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How to earn privileges at entering a higher education institution of

Earlier teachers had to persuade pupils to participate in the Olympic Games. Now every second knows - it is not only good examination before entrance examinations, but also additional pluses at entering a higher education institution.

Pros and cons

However, if a few years ago privileges for winners of the Olympic Games were regulated by the general rules for all highest institutions, then today each higher education institution makes the decision independently. The only exception - winners All-Russian and the international Olympic Games. They without examinations are accepted everywhere.

the Range of privileges is very wide

: from “the privilege of transfer with other things being equal“ before entering a higher education institution without examinations.

the Quantity of the provided privileges depends on the status of higher education institution, popularity of specialty, Olympic Games level.

For example, on free office of winners of own interregional Olympic Games is accepted by the State university - Higher School of Economics. As entrance examinations results of district and city stages of the Moscow regional Olympic Games of school students (MGOSh) are set off by the Russian Peoples` Friendship University. Lomonosov Moscow State University provides the same privileges to winners and prize-winners of regional round of the All-Russian Olympic Games of school students.

With what participation begins



For pupils of high schools of the capital organizes every year the Moscow Regional Olympic Games of School Students (MROGSS). In other regions of Russia - the analogs equated to Moscow.

Regional competitions take place

in several stages .

  1. Participation in the subject all-school Olympic Games. It is enough to declare the desire to the subject teacher or the class teacher and not to pass the appointed day.
  2. by
  3. Occupied one of the first three places, are invited to the district Olympic Games.
  4. for
  5. to Prize-winners open access to city competitions.

to Winners city - to regional.

But, all stages it is not obligatory to pass: there is an opportunity “to jump“ through one or several steps. For example, if at school you are known as the best author of compositions, to the district Olympic Games you can be sent, passing school. And winners of last year at the level of the district, have chances to go to city competitions and the next year.

is higher and higher than

Then - the All-Russian Olympic Games of school students .

Aerobatics - to win against

at the International Olympic Games. How there to get? It is possible to pass all designated stages. In this case you will be one of team players of Russia. Other option - to send the application to the organizing committee of the Olympic Games independently. Indispensable condition: the desire needs to be supported with powerful arguments in own favor: scientific researches, the description of unusual experiences and conclusions to them, literary or literary work … What it is necessary to put to the application, solves the organizing committee.

If your work appears

among the best, you will be surely invited.

In desired higher education institution

Not less prestigious, than the regional Olympic Games, own competitions are held by many institutes and universities. They are as subject, and on profiles of the specialties presented in higher education institution.

First option: the Olympic Games on physics, mathematics, foreign, etc. The second: to linguistics, cryptography etc.

everyone participates In the subject Olympic Games. It is enough to write the application. Age of pupils - the fifth class above. Simple arithmetics shows what for school days can be visited, at least 6 Olympic Games. And it is absolutely optional to stop on one higher education institution.

Ivan S., entrant :“ On physics and mathematics I go to the Olympic Games several years. This year it is necessary to go to the university. Frankly speaking, I do not count on indulgences: at desirable institute of privileges for “Olympians“, except the right of primary transfer other things being equal, no. But it is not so important. The main thing, I learned what pay the greatest attention at institute to. Got acquainted with students and teachers. Believed in own forces, at last. I hope, problems will not be“.


to try to win the profile high school Olympic Games, it is necessary to provide information on itself in the selection commission in advance. The more the data you specify, the it is more than chances to be allowed to competitions. Own scientific developments, reasonable interest in a profession / subject, an unusual view of the declared problem are welcomed. The best are called on interview. The research supervisor is appointed and work on a subject begins. Labor-intensive process: research lasts about 2 - x years. Then - protection of work.

Sometimes the subject Olympic Games in higher education institutions according to the status are equated by

to regional. For example, the city stage of the Moscow Olympic Games of school students studies in physics at physical faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University.