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As I did not pass a casting of a beauty contest

Somehow in the usual evening, having put children to bed and waiting for the husband from work, I looked through the fresh press and saw the announcement in our city newspaper: “The regional representation of the competition “Mrs. Russia“ carries out a casting. Are invited creative, socially - the active women of 25 - 40 years having children not lower than 170 cm in height with the parameters close to the international standards. At itself to have the passport. For more information call.., venue...“.

Caught itself on thought:“ It is necessary, almost about me“. My 33 years with me, my two children too with me, growth 175. Parameters... well that parameters... The breast is less than 90, and the waist is more, than 60, but not much more. Not to occupy activity, the spirit of adventurism precisely still is, creative ideas are born in everything - from questions of education of children to options of arrangement of kitchen. And still turned a newspaper page. And absolutely before going to bed, telling the husband about news of last day, I speak: “Listen, read the announcement in the newspaper...“. And it to me: “So go, interestingly!“ - “You Think?“ - “Well, and what you lose? But will be what to remember“.

Ya decided to think of it “tomorrow morning“. And I already called in 11 o`clock in the morning by the specified telephone, finding out details. It appears, it is possible to come in usual clothes (“better in fitting that we could estimate more precisely your figure“), shoes on a heel were the only wish. The remained 7 - 8 days I morally prepared. I did not imagine at all how all this happens that should be done and as in general there is similar casting. But at that moment I had some critical period in life, the husband was very engaged at work, constantly made business trips, on me there were two children (nearly 6 years and one-and-a-half-year-old), life - economy, repair in the apartment, and I felt that I need something like that fresh to gain strength and to be stirred up. This casting could become that “fresh“, that reference point of pleasant changes. And I finally decided that I go, despite everything, what I will be glad to any result, even loss - but suddenly and will turn out? And suddenly and I will step on the stage and I will be the queen?

Decided not to tell

to anybody, either girlfriends, or parents, or fathers-in-law yet. To the father who agreed to sit with children that evening, told that it is necessary to me on affairs, I will not be an hour three. The husband was at work, addressed me the kind word in the morning, promising to treat in the evening with a chocolate for my courage.

of a day More for three peremeryal all the clothes, stopped on the red fitting trousers and a red short knitted sviterk. What red to me goes, knew always, but to me was also it is very convenient in this set. Shoes, handbag, make-up... To allocate a little lips, to tint eyelashes, to add confidence in a look - I saw the young happy woman happy with in a mirror. Smiled - as far as this image differs from my daily in jeans and the windbreaker which is lowering a tricycle and a package of sand buckets on a ladder - shovels or walking on the platform and catching a look (and even the platform which is catching up near edge, almost at the road) the boys who are running up in different directions. Well, today evening is devoted not to it. Boys of the house, with them an order, left....

Near an entrance saw a flock of beautiful young women. Competitors? Came. Passed along a corridor, it was knocked to the specified room. There already were several people, someone stood, someone sat, the girl talked to one, another measured a waist... I quickly penetrated into a situation, got in a queue on registration and looked round. The people were the most different. Were frankly attractive, even very much. Persons were simpler, were more senior and are younger, were very strongly and provocatively made up, and were almost absolutely without cosmetics. Knowing about a common goal of ours of visit here, we easily struck up conversations on a subject: “Oh, I so am afraid!“, “And bathing suits should be taken with themselves?“, “And mine - that also does not know that I here went“, “And at you, how many children?“. We did not get acquainted specifically, and I did not learn how who is called. We as casual fellow travelers in one compartment, met, communicated and in several hours ran up.

For now registration - a surname, a name, growth, parameters (measured by a tailor`s tape), the number of children, the place of work (what for?) went phone for contact. Also give a check with which as organizers explained then, it is necessary to step on the stage and to answer several questions. I got number 6, and all there were 34 participants. Invited behind the scenes. My mummies!!! How many times I sat in this hall - at concerts, at New Year`s performances with children, at competitions KVNs. But never saw all this from within, from - for the scenes when light bright when the scene seems huge, and still it is necessary to pass beautifully to and fro, to be developed and, having approached edge, to take the microphone in hand, expecting questions of the members of the commission sitting in the hall.

to us showed to

the main step a little, asked not to forget to move both hands (it appears, at women it becomes frequent gait ugly of - for the fact that one hand got used to support a bag and from it it is not mobile. And both hands - here and the first useful otmetinka for me have to work). Also invited the participant at number 1. We, standing behind the scenes, whispering (though asked not to rustle), tried to catch what it is asked about - but it turned out not really well.

Ya felt nervous trembling, tried to persuade herself that nothing terrible, remembered that feeling in front of the mirror before an exit from the house and the word of the husband “that I lose nothing“. Then tried to present what will ask about. Well, for certain: “Why you came here?“ or “What you want to achieve?“. And why I came? And what I want to achieve? Could not give the answer to the first question even to itself, the option “try“ seemed banal and hackneyed, and nothing original came to mind. “There is a wish for changes in life“? “I love brand new“? “Never participated earlier, and now there is a chance“?“ I want to overcome the fear and to step on the stage under beams of spotlights“? Strange, but I had no thought “want to win a competition“. My one and only thought was “to participate“. I was absolutely sure that not to me will put on a crown. For me it is simple to pass this selection already would be a huge victory. Perhaps in it everything put? Maybe it is necessary to know from the very first days that the purpose your one and it is maximum?

