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Our joint development in Montessori`s system

In Montessori`s system became fashionable to be developed the child now. I was never a supporter of all these techniques, did not seek to stick together the genius from the daughter. So it turned out that having got to group of early development, we with the daughter also did not understand where in general came. It was aspiration to leave somewhat quicker the house “in people“ for communication with other mummies. And only through couple of occupations I understood that toys some non-standard, in group only children and teachers (that prevented my communication with mothers), and in general tell, this not sadikovsky development.

we were fallen in love by

In half a year of occupations this technique. The financial position did not allow “to live“ this technique daily, and it had to be created in house conditions (we visited group once a week that unacceptably for this system of development). But we very strongly wanted to live in it!! Therefore all of us spread out houses on boxes (animals separately, a lotto in the form of cards separately and t. o), having respectively divided the room into zones. We cleaned toys which in general at this stage of development do not interest us (soft) far in a case. At us everything is classified, we clean all toys in common.

At one and a half-one-year-old age in the room we had saucepans with macaroni and haricot. The daughter for hours touched her, and I thought that I fool about (in the beginning). So gradually we entered this Wednesday. Montessori`s technique dipped us with the head into creativity: we draw, we mold, we cut out (since two years small nozhnichka), we were fond of a molding from the salty test, painting it with paints. This hobby passed completely to me, and I “got sick“ already. Houses a set of pictures from that test. The daughter so far only masters this creativity.

of Otkhodiv year, I could not tell that my child became clever. But... When we faced the peers, noticed how some toys, process of game and things simple in our opinion nonplus those children. The daughter learned to be guided in our world of things, unclear for children, quickly joins in the events, and we became, as they say, “socially adapted“.

On the second year of occupations (we were three years old) we know all letters printing, and now on Montessori`s system we began to learn capital letters. I do cliches of capital letters and I am going to hang up them in a visible place in the room. Wish us good luck, and Maria Montessori`s thanks.