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It is good to have a lodge on Menorka, or the Trip with the child to Spain in August, 2005 of

It is remarkable that presently “relatives abroad“ is not a doubtful spot on your biography, and big fat plus. So it happened that my three times removed sister married the Spaniard and lives on Menorka, one of Balearic Islands now. I was at it on a visit six years ago and now decided to take the son there. My husband, the inveterate climber, refused to change Lenin Peak for Menorka, but my mother agreed to go with us.

Menorka - the place of quiet family rest, we lived near the city of Ciutadella, and this part of the island is hammered by British. Russians - vacationers on Menorka are almost not found (very seldom someone goes privately), there are only working.

the Island stony, is a lot of very narrow “fjords“ terminating in small sandy plyazhika, but there are also big bays. The sea is the purest, blue extraordinary and in general all Menorka is declared by UNESCO “a biosphere reserve“.

is not present

of the Industrial enterprises here, there are small private factories on production of leather footwear, national crafts and agriculture (tasty cheeses, sausages), also do on the island gin and liqueurs on herbs.

Architectural monuments the island is not rich with

, but on Menorka there are 1603 megalytic objects. (East - the Mediterranean “talayotichesky“ civilization arose in the II millennium BC. It reached blossoming during the period between 1400 - m and 300 BC and died away shortly before the Roman invasion, that is in the 2nd century BC. It left numerous megalytic constructions - talayota, slanders and taula, similar by the fact that are found on Sardinia, Malta and Sicily. Thanks to them, Menorka became the huge archaeological museum, the most considerable on all archipelago. Purpose of these constructions remains unsolved).

Small difficulty of this travel was that from Moscow to Menorka nothing flies directly. After short thoughts it was decided to fly to Majorca, and there to float the ferry. As to my Mischa two it was executed only in September, August passed under the sign “infanta“, i.e. anywhere and everywhere it went free of charge. The charter of Continental Airlines airline took off without delays, the carriage - a cane was taken away at an entrance to salon and put in some secret case (at the exit gave). Places gave us right at the beginning, Mishka got the place, though it was not necessary. On take-off he fell asleep, overslept hour, then woke up and played tricks all remained time. The new toys taken by me were ignored, far it was more interesting to jump on chairs. On landing at me slightly ears did not burst, and Mikhe gets a think hide.

we arrived minutes for 10 - 15 before departure when all passengers already plunged To the ferry, cleaned a ladder, and there was one strashenny iron ladder height, probably, about the three-storyed house. What to do? We stand, we think who the first and what will drag upward. And here workers from the ferry - quite large man and the low woman appear. Begin to mutter something, the man reaches for a carriage, (oh, I think, cool, now will drag this weight) and + gets Mischa from there and, it is lovely ulybyas, stamps upward. Mute scene. Here Mikh begins to shout, the kind uncle does to him a goat, I am enough a carriage and I rush after them. And my mother, not powerful addition the woman, by means of same tiny “paromshchitsa“ prt a suitcase. When told the sister, she told that this scene is very typical for Spanish “machoes“.

On the ferry ours shilopop jumped and had fun with other children. When already late at night reached the sister, we with mother were ready to drop, and Mishka to sleep and did not gather, besides he was impressed with a master`s cat.

our day passed

according to the same scheme - in the morning on the beach, in 11 - 12 - home. In the afternoon a lunch, then sacred time of a siesta, all sleep. In the late afternoon, when the sun any more not such burning, Cala en Blanes walked on our “village“ (officially it is the remote region of Ciutadella). From entertainments - inflatable towns, trampolines, dry pools with balls and other small children`s pleasures. Many nice bays which all of us honestly perefotografirovat are the share of one square meter of “village“. Sometimes to the city went (by the car of 10 minutes). Ciutadella - the small ancient town, very pleasant, is the former capital of the island. Once descended in an aquapark, I unscrupulously threw Mischa on the grandmother, and itself with the niece (the sister`s daughter) rode from hills to blue in the face.

Several times went to evening shows to hotels. Watched a trio of the Czech acrobats, the Russian clowns (a married couple - he is a clown - the illusionist, it twists hoops and dances with a boa. The boa is allowed to touch, I was shocked that it warm). Well and, of course, visited those two shows where wards dance sestrina (she once danced, works now for the big entertaining company which “holds“ all Balearic Islands, and puts dances, all her dancers from Russia) is “Moulin Rouge“ and “Lord of the dance“.

Us a little bit was driven on the island by the sister`s husband in the days off. We were in caves where there lived people earlier, and now - a disco, visited the highest point of the island, Monte Thoreau`s mountain (357 m) - from it almost all island is visible. Went on the beach (and the sister with the husband the first time during the season, as always, shoemakers without boots).

Weather was good, temperature kept all month around 30 degrees. The bear was afraid week of the sea, and then began to enjoy and did not want to get out of it. Three or four days we did not bathe from - for invasions of biting red jellyfishes whom brought a storm. Jellyfishes absolutely completely disappeared (and where such heap got to?) and it is also unexpected, as well as appeared.

Three weeks past

quickly, came it is time to come back home. The same ferry, Palma - - Majorca (took a walk a little), a charter of “Continental Airlines“ (did not bring and took off in time). We are lucky again, places at the beginning of salon and the additional place for Mikhi. But now it raged all more than four hours of flight. Fell asleep only in the car on the road from the airport.

the Trip was just wonderful, I have really a rest (thanks to my mother), the child at last started talking and in general matured. We had no acclimatization. And we were bought and inhaled sea air in plenty. I look forward to the next summer again to go where - nibud at the sea.

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