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The alternative transaction of

Alternative transactions - the most widespread operation in the market of secondary housing. Various traveling, congresses, an exchange for the big (smaller) area with surcharge, change of the area of residence carry to them, and also - moving of communal flats.

cannot sell to

Under the law the only housing. Selling the apartment, the owner and members of his family registered in the apartment have to move and get up somewhere on the registration account at the place of residence. But in most cases from - for lack of money sellers cannot buy the new apartment in the beginning, and then it is simple to sell the. It is necessary to sell and at the same time to get the new apartment on money of the buyer - in it and the essence of the alternative transaction consists. Its success depends on fidelity of estimation of cost of the sold apartment and coincidence of expectations of all participants of alternative.

the Buyer who is ready to buy the apartment with alternative confirms to

gravity of intentions with money - a deposit (advance payment). On a slang of realtors it is called “the big buyer“ - the main character which is a source of financing of all chain. The sum of earnest money (advance payment) is defined often not by the cost of the apartment, but quantity and cost of alternatives. Having received a deposit (advance payment), sellers by means of the realtor start final definition of alternative options. Transferring money to the realtor, the buyer is reliably insured against loss of a deposit (except those cases when itself refuses purchase). Whether it is possible to pick up at first alternative options, and already then to look for the buyer? Theoretically - yes. But in practice it is difficult to predict when that person with money appears and whether the seller of alternative will wait for all this time.

also the number of participants of a room chain is Very important

. Realtor experience prompts that the probability of successful carrying out the transaction will be maximum if in a chain no more than three apartments. If more than five apartments participate in the transaction, it becomes unreal. Sometimes the chain is broken. For example, if four apartments participate in the transaction and on one of them documents are not ready, then the chain can be divided into two parts: 2+2. It increases probability that the transaction will take place.

Procedure of calculations begins

with laying of money in a depository cell of bank. The buyer of the “top“ apartment places money, and receives - the seller of the last. Money, as a rule, passes most of participants of the transaction. But or receiving money as surcharge everything is placing it is necessary to participate in mutual settlement procedure. The quantity of the involved cells also will depend on their number. The seller and the buyer of each apartment sign the tripartite contract with bank. Sellers will get access to cells only after registration of all contracts of purchase and sale of the apartments participating in the transaction. Directly after visit of bank all participants of the transaction start signing of contracts of purchase and sale at the notary or in a simple written form. The signed contracts of purchase and sale at the same time are given on registration in city Committee on the state registration of the right for real estate and transactions with it. Having received the registered contracts for hands, the seller of the last alternative apartment goes behind money to bank, and then on the same day there is a transfer of the apartment to the new owner under the acceptance report - transfers. From this point the term of physical release for the following apartment begins.

Moving to new apartments of participants of the alternative transaction happens step by step. The term of transfer of the apartment to the “top“ buyer consists of terms of release of all alternative apartments. Therefore it is almost impossible to include in the alternative transaction the apartment in the house - a new building, not accepted on balance the MISINFORMATION or with the closed registration at the place of residence. The buyer should wait for indefinite time. With legal release, i.e. statement on the registration account, the situation is a little more simply. Workers of passport offices are obliged to register at the place of residence of new owners of the apartment, without waiting for removal from the registration accounting of the previous owners.