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Half a year bad weather. House games in rainy day of

Warm days long ago behind, and now the kid should spend more and more time at home. And here already and all games are changed, and books are re-read... Interesting occupation will be for certain. It is only necessary to approach a question creatively. Many games do not require no special equipment, only the fact that near at hand.

we Will draw


Drawing - occupation very useful and fascinating. But when on the street it is gray and damp, moods can not be even for drawing. Means, it is necessary to diversify this process that contrary to sad weather on a sheet of paper the real holiday of life began to sparkle bright paints. You look, and the mood will improve!

Cheerful train. So, draw an engine on a sheet of paper. And here it is not important at all as far as it will be similar to real. Even very modest art abilities of mother steadily delight kids. For the baby mother - the best, so, also draws she best of all! Now we will begin to add cars to an engine, and in windows in turn with the kid to represent passengers. Perhaps, all your family (and do not forget about a cat, a hamster or a popugaychik) goes by the train, or these are heroes of favourite fairy tales and animated films - furious dinosaurs or nice smesharik? The main thing that to all of them it was cheerful, and around, on green meadows, bright flowers blossomed and multi-colored butterflies flitted. It is possible to sing a song also: “It is good on light! The sun, shine! Wish us, wind, a kind way...“

we Build the city. If you have a big leaf of a Whatman paper or other white paper, it will become that place where “the city will be put“. Spread it directly on a floor, take pencils and felt-tip pens and start together with the kid “construction“ of the own city. What will be at home here, shops, cars, trees? And who will live here? Perhaps, everything will be the most ordinary and habitual, or on the contrary - surprising and fantastic? But in any city by all means draw shop with sweets, a zoo and circus. How without them? Such “drawing“ game is good also the fact that it is possible to play it not one day. Bothered to draw - rolled paper and cleaned far away. But after a while interest of the kid will inflame with a new force. And it is possible to draw not only the city, but also a seabed, space, a poultry market, kindergarten, the prehistoric earth with ancient pangolins, Africa or Antarctica - generally, everything that concerns at present and interests the little artist. And on a big leaf yes with mother`s participation his imagination and art abilities will reveal fully!

“Nonsense“. This cheerful game is from my childhood. Perhaps, it was played also by you, only forgot about it. Take a sheet of paper and, having closed from the kid, draw on it the head of some being: person, animal, fairy tale character. Then wrap a leaf so that your drawing was hidden, and was slightly - only the neck is slightly visible. Now let the kid will finish drawing a trunk with hands and too will wrap a leaf similarly (perhaps, with your help). Again your turn to draw legs, and to the baby will get a foot (fingers, paws, flippers, hoofs, claws - everything that will like). We develop our creation, we consider and we have fun!

Bright window. And still it is possible to draw on windowpanes usual gouache. It too fine lightens mood. It is possible to paint sad autumn day in bright colors and to admire the creation from a window.

of Paint, scissors, paper...

Collage. If you find a pack of old color magazines or catalogs, then interesting pastime to you and to the kid is provided. Build together the book - a collage. For this purpose think up some interesting story, find suitable illustrations in magazines, and let the kid will cut out all this and will paste in a notebook or an album, and you will write the text (if the baby is not able to write itself yet). It is possible to work and upside-down: at first we cut out the pleasant pictures, and then already we invent with them a story.

the Entertainment for dolls. And this entertainment will train observation of the baby, small motility of hands and will expand its lexicon. Suggest it to find pictures on which any delicacies are represented and to cut out them. If houses are disposable paper plates - well. If is not present, cut out instead of plates circles from a white cardboard or paper. Now we paste our entertainments on plates and we arrange a doll holiday or “we treat“ the father who came from work. By the way, on paper plates it is exciting to draw. They can be painted with an ornament or even to represent landscapes and still lifes. And the most successful children`s works will decorate a wall in kitchen. And autumn evening will become warmer at once...

of Times - a foot, two - a palm

This entertaining game it is easy to make

together with the kid. To play it not only it is cheerful, but also it is useful. And preparations for it will train small motility of the kid (if you entrust it scissors). So, we take sheets of a color cardboard. If that in the house did not appear, use cardboard boxes from candies, household appliances, color paper or just album sheets. Though the cardboard everything is more preferably. Lead round the palms and a foot (right and left) and let the kid will cut out them from paper. It does not matter, if it turns out not really exactly. In this case it is not important at all. Such paper palms and a foot it is necessary to make much (the more the better). When preparations are finished, fun begins. Let`s make of the cut-out figures a path, having spread out traces in any order. And now suggest the kid to pass on this path hands and legs that a palm and a foot coincided with “traces“. Here the kid will need dexterity, speed of reaction, ability to be guided in space. The child is younger, the well and more simply there has to be a path. And if kids two, it is possible to arrange the real competition. And mother and the father let act as judges. It is possible to think up background about a bog on which it is necessary to follow in the tracks precisely, or to play spies. This game which is stored in a box as a stick - the lifesaver will help to entertain the missing kid still more than once will become a cheerful entertainment for children`s (and even the adult!) birthday or one of elements of a house obstacle course...


the Obstacle course

For house occupations with the child usually diligently buy various designers and mosaics, board games and puzzles. All this, of course, pieces important and useful.

