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Special situation

Since your friends, colleagues and relatives learned that you expect a baby, they constantly interfere with the remarks with your life. It enrages you? The small management will help you to react correctly in similar situations.

Something upset you with

- and you are ready to begin to cry. Now, when you expect a baby, all of you take very much to heart. All this from - for hormones? Of course, but not only from - for them. Not only the body, but also consciousness changes. Pregnancy is a condition of uncertainty in which it is easy to lose habitual reference points. You feel vulnerable, it seems to you that you are underestimated sometimes and often do not understand.“ At pregnant women the mood so often changes“, - your relatives indulgently think. You at the same time want opposite things: that your spouse surrounded you with care and support, but did not potter with you, as with the child; that you were given way, but did not consider at the same time defective; that people around showed to you interest, but not too were curious... Actually future mothers can be fragile and strong, happy and izderganny - all this is quite compatible. You are touched by some remarks of your relatives - tell about it... but with a lovely smile. Now all forgive you in advance!

All try to touch my stomach

“It is possible?“ - unfortunately, seldom ask permissions you before giving a hand to a stomach. But even if the stomach is well visible to all, it does not do it by public property yet! Touches are allowed only future father.

you not just “bear“ the child - you still remain a woman. When you were not pregnant, came to nobody to mind to iron your stomach. Why now every second considers it a duty? You endure this gesture as invasion on your personal territory. Besides, your body changes. Whether your friends and colleagues guess what, maybe, is not so pleasant to you when pay attention to these metamorphoses? And eventually, recognize that you as a brood hen, partly you try to protect the treasure from all - who approaches too close.

As it is better for p to react . If the touch is unpleasant to you - surely tell about it! On the other hand, you should not attack the one who afforded such impudence. Just quietly tell this person: “I do not love when touch my stomach“.

Me are constantly asked “By the girl or the boy?“

“Well who it will be?“ - it is supposed that you will just answer this question: “We will have a girl“ or “I wait for the boy“. Here only you would like to cut off: “Sorry, it does not concern you“.

you still can answer

In the very first time something, but in the twentieth it becomes intolerable. Especially need every time bothers to listen to various comments: “Your husband, probably, was upset - he so wanted the little girl similar to you!“ or “You will have a boy? Well, I hope, you love soccer...“ Or to reconcile to pseudoscientific forecasts: “You, so will have a roundish stomach the girl!“ All this is perfect inopportunely because you just wanted anything to foreknow, to dare to dream or keep a little secret until when the child is born...

As it is better for p to react . Show understanding: your friends and especially relatives ask this question not out of idle curiosity. Girls and boys are brought up differently. It is important to your relatives to know what you prepare for, to represent you mother of the girl or the boy, to count the number of brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces in a family - the word, they need to be prepared for appearance of this child psychologically too. Generally, it is not an empty question, but the proof of care of your relatives. If you do not want to report to people around results of ultrasonic research, answer softly not to upset the one who wants to be glad together with you. For example, it is possible to smile: “Sorry, but it is my secret!“

From me is extorted “As you will call“?

“Well - at - at, you already chose a name?“ It is surprising what passions when people discuss names inflame! At everyone will be what to tell.

the Choice of a name for the child is very heavy responsibility! It means - to give to the child life, to make him the family member and societies. The name will testify not only to your taste, but also to your experience, a social status, to your unfulfilled dreams and beliefs. That is why it is so unpleasant to you when people around afford comments it seems “Yes - and - and? And what it means?“, “Oh, I have an acquaintance Alice, the awful meanie“, or “Alexander? So now do not call!“, or “If I had a boy, I would name him Ippolit. It does not seem to you that this excellent name?“ etc.

As it is better for p to react .“ We yet did not solve“ - quite good option. But it still is not enough to stop a stream of opinions and revelations. Try to turn them to yourself on advantage: listen to offers, and, perhaps, you will like some name of which you did not think earlier.

He spends too often by

evening without me

“You need to have a rest, the darling. And I will come to Igor for a while“. Your blessed is glad that will become the father soon, but a little it is rather afraid and tries a little more “to take a walk on freedom“ before becoming the father of family.

At this time to you, more than ever earlier, it is necessary to feel that the husband loves you, understands, it is ready to support and execute any whims. If his behavior not quite meets your expectations, you begin to worry: “And whether it when the kid is born will be near?“

As it is better for p to react . The most important - not to reproach the husband that he pays you not enough attention. To spend evening with friends - it does not mean yet to betray or forget you. If it happens too often, quietly explain to him why it is necessary for you that it was near. It is especially important to emphasize its role of future head of family: “You are very necessary also to me now, and small...“ If you differ in more “proud“ character, can try such strategy:“ You leave? Perfectly, darling, I then will call Lena, we were going to descend in cafe long ago“. Show it that at you too life does not stand still and you are not going to carry out all pregnancy to beds!

Me nobody gives way to

As it is strange: then, when it is necessary for you that paid attention to you, you turn into the invisible being. And you at the same time do not want neither to assert the rights, nor to ask about a favor.

you seek to seem strong, but sometimes feel fragile and vulnerable. You do not want that you were considered defective, but at the same time you expect from people around a little attention and courtesy.

As it is better for p to react . You were tired, you are hurt by a back, you need to sit - report about it instead of representing from yourself the victim! But ask softly, with a smile. You have certain rights. If someone forgot about it, you can remind... without flying into a rage.

All ask

: “And when you will give rise?“

A of the answer to this question are known by nobody, except your kid. Any medical forecasts are very relative. And you for any reasons do not want to extend to this subject: for example, because you are afraid to give rise before term or are afraid that the happy event will coincide with business trip of the husband which it cannot cancel in any way.

As it is better for p to react . To explain to attendees that you do not know exact date and you do not want to know. You can evasively answer:“ in the fall “or“ will be the Aries or the Taurus.

Other women begin to tell

to me how at them there took place childbirth


C nothing can be done. Men tell everyone about army, and women - about childbirth! On the one hand, in it something is: women confide each other the secrets and secrets... But sometimes stories turn into terrifying stories, picturesque details appear: such heavy and long there was childbirth... anesthesia did not work... the umbilical cord was twisted around the child, it was necessary to do Caesarian urgently...

As well as all future mothers, you are afraid of childbirth, pains and death. And, more than ever, you need words of support. But women who had painful childbirth should expatiate on them!

As it is better for p to react . Within these nine months avoid people with whom it is unpleasant to you to communicate, and also all that which can upset you. Take care, live for the sake of yourself - you at last are able to afford to be the real egoist. If, despite all this, all of you meet the woman who is let in unpleasant descriptions, do not hesitate to tell her that you feel: “Please, stop, it is unpleasant to me“. If it does not stop your interlocutor, repeat a request even more persistently. Eventually, you can just leave the room. Of course, she needs to speak - but also you have a right to feel safe!