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Magic holiday New year of

New Year`s holidays - volshebna. The sacred belief in it exists in us since the childhood. On the eve of New year all of us begin to trust in the fairy tale again, we hope for happy changes and, with bated breath, we make wishes. And that these desires were granted, we need to prepare the fantastic atmosphere, to believe in exclusiveness of the moment, to present a holiday to themselves and relatives. Prepare a holiday together with children, only in what we put the forces and heart and soul is interesting to us really.

we Will begin

with indispensable decoration of the room. Quickly festoons, forfeits, polisilk (brilliant folgirovanny or pastel material in rolls) and balloons will help to create registration to you.

Festoons and forfeits can decorate with

walls, flights over doors and windows. For example, we will take a garland “Cheerful“. It is possible to fix it on a bilateral adhesive tape. For this purpose two small pieces (about 5 cm) are necessary to paste from each party of a garland, then when you think up where you want to place it, to remove a protective film from an adhesive tape, under it you will have the same sticky party. Here that we will also paste its to a wall. On both sides of a garland it is possible to place colourful forfeits or paper fir-trees. One option of registration is ready.


For creation of other registration it is necessary polisilk. We measure about a meter of this fantastic material, we collect on both sides, and in the middle we tie up a small piece a polisilka. The bow turned out. We do same the second. We place these bows at distance from each other and between them we have draped polisilk. Smart, almost palace registration turned out.

the Following option of ornament is not less simple

. You will need folgirovanny spheres in the form of stars. On one of the parties of these spheres you can also paste a bilateral adhesive tape on which then and to record stars in any necessary place. Between them arrange a festoon, a garland from linking, polisilk or the draped fabric.

One more interesting element of decoration of your room. It is necessary to cut out a fir-tree form from a dense cardboard (any box). Then it is beautiful to wrap up it a polisilok, to fix it behind by an adhesive tape. And already on a ready fir-tree to paste a bilateral adhesive tape multi-colored small spheres. Such fir-tree can be put on a table, it is possible to make them a little and to distribute on corners of all rooms, it is possible to attach them to walls.

a usual water color draw with

On glasses of windows Father Frost, the Snow Maiden, fir-tree paws, snowflakes.

the Festive room is ready


needs to stock up with jewelry for a table Now: skewers for a canape, forks, sticks and tubules for cocktail that your feast looked not routinely, and also, pipes, caps, hats and wigs for cheerful holding the celebration.

B to the situation prepared by you the miracle surely will occur! Let there will be generous and kind a New year!