But as often we forget about simple, absolutely available and such joyful entertainments as construction of lodges or an obstacle course from make-shifts. Such fantasy games quite in the spirit of kids. You remember?

On a footpath, on a path
We walked for fun.
A on the truth I and Volumes
stayed at home the Whole day. (A. Bartho`s )

Here and you arrange to

the footpath. The stool covered with a blanket will turn into a cave, a tape on a floor - into the narrow bridge over an abyss, sheets of usual paper - into hummocks on a bog, and a ladder of a sports corner - into high mountains. Of course, at the end of the way you will be waited by the hidden treasure: new book, toy, knickknack or just candies. It is possible to draw an unpretentious route map with those obstacles which need to be overcome. At desire add various tasks at each stage: to sing a song, to answer cunning questions or to guess riddles. Do not forget, having put on children`s backpacks with provisions, to arrange in the middle of the way (on some “picturesque clearing“) a halt and to be supported thoroughly. So, without leaving the house, it is possible to travel to Africa or Antarctica, India or China, unostentatiously entering the various training elements, laying routes according to the card, choosing a suitable type of transport, using a compass, meeting various animals. And finally together prepare some national dish.

the Tower - teremok

the Lodge to build

of make-shifts also cheerfully. The chair covered with a blanket for these purposes will be rather small. But it is possible to build a shelter from two chairs, having put them backs to each other at some distance and having covered with a big blanket. To construct a lodge of cushions or to organize a cave under a table. The big box from the TV will be suitable for these purposes also. And if you have two kids and the bunk bed, the best option is available - to arrange the house on first “floor“, to top having attached the hanging-down blanket. Now the main thing - is not simple to sit in this house, and to present itself some character. It is possible to be “little squirrels“ or “mice“ and to collect in “hollow“ or “mink“ stocks for the winter, and then, of course, to absorb these stocks with pleasure. It is possible to play the fairy tale “Teremok“ or “Zayushkina Izba“. Or to present itself a doggie in the box. By the way, many kids very much like to play “a doggie“. Accompany them: you move on the apartment on a lead, and they let go on four “pads“ and bark. By the way, circulation on four extremities - very useful physical exercise for the baby.


Whatever associations was caused in us by the phrase “gamblings“, in a healthy measure passion is always present at any game. Otherwise game will be boring.

of the Card childly. Cards, strangely enough, - very useful game for the child. With their help the children can learn to count, “feel“ quantity, at the same time observation and memory train. It is interesting that once and nannies taught the pupils to consider thus, playing with them “children`s“ gamblings. You for certain and remember a set of such games. For example, “in the witch“. All cards in this game are distributed between players equally. Then everyone pulls at the neighbor in one card (and if two, then each other, in turn play). Having received the card, the player looks whether he has pair cards. And if they are, throws out them in a release (postpones). The exception is made by the queen of spades - she also is “witch“, it cannot be thrown out. That player who threw out all cards bowls off. And that who had “witch“ together with other lady loses. Of course, before playing, it is necessary to consider with the kid of the card and to understand their colors and advantage.

Peanut lotto. It not only hazardous, but also tasty game. Six disposable glasses, a playing cube with points and a peanut bag will be necessary for us for it. On a bottom of each glass we write with a marker of figure from 1 to 6. Under each glass we put the corresponding quantity of nutlets and we place glasses in a row. Now in turn with the kid we throw a cube and we take away to ourselves nutlets from - under that glass which number dropped out. We fill an empty glass with nutlets again. Game goes to in advance stipulated quantity of the courses or yet all nutlets will not end. The one who gathered most of all peanut wins. The prize with quiet soul is eaten. It is possible to play, of course, and “an almond lotto“ and even “candy“. It is worth remembering that almond nutlets and candies in large numbers are unhealthy.

the Keen eye

Size from bottles. But whether time to compete a little with mother in accuracy and dexterity came? For this purpose there are various purchased targets, darts and even house basketball grids. But if all this already cloyed, it is possible to think up the game: to fill plastic bottles with water on two thirds and to force down these improvised size any suitable ball.

Feed with

the clown. It is possible to build own target quickly. Try! Draw together with the kid some ridiculous or terrible mug on a leaf of a cardboard where there has to be a mouth, cut through a big opening. From a reverse side an adhesive tape paste a cellophane package that in it your “pools“ fell. Now the same adhesive tape attach a ribbon to the top part of a target and hang up a hand-made article on the door handle. Make small balls of well crumpled paper and arrange competition: who will be able to feed best of all this creation - to throw the maximum quantity of balls to it in a mouth.

of Koltsebros. And here one more option of similar game from make-shifts. Take two leaves of a cardboard, stick together them among themselves, previously having enclosed between them a ribbon for suspension. Now cut through small accurate holes into which insert colored pencils at a small angle in a cardboard. It will be a target with pins. Over pencils write quantity of points. Hang up a design everything on the same door handle and throw ringlets over pins (that to make them, it is possible to cut with rings a plastic bottle). At the end of the game count points and declare the winner.

