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The very picture of health

admit At once that I have no universal recipe. I also did not reflect that all this can happen to me. It is so natural - to nurse it. Naturally, and, here it, a reef - it is simple.

Pregnancy I transferred

very easily, being in the continuous movement: trips to institute, solution of a housing problem, and so 9 months. Of course, I from time to time thought that I have nipples of irregular shape, but in consultation answered my doubts that the kid sucks not nipples, and to an aura. Nipples supposedly for it only a reference point. (A beacon for the ship too a reference point).

Childbirth took place

quickly and cheerfully, the head began to be cut through when I was in soul. And we four together: I + the child, the doctor, and my husband hardly managed to reach a maternity table. The child literally jumped out, and here the placenta was pasted tightly. Therefore for several seconds to me allowed to take the warm lump which is washed up under the crane. and at once took away it from me. About any applyings I do not speak. And when I regained consciousness after an anesthesia, the first words of the midwife were: “Oh, yes you with such nipples will not be able to feed. I saw many bad nipples, but yours - it is the worst!“. Sounded as a sentence. Here so all pleasure of motherhood was poisoned from first minutes. Also began.

the First woman who fed my child from a small bottle was a nurse. And on my request to feed most, it told: “You will be in time still!“ . I sat on a bed and in despair looked at all this picture. Sil was not to fight.

Silicone overlays for a breast did not suit

because the nipple ran away inside even more. My daughter shouted for hunger at night as cut, she for some reason lacked hospital mix. This shout cannot be described. Who knows, that will understand. Just shouted as cut, us it was heard on all floor. And I sobbed at night, looking as the neighbour`s boy will suck - will suck a breast, pokhryukat as full porosenochek, and will fall asleep.


Ya she is very grateful the midwife for the help in childbirth, but only now I understand that the midwife and the specialist in a lactation - absolutely different experts. And in general in maternity hospital a lot of “pleasant“ is possible to hear. For example, the pediatrician comes and shouts at me why I do not put the child. Then the gynecologist comes, and shouts that it is impossible to be decanted at all, and that milk will become “more and more!“ . The next day other duty pediatrician comes, and “consoles“:“ Be surely decanted! Buy the good greenhorn, of course, you will cry and in a month you will throw all this, but at least month you will feed the child with milk“.

the Child refused flatly a breast. She not just began to cry when I tried to apply it, and started over again shouting to the fact that handles and a chin shivered, and curved a back. It is difficult to present what heart and nerves need to be had to continue such applyings. At least, I had enough patience only for several minutes, and then the maternal instinct said to me that let it will be better full and quiet, than such aggressive “help“ for my part. And when the small bottle with a pacifier appeared, she literally stuck into it, and made the sounds similar to a rachaniye of a hungry young of wild animal. To look was and it is bitter, and is ridiculous. When milk came, the breast bulked up, became firm as a stone and hurt. I did not sustain any more and ran to ask for help. On a post, as usual, was nobody and when I found the duty nurse, she advised me to apply ice to reduce a lactation.

I Want to note the fact that the maternity hospital is also considered maternity hospital of the benevolent attitude towards the child. From personal experience, and also reading articles of young mothers on the website, their examples, and there is a wish to tell: “What do you do, people in white dressing gowns?“ . Yes, can be, the medicine - not your calling and, at you is a small salary, and diseases, the birth of children turned into the earning money mechanism, but what you do purely properly, in a feminine way? There is eventually personal personal responsibility for the affairs, and the state, and also a small salary there is nothing here. Acting this way, these people commit a daily crime on the workplaces.

is shorter than

, I resolved that contrary to all predictions, I will not cry, and I will fight and I will feed as long as I will be able. Let the decanted milk, let from a small bottle, but the. Whether it is necessary to explain that a question: to be decanted or not for me did not even stand.

Ya learned about milk pumps everything that is possible (unless, except creation history). From manual really praise Avent therefore it in shops is more expensive than some electric. But at problem nipples all is recommend electric, it is desirable with two modes. We hired an electric milk pump for big money. Electric milk pumps have other common fault: slightest interruptions in electricity, and: All of you understood further.

the First month past

almost quickly. Former household chores, plus the new cares connected with the kid, and even sleepless nights. Besides, recent moving in municipal, but at last own 10 meters, demanded not just arrangement, and the true sharpness in this case.


Ya at the daughter and was surprised: really and I such was? It some alien transported on the planet: neither to speak, nor to go, nor to crap, nothing is able. Only stares at you the shrill eyes full of boundless love and absolute trust.

