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Attention, ice! It is necessary to fall accurately

It happens ridiculously if it happens not to you, and to someone to others. Winter. It is slippery. Suddenly the passerby who went ahead falls. The cap flies away in one party, a portfolio - in another. The person quarrels, shouting something stronger, than “the devil of a pobyera!“ And you, perhaps, think:“ I was lucky“. And through several meters the leg is awkwardly sprained - and you appear on ice-covered asphalt. Offensively. And, above all - it is sick.

the Cold season for emergency stations - the “fruitful“ period. As soon as the earth crusts ice and the first snow is trampled down - begin to address unfortunate, injured when falling. As the manager of emergency station at N 64 Severo`s policlinic - East district of Moscow Irina Martyanova told, in ice the people most often wring hands, anklebones of legs, a hip neck (to this trauma pensioners are subject usually). First of all become the victims of ice elderly and... thin people. Both those, and others - too “fragile“ to keep and to fall. Too it is hard for fat men, but only very large.

the Main enemies during ice are our haste, an inattention to a paving and ignorance of elementary “winter“ rules and useful tips.

the Footwear for daily socks has to be in the winter practical - it is desirable on a flat sole or on a low square heel. It is better if the sole is with a large pattern or as still speak, “ridge“ which will not slide.

If all - your legs put in boots or boots part, on a sole, “guilty“ of it, it is necessary to order special heel-taps in any workshop. It will be even better if on edge of heels to attach iron subforging.

Usual picture: at the woman in both hands on a heavy bag. When on the street ice - freight can serve both kind, and evil service. Depends on its weight. Very heavy will only increase risk seriously to be injured when falling. Freight weighing no more than two kilograms will serve in each hand as so-called ballast if you begin to fall.

you go. Slipped. And you “dance“ several seconds - here - here you will plop down. In this kratkovremenye you need to be grouped that falling (if he is fated to be) was as it is possible easier. The chief assistants both in “dance“, and when falling - hands. At first you swing them, trying to restore balance. It was not possible - it is necessary to try to fall so that to lean on a forearm, a shoulder, a shovel. But by no means - not on a brush. In a moment will crackle. It is still good “to be filled up“ as if sideways. The thick winter clothes at the same time will soften blow.

you fell. If the affected part of a body was pierced by sharp pain, it is the best of all not to move a little. As a last resort - it is careful to crawl away on a safe site if falling happened on the carriageway. And it is better - let somebody will help. And right there will call “ambulance“. Doctors will bring you to the nearest clinic.

needs to go To ice “special“ gait - to slide as if as if you on small skis. And it is desirable to go as it is possible more slowly. The quicker you walk, the it is more risk to stretch.

If your activity is connected by

with frequent transitions, then for the sake of self-preservation to you would be useful to receive a small educational program at the good sports trainer how it is “correct“ to fall.