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Our November holidays

Already three years exist in our family tradition to spend November holidays in the country to use in the additional day off and to be acquired in the fresh air. However, I am not limited to a framework of 3 days of celebration, and I always add to them still a couple of days that rest “outdoors“ turned out notable for mood and health.

of the Nature
This time owing to some reasons our rest lasted not 5 days as the previous two years, but four days. But these days we used, as they say, to the full extent. Besides and weather more than ever pleased us with warm sunny days.

So, early in the morning on the third of November we went to sanatorium of “Birch“. We went to this sanatorium already for the fourth time so I even do not undertake to advertize it...

So in the general words to tell

about our rest?. We have a rest remarkably, just perfectly, cool, devilishly well! Four days tried to spend the day and night outdoors because weather promoted it as well as possible. In principle, all three times when we had a rest in the country at the beginning of November, there were no natural anomalies which would force us to spend at least one day in the room (for this reason I can tell nothing about the Nursery of sanatorium - there never were!). But this time weather was above any praises - all four days the sun cloudlessly shone and air temperature rose to +10!

of “Long live Rukka!“
as a result Mitya practically did not get out of the small river, every day we played on the coast... and not only ashore. Being equipped as appropriate, the child went on shoal, squated a bottom in water, pottered about a hand almost up to an elbow in the river! Vacationers looked at us as on abnormal parents, and the child cheerfully froliced, like live advertizing of production of Rukka firm.


of Construction of channels
on the bank of the Klyazminsky reservoir by efforts of our family constructed the whole drainage system of canals and the big gulf which dam height as a result of construction allowed to raise water level in the gulf above water level in the river so on 5 - 7 cm. Our streamlets in the mouth smoothly passed into falls, and under the ice-covered coast the child diligent dug caves.

of Here that we constructed
to us At the same time managed to check in operation a saying “water the stone sharpens“. At the beginning of game Mitya fondly tried to construct a streamlet by a course prokapyvaniye on the sandy coast. As a matter of fact, in previous years it easily managed it. But this time, alas, it was ineffectual - the coast was rigid as a stone and did not give in to digging. And then we, having established a children`s melnichka on an eminence, began to pour with enviable stubbornness into it water. By the way, Mitya providently himself took a melnichka in a trip, and she very successfully fitted into our game. Minutes through the 10th our work the course of a streamlet began to appear ashore, and by the end of walk it was already deep small river with steep coast. And all this was made only efforts of the running water flow without assistance. Such streamlets by the end of our rest it was constructed four, two of them were connected by the drainage channel. And all streams cheerfully fell at first just into the river, and then, after “reconstruction“, - into the gulf - “bog“ built by the child and the husband.

of of the Small piece of ice in the Afternoon - that we enjoyed

heat and the sun, but nights all the same already were cold therefore the next morning after arrival we found an ice crust on the river. Very amusing game when Mitya broke this crust into ice floes and small pieces of ice turned out, dragged them to the coast and then tried to put from them intricate patterns ashore. If to be exact, then Mitya built “grand piano“ - at least, so he spoke.

This time we walked really much - on three (or more) hour in the morning till a lunch, and still were surely walked before a dinner (after day rest). However, the second walk took place already almost in the dark at modest lighting of the territory by several aloone the standing lamps. But we also in the dark managed to wander about a football field and to rush each other snow... snowballs from an ice crumb of that time did not turn out.

of At a playground
With pleasure were played by Mitya and at a playground: shook on a swing, rode from a hill, climbed intricate short flights of stairs, and also thought up to play “lodge“ in the bushes growing nearby: we with the husband in turn protected the house while the child rushed around, then we for fun “fried brochettes“ from the leaflets strung on thin branches on the improvised “brazier“. Generally, it was not necessary to miss.

After such intensive and long walks we were dead filled up to sleep in the evening, directly at once and everything is amicable - here it is influence of fresh air.

Of course, I went to the pool - in the morning, after a sound grateful sleep; and also visited several improving procedures.

So far we walked about outdoors, to us in number titmouses were moved on a visit to fly. They managed to creep at the slightly opened balcony door. For the first time we found them when we came back home from morning walk. However, the guest fast retired at our emergence. At the first moment I also did not understand from what it to titmouses would take in head to visit us, but soon noticed the reason - the roll lying in a cellophane package on the refrigerator was thriftily a rasklyovana in the core. So that`s that! It was necessary to hide further bakery products in the closed case not to provoke new feasts in our number. But also lack of an entertainment did not prevent titmouses to visit us sometimes. In one of the next days, so far I put the child to bed in one room, in other room at this time on a sofa two birdies who flew at an open balcony door absolutely thriftily settled down.

of In the bar

we Came and into the local bar in the evenings where with appetite drank milkshake and plaid about ice cream.

I in day of departure Mitya independently went on multseans to a cinema hall while we with the husband vividly packed our things in a way back. The child grows and samostoyatelnet slowly.

Here such we had a remarkable maaasenky holiday. And, perhaps, information will be useful that who conceived to spend the approaching New Year`s vacation in Moscow area.

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