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Mother`s milk

Mother`s milk - the most important for the kid in the first months of life. Not without reason the child about one year (!) is called chest. I will repeat - about one year. Based on personal experience, I do not trust in stories that “there was few milk“, “the child did not take a breast“, “milk did not come“, or in general “to feed long - harmfully“. All this excuses. If you have a desire - you support the kid so much how many for you and it it will be necessary. The main thing - to believe in itself!

I tell to

Ya it not just like that. I had problems with breast milk. Everything began with the fact that we transferred the emergency Cesarean section. And milk was not 6 days. At first I cried, then decided that I will nurse all the same my kid, calmed down, began to drink tea with milk and there is a cheese. When for the sixth day I drank 4 liters of tea with milk and ate cheese half a kilo - milk came! As to me it was bad! In total - in everything it is necessary to know when to stop...

In maternity hospital of kids fed up mix, but when we went home, I knew already well that I will feed only with the milk. I trusted in it. And here present - we arrived home, in a festive atmosphere among grandmothers and aunts got a breast - the child sucks hour, and exhausts only 10 grams. And to us 7 days, and we have to eat for time 70! I do not know what to do to me - the first child, one grandmother says that it is necessary to eat norm, another - that there is so much how many will eat, the head goes around, and the child hungry. But I all - want to nurse, all pregnancy dreamed to bring up the kid only the milk!


At that moment was helped by my mother and a milk pump of Avent. Thanks to both of them! Mother advised that I took a milk pump and tried to decant so much how many I will be able. For an hour I strained off 50 grams. Naturally, my seven-day kid could not exhaust milk. I finished feeding it from a small bottle the milk and began to rastsezhivatsya. I rastsezhivatsya, in my opinion, all the time. The husband fell asleep under a sound of a milk pump and woke up under it. Decanted 20 grams, added to decanted 40 earlier and fed the kid from a small bottle. The decanted milk is stored in the refrigerator days. Without refrigerator - 3 hours.

At first I had one stream - has to be around 8 - 10. But I drank tea with milk, ate cheese - from it milk fatter and am more nutritious, and wanted to bring up the milk.

already was several

In a month of streams, I gave a breast and continued to rastsezhivatsya, but there was the following problem: the kid rassosat to me a breast till it bleeds, or rather, to meat. I very much was frightened, began to say to me that it is so possible to earn a mastitis, and in general to get infection. But here mother who advised to smear a breast with brilliant green helped again, and also the girlfriend told that she smeared with brilliant green and went with an open breast, so quicker begins to live. And very much overlays for a breast helped - they helped not to injure it when the kid sucked, and to be decanted was and so is not sick, only the milk pump became green a little.

all the time was few

of Milk, but I decanted and finished feeding from a small bottle. A saw teas for increase in a lactation. Very much Laktogon helped - it is tablets on herbs. I was very lucky with the child - he took both a breast and a small bottle, even it seems to me that preferred a breast. I heard that many children do not take a breast after a small bottle, but I had a situation absolutely other. It seems to me that here mine helped belief and desire too. Though if it also did not take a breast, I all the same would feed its decanted as much time.

as a result I supported the kid till 6 months only breast milk, and about one year - a breast with introduction of a feeding up. We never ate mix! He is the quiet, sociable, developed and charming kid, and, above all - healthy (fie - fie - fie). What and everything we wish!

I Wish you good luck and self-confidence. I do not consider that my recipes are universal - just shared experience. My friend supported the kid only a breast, decanted nothing though it was not enough milk, but he added normally as she speaks, by fourth month relation “mother - the child“ is established, and milk becomes so much how many it is necessary. And she is right too - because trusted and brought up a breast!


in yourself, listen to the internal voice, sometimes councils of relatives, and, above all - that you had very strong desire to feed the kid with the Mother`s milk! Though if you read it - I think that you have it. So, everything will turn out! Good luck!