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Sport and early development of

by Geniuses do not become, just are born them. Mozart is Mozart, but we - that average people, want that our child was a genius. From a huge number of information on early development of the child, there are several questions to whom it is necessary and what it will lead to.


Ya that generally progress of the child amuses vanity of parents who with pride tell about it to friends or other mummies at a sandbox, and, often indulging in wishful thinking. But if to get accustomed more fixedly and to clean all illusions, then on a surface it will turn out that many children so can.

Would like to remind

of former times. In the Soviet Union mothers were not given even the chance to sit with the child. Since a year in day nursery, then kindergarten. One went to school, a lunch on a plate, lessons as it will turn out, parents always at work. But I do not consider that the generation of post-war children or children of “stagnation“ is sillier than present. The TV and the computer do the part. The child does not want to run down the street any more and parents try to protect him from this street. It is clear, other times, dangerous times. But us the street taught to survive in difficulties of the Soviet society, than, I consider, we essentially differ from foreigners. In my opinion, the main thing in early development of children - to teach them to independence. And still, in a pursuit of knowledge we forget about physical development and just about health of the child.

I Will begin

with own example. I lived at the grandmother and the grandfather in the settlement. Rushed like mad the purposes in the days down the street, thought out to herself games, for example, got into a workshop of the grandfather and tried to make something there. Never took away the hammer or nails from me. On fingers - means, itself is guilty. In seven months got out of a bed and crept to adults on kitchen, did not go to eight, and ran, and already nobody could stop. In one and a half climbed on a ladder on a mow and hung on a fence, having hooked on a coat. In three years rose on figured skates (earlier even in settlements there were skating rinks). As soon as there was ice and till spring from a skating rink me was not to drag off, plus skis, and in the summer of race by the two-wheeled bicycle from three-year age. In five years I wanted to go to dances and is later in six on rhythmic gymnastics. Chose everything.

was not able to read

To school. I could not teach to be read. Here a problem with hundreds is please, only not letters. And for some reason looked for them on a ceiling. But it did not prevent me to study not perfectly well, but with two fours before leaving school. Musical, art and theatrical studios by the way, sports school seriously since 14 years. Without mother and the father on collecting since 9 years. Institute with the diploma with honors, the unfinished thesis, in sport achieved the biggest heights, only in skating, but not in figure skating. And it without any early development (I mean intellectual, only encouragement of natural thirst for the movement). Then it was not told about it, and it was not written.

Ya thought more than once why so it turned out? It seems to me that intuitively mine the grandmother and the grandfather gave ample scope to my independence and just loved me. Still there was a case which proves wisdom of my grandfather. Since six years we one were released to bathe on pits, to them there were almost 3 km, we are proud there were one, bathed and came back home. But only in many years I learned that my grandfather, hiding on bushes, followed us, but never we noticed him. Unless it is not one of ways to allow the child to believe that he can make everything how big?

Till our Yaroslav`s birth we with the husband (he is an athlete too) decided that the main thing for us its health, and it means the correct physical development.

I Can share

what can be made in modern conditions and that is important without excessive monetary expenses. I consider that our Yaroslav the ordinary child. And everything that he is able, many children for certain can, just there are a wish to tell what way we went. I will try to describe only the most important.

Me was lucky

that pregnancy took place well. I ran cross-countries, rode a bicycle, went to a sauna and the pool. By the way, was engaged in Akvagimnastika for pregnant women up to childbirth. Childbirth took place normally, thanks to exercises which showed me on occupations, pain from fights it is possible to reduce with their help.

As soon as at Yaroslav the umbilical cord began to live, we began our occupations in a bathroom. Advised to read me Igor Borisovich Charkovsky`s textbooks of methodics. The truth now it lives in Australia and it has there a special school where women give birth in water and make many things in water with children, for example, float in the high sea with dolphins. Of course, before I did not grow yet, but here we adopted many other things.