A invited already number fifth, so following I. Rubbed palms, cheered up, stirred up hair, so... “We invite number sixth...“ Further I do not remember anything. Left, passed, rose, saw nobody, only heard voices, and every time tried to guess the direction of a source of a voice - and answered sincerely, but at all without thinking what I will make impression. Told about the hobbies, about the place in a family and about value of work and, of course, on a question: “What brought you here?“ - answered that banality:“ There is a wish to try and test himself“.

is Told, 2 - 3 minutes were spent for each participant. This time seemed to me equal to half an hour. And when returned behind the scenes, there was only one thought - well everything, now to change nothing as it turned out, so it turned out. And at once there was a burning desire to eat. Went to the bar, took cake and a cup of tea, sat down at a little table, looked round. Around usual evening life flew - mothers waited for children from dancing studio, some little girls - teenagers chirped about the affairs, small fishes floated in a big aquarium, the granny on watch answered the phone call.

Ya, without hurrying, drank up tea, returned on a scene, behind the scenes again. The turn reached the participant at number 17. We communicated with it a little, it has two children, the senior 14 years, younger nearly two. And so also you will not tell that she is mother of almost adult daughter, looks remarkably! But how many still to wait until all thirty four pass. Obviously division became visible - who already passed and to whom it still is necessary. Differed in persons, the movements, talk. The second asked the first “as everything was“, the first is already weakened shared impressions. Someone from yet not last stood in front of the mirror, showing mugs to himself. Looks for the image? Someone from passed by phone quietly told - to the husband? to the girlfriend? - about the impressions. And every minute that group, whose exit was still ahead, decreased.

I here, at last, last invitation “Participant 34!“. It left - in a naughty cap and jeans, open, nice mother as it appeared, three children. Cheerfully communicated, returned behind the scenes and as will cry: “Little girls, hurrah!“ . We began to smile, welcoming its rush. And then someone from organizers approached us and asked to wait for minutes 40 which are required for discussion.

As 40? I as it is nearly 3 hours here, and still to wait. Yes no patience will be enough. And children of the house. Yes, by the way, about the house. It is necessary to call, learn as they there. I gather, I hear the father`s voice: “Yes, we as it should be, do not worry, be how many it is necessary“. Eh, to well my boys with the grandfather - it I always know. So, I can especially not hurry. At me nervous trembling was started over again, decided to go outside to breathe. Left. Twilight covered the city, I stood on a porch, walked down the street, returned, went to other party. How long at me an opportunity here it was not so quiet, without hurrying, to go on the evening city. Without boys, without bag with products, without thoughts. No, of course, thoughts were, but some frivolous:“ No, well it is necessary! I participated in a beauty contest today! In, lived“.

“And if I pass? It it will be necessary to prepare, and, speak, there still occupations daily will be. And boys? It will be necessary to make sequence of my relatives and fathers-in-law that sat with them“.

“And if I do not pass? Well, suddenly I will not pass? Well, and it is fine, you will think! No, all - will be offensive. And pictures of beauty not all there, I not is worse looked. Has to pass“.

“Yes, and here I will pass, and in 3 months to act, and the dress evening is necessary. Told, we will sew at own expense. It will be necessary to tell the husband about it that to enter costs of a dress in our budget“.

“And if all - I do not pass? I wanted changes and updates, and here all also will end. It is advisable to think up something still. Here I will go to driving school. There all are taken, and the rights are necessary, small will grow up soon, with two - that is more convenient by car everywhere. And soon to come to work, so far in the morning in a garden - school and in office - by car it is necessary“.

“Not, the driving school will wait, there by winter it is not necessary. On snow to learn to go badly, there I will go in the spring. And now it is better here. Oh, as I will present myself on a scene, in a magic dress, and still it seems told that there will be final exit with husbands and children. It will be necessary to prepare the“.

“Oh, and what is the time? Oh, already there passed 40 minutes! Run there, suddenly already declared!“.

I Fly in the foyer, hasty I go along a corridor, I see crowd - all participants here and all waiting. And here the door opens, and there is a representative of jury, without any introductions listing:“ Number one, number four, number seven, number ten, number seventeen... number thirty four“.

As? There is no sixth? Why? To approach to ask it is impossible, the girl was surrounded, one - whom chose - with inquiries where and when now to approach, the second - who did not pass - with questions whether it is possible to change something. And became me all the same. Everything ended.

Ya went outside. And tears, real, large, salty, began to flow on cheeks. I did not begin to constrain them, I just could not hold them. It was offensive, it was sad, it was so a pity!! There will be no scene which is filled in with light, there will be no magic dress, there will be no final exit with the husband and children. But stop. An exit will not be, but the husband and children with me! And they love me! What to me this casting, why to me some selection? I was chosen by the most remarkable person on light and we have two beautiful boys. And it is not necessary at all that they met me tear-stained. So... kerchief... mirror. . Looked back to that building from where left 15 minutes ago, waved on it a hand and walked to the house. You will think, did not pass a casting. To whom does not happen. But will be that to grandsons to tell. And the husband all the same owes me a chocolate, courage - I showed that. Eh, mother - the beauty, already both the house, and our friendly burning windows.

the husband Opens a door, I look at it guilty eyes: “Did not pass...“. It it is sympathizing: “Was upset? All right, tell what there and as“. I tell, in the end I roar again, he laughs loudly: “Yes throw you, look, I what chocolate brought you. All the same you at us the most beautiful!“.

In a week I went to the first occupation in driving school.