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Do not sweat, answering questions

Recently at employment in business concerns to beginners suggest to undergo testing on a polygraph.“ The lie detector“ passionlessly fixes physiological reactions of the person at the answer to questions: breath frequency, blood pressure, pulse, sweating... Benefit of the employer is clear. The device helps to reveal undesirable (for future position) bents of the candidate for work, to find out whether he conceals any facts of the biography, etc. And here the people who are on other side of a polygraph have doubts - in observance of human rights, in the accuracy of estimates... Especially, when the favorable position suddenly breaks.

Specialists - self-educated persons

Yes, the employer has full authority to apply a polygraph. But the trouble is that reliability of results strongly depends on the level of training of the polygraphologist. Very few people train the real experts. But there are a lot of self-educated persons to whom upon purchase of the device only in brief explained that to what. Similar “experts“ can “botch“ mistakes. If, for example, asking a question, to suddenly change intonation, at the examinee from surprise pulse can quite become frequent. And the pseudo-expert will decide that the examinee told lies. And the person will suffer for anything. Or other example. The young man came to get a job on firm. At poll by means of a polygraph on a question: Whether “You tried drugs?“ - answered: “No“. Though once, at teenage age, the inhaling “jamb“ nevertheless was. Followed from instrument readings that the examinee hides something. But the polygraphologist did not give to the person the chance (that is wrong!) to explain the reaction recorded on the device. The guy did not get work. whether

Can refuse?

What the “experimental“ worker (and also the employer and especially the polygraphologist) going to “interrogation“ has to know? The Russian agency of economic security and risk management of Torgovo - industrial chamber Russian Federation together with Institute of criminalistics of FSB of the Russian Federation developed certain precepts of law on training of polygraphologists and on carrying out polls. These normative documents are published in Yury Holodny`s book “Application of a polygraph at prevention, disclosure and investigation of crimes“. Thanks to them the examinee by means of a polygraph of people will be able to protect the rights.

1. Has the right to interrogate on a polygraph the expert having the certificate on the appropriated qualification.

2. Before poll you have to be acquainted with your rights, having given a special instruction. (Attentively read it!) In it it is in addition told that poll is possible only if the person gives on this voluntary written consent.

3. Before poll you have to be acquainted surely also with the forthcoming questions. They have to you be clear. You have the right to participate in their editing.

4. During poll to you have no right to ask the questions concerning political, religious or racial views, the state and military secret, activity of law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies.

5. At any stage of poll you have the right to refuse further participation in it. But...

6. If you refused poll on a polygraph, the employer reserves the right to refuse (alas!) to you in employment. But not everything is lost: if indeed refuses, you can appeal to the International Court of Justice at Torgovo - industrial chamber Russian Federation.

7. If you passed poll on a polygraph, already working at firm, only by results of poll of any measures infringing your legitimate interests have no right to accept.

8. If you physically or are mentally exhausted if you aggravated a disease warmly - vascular or respiratory system if you the woman in the second half of pregnancy, is FORBIDDEN to interrogate you by means of a polygraph.

9. If at poll the instruction was broken, you have the right to learn registration number of its certificate from the expert and to report about violations in the Russian agency of economic security and risk management of Torgovo - industrial chamber Russian Federation by ph. 925 - 28 - 30.