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The maternity hospital of the narrow Direction profile

in specialized maternity hospital for some future mothers sounds as a sentence. Of course, there is a wish to have an opportunity most to choose the birthplace of the kid - with beautiful and comfortable chambers, with the best living conditions... However health of mother and kid always has to remain a priority. And often happens so that only in specialized maternity hospital it is possible to avoid heavy complications, and sometimes - and to save life of mother and to the newborn.


to Whom needs it?

Unfortunately, absolutely healthy people becomes less and less presently, and the pregnancy and childbirth proceeding against any serious or chronic illness demand special medical approach and, as a rule, medical care in the conditions of specialized lechebno - preventive establishments.

the gynecologist Observing pregnancy can find the disease demanding special approach under the authority of pregnancy only in results of analyses, and also according to the woman. The doctor can recommend to the woman to pass additional inspection at the expert, in specialized maternity hospital.

from mother and a fruit are probable

of Complication at not incubation, heart diseases, it is warm - vascular, endocrine, renal and genital diseases. In these cases it is better for woman to be observed and give birth in clinics which specialize in such pregnancies.

What is specialized maternity hospital?

Supervision can happen in specialized maternity hospitals as follows:

the Woman during pregnancy is observed by
  1. in a maternity welfare unit and at the doctor who watches pathology (the endocrinologist, the cardiologist etc.) . Future mother is hospitalized in the relevant maternity hospital during pregnancy (in critical terms and if necessary), and then - for several days or weeks before childbirth in the direction of the doctor of a maternity welfare unit.
  2. At specialized maternity hospital polyclinic is or it is advisory - diagnostic office where the woman is observed during pregnancy, and then in a planned or emergency order comes to this maternity hospital. In this case in the prenatal record there can be the corresponding mark which says to ambulancemen that the woman should be hospitalized in this maternity hospital.
  3. (premature birth) the ambulance crew brings to
  4. At the beginning of patrimonial activity before term future mother to specialized maternity hospital.
  5. Pregnant and can address to specialized maternity hospital from the beginning of patrimonial activity in the presence of this or that pathology. It is necessary to tell that admit to specialized maternity hospitals also the healthy pregnant women coming there with fights.
  6. the Part of specialized maternity hospitals provides to
  7. services on a commercial basis, there women can conclude the contract both with pathology, and to healthy pregnant women.

Today the set of maternity hospitals specializes in various pathologies, such as it is warm - vascular diseases at mother, a Rhesus factor - the conflict, pregnancy not incubation etc. Krom of obstetricians - gynecologists in specialized maternity hospitals work experts of the corresponding profiles: endocrinologists, cardiologists, surgeons, pulmonologists, nephrologists etc. Considering that maternal disease which can adversely affect a condition of a fruit, in specialized maternity hospitals, as a rule, there are chambers of intensive therapy of newborns. Besides, similar maternity hospitals cooperate with children`s hospitals in which intensive care units of newborns function.

In such maternity hospital specially picked up personnel, the specialized equipment, all necessary drugs are and, at last, subject examination of newborns according to those risks which are available in the presence of these or those diseases for mother is conducted.

Where to you will be helped?

of the Disease it is warm - vascular pathology (in Moscow - maternity hospital at GKB No. 67i GKB No. 15, in St. Petersburg - maternity hospital No. 13).

(heart diseases, violations of a rhythm, artificial valves and drivers of a rhythm) at a stage of planning of pregnancy consultation of the cardiologist is obligatory for

For women with a hypertensive illness and diseases of heart, and during incubation of the child - joint supervision at the cardiologist and at the gynecologist. Now the majority is warm - vascular diseases are not contraindication to pregnancy, however for the timely prevention of various complications, their treatment, selection of safe therapy additional hospitalization during expectation of the child can be required.

As a rule, the maternity hospital for women with diseases warmly - vascular system is one of divisions of versatile hospital with modern clinical, diagnostic and resuscitation base.

Endocrine pathologies (in Moscow - delivery room of GKB No. 1, in St. Petersburg - IAIG of D. O. Ott).

Endocrine diseases (pathology of a thyroid gland, adrenal glands and especially diabetes) can lead

to emergence of various complications from mother and a fruit. For this reason the main condition of a safe course of pregnancy is treatment of these diseases with restoration of level of hormones and normalization of exchange processes. The women having diabetes from - for the illness are constantly observed at doctors, in case of preservation of pregnancy both self-checking, and periodic consultations of the treating endocrinologist are required for them constant. During the so-called “critical periods“ when development of various complications of an illness is the most probable, hospitalization can be required by them. In the maternity hospital specializing in conducting pregnancy and childbirth at women with endocrine pathology, the pregnant woman is observed surely by the attending physician - the endocrinologist who selects and corrects therapy depending on an individual course of disease, existence of complications, term of pregnancy and a condition of a fruit. Some features and complications of pregnancy and childbirth are connected with endocrine diseases, the special attention is required also by newborns therefore in such maternity hospitals obstetricians are gynecologists and pediatricians with special attention and the corresponding approach conduct pregnancy, childbirth, the postnatal period.

of the Disease of blood (in Moscow - TSPSIR, in St. Petersburg - maternity hospitals No. 1 and 6).

