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To us one and a half...

to us one and a half. We are already absolutely big. Though it would be more correct to tell: Artemke - one and a half years. It already quite adult. But the pronoun “we“ persistently does not want to share on “I“ and “it“. And when I speak:“ We already weigh 12 kilograms“, I am trusted for some reason in spite of the fact that the arrow of scales shows 71 kg.

During this time we to much learned

. In - the first, we begin to speak. To complex sentences, of course, far, but our lexicon grows before the eyes. Though the majority of words is clear only to the most skilled codebreaker, that is me. For example, the father is a father, and here the pas - a pas is a lamp. The main thing, words are allocated with sense. Presented to the son a soft toy.

- Here, the sonny, is a duck. Kr - krya.
- Hectare - hectare, - the child winds the head, - hectare - hectare. there is no
- Yes. This is a duck. Kr - krya.

Dithat it is relentless. The situation was resolved by the father who came from work. By the way, biologist by training.

- Yes what it is a duck? The most real goose.
the Kid is sympathizing nods:“ Here what mother at us foolish“.

Where to me to understand birds. As well as in equipment. The sonny is just bewitched by any buttons, rychazhka, switches. Ah, if only to it allowed to disassemble the computer, the tape recorder, and at the same time and a microwave oven! The pleasure would not be a limit. I do not speak about cars any more. It is in general a separate subject. On the yard we walk only from one car to another. Coming on a visit to the grandfather, we first of all go to garage - to visit the old right nine. Even it is terrible to let us into toy store. Especially, if it is shop with self-service, there are big cars on accumulators.

Well, though love to books at Artemka from me. In the house there is no place to step if the child started “reading“. Will spread out on a floor of the book and let`s creep on them. And the favourite encyclopedia, it is powerful from kilograms, is ready to drag on all apartment. Will open, tycht a finger on the represented mammoth: “Ma - ma!“ and afterwards on me shows. Well, how to explain that I am not a camel. That is in this case, not a mammoth, of course.

we have Special feelings also for poetry. Are ready to listen for hours and hours to rhymes, both performed by mother, and on audio cassettes. He remembers many by heart. “We solved, we solved“, - having heard the first lines, the sonny runs to the truck, - “To give a ride to a cat in the car...“ .

Thoemke Bought

the cartridge with Korney Chukovsky`s verses. Having listened, was surprised to bloody details. Began to doubt whether it is worth including “A fly - a tsokotukha“. And in the childhood we did not notice it.

we Like good music. And not simply, and that the soul at first was curtailed, and then as it was developed. The subject smartly dances a gipsy dance. With an exit. And nobody taught it to it. And roots Gipsy were not. It seems.

With great respect we treat Winnie - to Down and a lion to Bonifatsy. Viewing of animated films is included into our daily program. Only credits, a mouth at our lad to ears begin. Anticipates.

the Particular interest at us now and to creativity. To cover with drawings a felt-tip pen a table, clothes, the person - always please, address if that. We can and sculpture from plasticine. I remember, stuck together to it from red plasticine a ball.“ It is a berry“, - I say. The subject in a moment of an eye is enough it and in a mouth. Quickly it was necessary to brush teeth.

A still our big achievement - we learned to go to a pot. Achievement it not mine, however, and Artemkino. And not because I was accustomed to this subject 26 years ago. But because the sonny himself suddenly decided that it would be time already to cease to soil panties. Well I did not do a problem of the fact that the child pisatsya in trousers.“ Everything is good in its season, - I argued, - will grow up - will understand“. So it also left. The pot stood in a visible place in the room. The child wanted pi - pi, took off trousers, sat down on a pot and made the murder. I needed only to slam the jaw which fell off surprise. After that happened, of course, and incidents, but day by day them becomes less and less.

Unfortunately, we did not learn to eat with a spoon yet. Here a fork still we can, and a spoon - alas. Food - a subject for us painful. Well we do not derive pleasure from absorption of food and all here! And here also spoon. Irritates. Though we had a precedent. Invited us with the husband to anniversary, left the kid with the girlfriend. We are late, we rush by car. Here it is ringing. The phone number of the girlfriend is highlighted. “Well, everything, - I think, - something happened!“

- you Present to

, - the girlfriend laughs, - the Subject pulled down a pack of cottage cheese and a spoon. I come on kitchen, and he sits on a floor, eats up cottage cheese. And it is so accurate, any droplet on clothes did not get.

Eh, education, education... With such - that parents himself you will reach everything.

But we have already a bride. One-year-old Olesya.

- the Subject, you whom love?
- Mothers.
- And still?
- Fathers.
- And still?
- Alelya.

the girl kisses

At a meeting, smiles to it the Hollywood smile in eleven teeth. To the first toy, of course. And as Olesya will lift shout, closes ears both hands, and even runs away from the room. Women, women...

A the groom at us though where. With sense of humour. Came on a visit.

- And now, children, we will fry quail eggs, - the girlfriend says and gets tiny testicles from the refrigerator. Synulya ours, both saw these testicles, and could not stop a laughter. Is more ridiculous than nothing for all the one-and-a-half-year-old life did not see.

And so also we live.