago absolutely quietly.

Under our conditions and traditions such mass character was not included even into practice especially as conditions of maternity hospitals do not allow to be in the rodzal to such number of people, except doctors.

to be present at childbirth and to encourage the woman and physically not only the husband, but also mother, the sister, other any relative, the girlfriend etc. can. The main thing - to reach a consent with the partner and to be sure that he will correspond to the appointment.

Requirements imposed to the partner in labor:

such service as maintenance of childbirth by the psychologist begins to practice Today.

All functions of the partner in labor he can undertake

. It is option, especially too in a situation when the woman does not want for any of several reasons presence of relatives on childbirth, but feels need of support.