First of all it is about chronic heavy anemia - decrease in amount of hemoglobin, violations of coagulability and the rezusny and group incompatibility of blood of mother and fruit standing a little independently. At heavy anemias and considerable decrease in hemoglobin the fruit which has symptoms of a hypoxia (oxygen insufficiency) and a delay of pre-natal development can suffer. At the time of delivery at diseases of blood urgent blood transfusion as the risk of bleedings is big during pregnancy, childbirth, in the postnatal period can be necessary. Therefore the maternity hospitals specializing in obstetric aid to women with such pathology, as a rule, have the bank of blood.

At a Rhesus factor - the conflict (in the presence a Rhesus factor - a factor at a fruit and absence it at mother) pathological immune reaction develops: the organism of mother reacts to a positive Rhesus factor of a fruit rejection alien to it a squirrel, at the same time the antibodies destroying fruit erythrocytes - the red blood cages transferring oxygen are developed. This state is dangerous by development of heavy complications of pregnancy, especially from a fruit therefore demands special treatment, and childbirth has to take place under supervision of the doctors specializing in this problem.

Very often women with heavy pathologies of blood actually all pregnancy carry out

in a hospital.

of the Disease of kidneys and urinary tract (in Moscow - delivery room of GKB Mb 20, in St. Petersburg - Iaigim. D. O. Ott).

Pyelonephritis of pregnant women (an inflammation of renal fabric) - very widespread pathology to which development physiological and anatomic changes in the pregnant woman`s organism contribute: the tone of urinary tract and a bladder decreases, mochetochnik are squeezed by the increased uterus, immunity decreases. The listed changes lead to violation of normal outflow of urine, emergence infectious - inflammatory process in kidneys - pyelonephritis. At pyelonephritis appoint antibiotics, safe for a fruit (usually - a penicillinic row). At the same time the course of pregnancy has to be under strict medical control.


during pregnancy the factors assuming possible violation of work of kidneys at the baby therefore in these situations childbirth is also recommended to be carried out in the maternity hospital specializing in conducting pregnancy and childbirth at patients with diseases of kidneys where are capable to give to mother and the kid the qualified help can be revealed.

Sharp and chronic infectious diseases (in Moscow - maternity hospitals at GKB No. No. 6, 36, 52, in St. Petersburg - maternity hospital No. 16 and delivery room of hospital of S. P. Botkin, in all large cities - delivery rooms of infectious diseases hospitals).

First of all it is about diseases, sexually transmitted (herpes, a tsitomegalovirusny infection, clamidiosis, etc.) hepatitises, SARS, and also AIDS. Pregnant women, women in labor or women in childbirth with infectious diseases are hospitalized or in specialized infectious maternity hospitals (usually on the basis of infectious diseases hospitals), or in observation office of any unspecialized maternity hospital.

Should tell

that in such maternity hospitals give specialized help to mothers and kids infected with various microbes and viruses in them there are all opportunities for diagnosis of infectious diseases (what, by the way, can not be in usual maternity hospital). That is a question of isolation of the infected pregnant women not only and not main in their supervision and treatment. So, timely and correct treatment will increase probability of the birth of the healthy kid at the infected mother. Women who do not hold the prenatal record - the document in which all analyses and results of supervision over the pregnant woman are reflected most often get to the same maternity hospitals. The prenatal record after 28 - y, as a rule, in a maternity welfare unit or the medical center where the pregnant woman was observed is issued weeks. In the absence of such document the woman is considered infected and requires special attention.

Premature birth (in Moscow - maternity hospital at GKB No. No. 8, 7, the maternity hospital No. 15, in St. Petersburg is maternity hospital No. 9).

Premature is the childbirth which came at pregnancy term till 37 weeks. According to a state program of transition of the Russian Federation to the system of the account and statistics accepted in the international practice since January 1, 1993, in our country the new criteria of live birth recommended by World Health Organization were accepted. It means that the intensive and resuscitation help is newborn with a weight from 500 g which is given rise since 22 now - y weeks of pregnancy. Till 1993 in the Russian Federation the childbirth which happened after 28 - y weeks of pregnancy was considered as premature, and resuscitation grants appeared to the children who reached the weight of 1000

Most often premature birth arises at two groups of the reasons:

In such maternity hospitals the office of children`s reanimation with the corresponding conditions and the equipment for nursing of premature newborns is.

Should telling

about the tragic or compelled situations of premature completion of pregnancy is the stood pregnancy. In Moscow there are only two specialized maternity hospitals where it is possible to remove a dead fruit from an organism: maternity hospital at KIB No. 2 and maternity hospital at No. 36 GKB.

Krom of listed offices or the experts in large maternity hospitals specializing in conducting pregnancy and childbirth at a varicose illness, diseases of respiratory organs, pathology of nervous system, etc. exist. Hospitalization in specialized maternity hospital should not be regarded as failure and the more so as the tragedy at all. It is worth remembering that the purpose of pregnancy is the birth of the healthy kid at the maximum preservation of health of his mother. Strict observance of the recommendations made by specialists in a disease which future mother has is one of the main conditions of safe completion of pregnancy.

of In big cities genitive houses of the following specialization are available:

  • diabetes and chronic diseases of endocrine system;
  • renal pathologies;
  • of pathology it is warm - vascular activity;
  • pregnancy against gynecologic diseases (these are large akushersko - gynecologic clinics);
  • premature pregnancy, premature birth;
  • sharp and chronic infectious diseases;
  • of a disease of blood.