We began “to dive“ with two-week age. To me it was terrible in the beginning and first “dive“ was done by the husband. Parents of the husband were shocked, but over time saw that in it there is nothing bad but only positive. Of course, the first times were tears, but then very much it was pleasant to Yaroslav. I understood that it is exciting to bathe in a bathroom and to hold the child of 30 minutes having bent, it is very heavy for mother, though it gives pleasure to the kid.

Then on the Internet I came to Doctor Komarovsky`s website. There I gathered a huge number of ideas and councils, and saw a pattern of “ears“.

after that the problem with swimming in a bathroom was solved by

. In two hours prior to a night dream our set of exercises began. The first - massage, the second - gymnastics (simple and on a sphere), and half-hour swimming - EVERY DAY. “Ears“ gave the chance to float and make a start freely from edges of a bathroom.“ .

Such swimming caused full affection and delight as us, adults, and Yaroslav. It proceeded till 7 months until it spread. Then we only dived, lapped in water, “ran“ on a bathroom, and in a year two times a week started going to a paddling pool. 30 minutes gymnastics, 30 minutes swimming and sauna. In flippers crossed the small pool through 8 occupations. Yaroslav without problems jumped from a pool side in water. The instructor understood at once that we dived almost since the birth because came to other children of occupation not so easily. And not because Yaroslav special but because he was in water since the birth and till birth.

On occupations in the pool it taught to climb the Swedish wall then on children`s “lazalka“ and hills he was not afraid of anything, than usually threw the walking grandmothers in shock. When Yaroslav was five months old, I bought a three-wheeled carriage, and ran with the son sitting in it on park. Well for health and dumping of weight of mother, and pleasure to the kid. People around, of course, jumped aside. Therefore we were not surprised that now our boy very much likes to run. Just like that disperses and shows us as he can quickly run.

started skating Last winter. On normal to us still rather early, and here on dvukhpolozny it not bad kept. Fell, but rose and with mad eagerness tried to keep balance. We will continue studies this winter. We almost do not use a carriage, we go on foot usually around a pond not less than 2,5 km. We feed ducks, we reach a small young naturalist corner where there live monkeys, we communicate with them and to sleep home. After such voyages three hours of a day dream are provided.

We live in the house and if there is no time to go for a walk on a pond, I give the chance to Yaroslav to study the territory of our yard most. He plays with two dogs, climbs where he wants (previously dangerous we cleaned all), generally, as though it is provided to itself. I watch it, but at distance. Let thinks that it is independent. I try not to use the word it “is impossible“, only in cases of real danger. Still I try to distract Yaroslav, but to stop not rigidly if he does something incorrectly.

the Special place is allocated by

to animals. We have two dogs and three cats. Love to animals indescribable. Went the first time in 1 year 4 months to a zoo. Thought, will be early, will not understand, but during the summer three more times descended. Very much it was pleasant how the camel eats. It was necessary to eat near the open-air cage on a bench, and in a different way Yaroslav just refused.

have some

about verses and books Now. I heard that to the child the verse rhythm is important. As all mummies, sang to it songs over a bed and read Yesenin and Shakespeare. Now before going to bed every day we read two - three poems from the favourite book of Chukovsky and we fall asleep. Yaroslav himself chose the schedule of life, I just to it listened and believed that he is cleverer than me and knows that it is necessary to it. If we not on the street, we read books, we collect children`s puzzles and. etc. However, when he begins to be tired of “intellectual“ work, forces to put an obstacle course. These are boxes, a chair, the turned chair and stuff which he tries to overcome on speed.

Now to Yaroslav two years. I do not know what results will bring our occupations. Still early to do though some conclusions.

my trainer always told

:“ The genius is the Talent multiplied by Diligence“. Everyone has abilities, the main thing them in time to make out, and it is necessary to work hard further that they did not die away. Here and the child is born as a clean sheet of paper. Parents, grandmothers and grandfathers should take only in hand brushes and to create the masterpiece, relying on intuition because any book, any council super - professors and experience of other people will not help to find 100% the correct way of development of your child. It is necessary to pass all information through itself, to cast away unnecessary, to take interesting, and something special will turn out, unique, suitable only your kid. I will not be surprised that after that you will be able to write books on early education of children.