Get to candy. If at you in the house the tray from eggs was overlooked, it can quite fit too. Put in some (but not in everything!) candy cells also stock up with lids from plastic bottles. Now take seat with the kid at some distance from a sweet target and in turn throw traffic jams into a tray. Who got to a cell with candy - that takes away it to itself(himself).

of Game in a bathroom

Cheerful fishing. Which of kids will refuse to pobultykhatsya in water? And to play fishing? And if you have no magnetic rod with small fishes, - it does not matter. It is possible to build easily cheerful and useful game by the hands. For this purpose you need a cardboard, pencils, scissors, paper clips and several not sinking bottle traffic jams. Draw small figures of small fishes, ducks, frogs, boots, etc. on a cardboard, paint them and cut out. Cut traffic jams lengthways on two halves. Make a small cut in each half and insert into it a cardboard figure. Attach an eyelet from a paper clip to each figure. Now we will build a rod: tie a strong thread to a stick (any will approach), and for the end - a hook from a wire or the unbent paper clip. Go with this good to a bathroom, pour water in a basin and start small fishes - frogs in swimming. Now it was necessary to catch all of them by means of the improvised rod, clinging a hook for loops. Business it not simple will also demand from the kid of a certain share of dexterity and good coordination of movements. If rods there are two, it is possible to arrange high-speed fishing competition. After game do not forget to dry properly “catch“, otherwise game will be “disposable“. And if before start in water to paste over figures with an adhesive tape, they will serve much longer.

Sea flotilla. The kid will be pleased for certain by an opportunity to popuskat ships in a basin or a bathtub. It is possible to make them in several minutes - of paper, pieces of polyfoam or a shell of walnuts, having strengthened paper sails and flags by means of a toothpick and plasticine. For the ships floating in a basin the kid will play a role of the natural phenomena. It will be able to inflate their sails, imitating wind, to water from a watering can as if a rain, or to arrange the real storm at “sea“.

Soap bubbles. They can be popuskat in a bathroom too. This joyful occupation is loved by all children without exception. And to diversify a little process, arrange competition on the biggest bubble, show to the kid as it is possible to release a soap ball and again to catch on a frame, consider a rainbow in a bubble. If the house was not purchased solution, make it of children`s shampoo and a small amount of water. It is possible to blow bubbles from a thick straw for cocktail, a half of the plastic handle and even from an economic funnel. Try to pour soap solution in a plate, to lower there a plastic or glass funnel the wide party and, slowly lifting, to blow in its narrow part. The big and beautiful bubbles floating in a plate can turn out. Having laid an oilcloth on a bathroom bottom and having moistened it with soap solution, it is possible “to build“ various iridescent figures from soap balls. And if to dip a palm into soap solution, bubbles can be blown directly on it.

Well forgotten old

As the known saying says, old is the same, as new. And if you for a minute close eyes and will try to return to the childhood, then remember many excellent entertainments for missing remains.

“It is hot - cold“. This game with pleasure is played by kids of any age. Rules are simple: you hide in the room some igrushkat, and the kid has to find it. Prompt it words “cold“, “very cold“, “more warmly“, “warmly“, “hotly“, “very hotly“, etc. The closer it approaches a toy, the “more hotly“. When it is found, trade places with the kid. Now mother looks for, and the child hides.

Hide-and-seek. It is possible to play this game even in the small-sized apartment. Always will be where to hide, and children will make it with ease. Even teenagers like to play at hide-and-seek houses not only 2 - 3 summer remains, but. Of course, mother should accompany children, “without finding“ their any time. Also do not forget to study a prigovorka: “Time, two, three, four, five! I go to look for! Who did not hide - I am not guilty!“

In what hand? Take some small subject, candy or a small toy and hide for a back. Ask the child in what hand a toy. If the kid guessed, - his turn to hide. This game will help to consolidate the concepts “the right-left“. For this purpose it is necessary that the baby not just showed on a hand, and called it: “in the right hand“, “in the left hand“.

the Scattered matches. You need ten toothpicks or matches (with remote sulfur). Let the kid hold them in one hand over a table, and then will unclench a palm that matches fell to a table. Now the child`s task - to collect all matches in a cam by one hand, but to make it so accurately not to touch those which still lie on a table. At the seeming simplicity this task for difficult disobedient small fingers. But there is a little training - and business will take a turn for the better.

the Album with photos. Kids very much are interested in a question: “And what was when I was not yet?“ Here also tell the child about it by means of the photos made till his birth: “Here I in kindergarten (as, mother, you unless went to kindergarten too?), here together with school friends. It - I study at institute. And here wedding, our with the father. And here we at the sea, and you - at mother in a tummy, still absolutely small“. For the baby it will be the most interesting story - history of his family. Much more fascinating, than the most magic fairy tales. And if you all family declare more often to boredom war, to arrange for yourself and the kid the real holiday of game, this history will become even more interesting, even brighter and it is more fascinating.