I when gradually life entered the course, I not that calmed down, but tried to compensate by all the heat, care and tenderness. And looking at the certain mothers smoking at a carriage of the kid thought that a controversial issue: at whom start is better. And then I felt that something not so. We with the child as if began to move away from each other. More precisely, she matured too quickly. Fell in love to sleep separately in the bed, having widely stretched hands, was capricious in our bed, but the most important - the small bottle with food already took the accurate powerful place in its small system of values. And I, as well as any creative person with the rich imagination brought the extent of disaster in the thoughts to global: my nipples - it is the worst... Worst on the earth!

came to an end with

of Attempt to put to a breast with wild shout, and I stopped them. A breast - serious work on comparison with a fantastic pacifier. Therefore medical term “confusion of nipples“ not such true. As confusion, on the contrary, clear understanding of life, first independent conclusions of the little person: a breast - it is heavy, a pacifier - it is easy and available. Well, I sat down, thought, and understood that it is necessary to do something. At what it is urgent.

the new round So began

. It appeared, in the city there are consultants for a lactation (of course, abused herself: it was possible to learn everything in advance). What my surprise when I was told that with my nipples it was quite possible to put to a breast, at least, to right - precisely was. Present mine howl! Along with it there was one more: the lactation began to die away. If in the first month it turned out to strain off 2 - 3 portions from 6 feedings, then now - only 30 ml from two breasts per day! I dostsezhivatsya to the fact that cracks on a breast became very deep, and in one of decantations instead of milk blood droplets began to drip. It was necessary to treat nipples. I found any recipes for improvement of a lactation, but those who consider that the main incentive for an organism - the child are right. All the same there was not enough milk, and I got it with blood both in figurative, and in direct meanings. Here you will not buy really invaluable product which neither in a drugstore you will not order nor in shop not at any price. The only producer - your own organism. And the producer glitches.

When I understood that not one such, and is many women, with the same (similar) problems which passionately love the children and want to be feeding a mater to a hole, I began to read the websites where hints were possible. For example, on the website “Rozhana“ write that not giving birth mother for the adopted child can rastseditsya. Here where balm on a wound!

We tried the SNS system, ridiculous such adaptation, but not cheap. Looks so: a small bottle with short moustaches which runs after. These short moustaches - tubules which fasten to a nipple a plaster and the child has to receive food (food or mix) from a tubule, but at the same time to suck a nipple. From shortcomings: indistinct gradation of ml on a small bottle, it is necessary to peer constantly, and the narrow neck of a small bottle, mix is scattered. Trifles, of course, but those who as I, are engaged in boiling of small bottles, know how every minute is important. In advance you will not part food, the decanted milk is not always, here and fly on kitchen like an arrow, sweeping away everything on the way. I come back to system: alas, it did not suit us. The tubule slipped out on big, than it is necessary, length, the child shouted and refused flatly to eat.

Along with active searches of a miracle cure, I began to exhaust internally myself thoughts that trusted in doctors, believed that time they are physicians - means, know better me that I was not engaged in studying of this problem earlier and did not take any steps. Generally, the lump of my fault grew every day, I tried to discover all new and new fragments where I could arrive differently and by that to change a situation. I exhausted myself outright. And as a result came that I am nearly bad mother. Then was at some extreme internal end of the resources, and understood that it is necessary to stop because this road leads nowhere. And I want to go to the future!

Now to us two months. Banks with “NANOM“, molokootsosy and SOSKI still integral part of our life. It is necessary to fight for each drop of milk literally.

For that who had enough patience to read up my essay, I want to share the conclusions.

  1. only to yourself and carefully check all information even if you heard it from close people or doctors.
  2. If the child shouts, especially in the first days, or you just felt wrong with the kid or the health - lift all on ears literally of this word. There is not a lot of professionals, and in medicine including: they are the same people, it is much more pleasant to them to look at transfer or to drink a tea, than to be engaged in work, but, believe, they will take care of the children. And who to take care of yours except you? So let shout at you better or are rude to you in reply - unfortunately, such is our medicine today, - than you will stay idle. Also do not give in on verbal provocation of type:“ That you so, mummy, worry, everything is all right“. All children different, and you know the child better. Intuition in this case - your more devoted friend.
  3. do not lay great expectations on miracle cures and devices because illusions as a result can lead to serious disappointments. The solution of any problems will demand the real work, aspirations and efforts.
  4. If you nurse
  5. , enjoy this gift of the nature! Believe, there are people, like me which, reading notes that you have cracks on nipples from your kid, but not from a milk pump - envy you, happy mummies! It from you artists of all times draw the Madonnas feeding babies.
  6. I advise
  7. A to those who faced the problems similar to mine to think: can be, not all is lost? We, for example, still fight, and the result of this fight is not clear yet. The only thought which supports: even if nothing will turn out, I will precisely know, at this stage of life made everything that in my forces. If all it to turn out, it will be for me a real miracle, approximately how to become mother the second time. And, above all: you do not exhaust yourself morally. Well, the Burenka - the producer did not turn out from you, there`s nothing to be done? It is important not to turn into the Pushkin old woman whom all a little. It is possible that when you calm down, milk will become a little more.
I want to tell

In end that I am familiar with one childless woman. To it it is far for 40 and chances to give rise already any. And this - real to a traga a diya in the woman`s life. All our talk on a lactation seems to it excessively exaggerated. Also let`s admit honestly to ourselves that all of us feeding from a breast, from a small bottle, or sobbing at a milk pump, actually - happy women because we have our kids!