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You want to be happy mother - be her!

Dear future and real mothers! I write it not only for the sake of an entertainment, drawing attention or a prize. I want to share my experience with you. If it helps at least one beginning mother, I will be happy.

Already 4 months I am a mother. It is so healthy when your kid healthy and happy. And everything depends on you. And this responsibility forces to be more built and to know a lot of things.

Still being a pregnant woman, I was afraid that I will have not enough milk (1 - y council: even do not reflect, you will have its enough) because my mother and his sister was has not enough. It was nonsense since it turned out later that they early came to work, having given children on care of grandmothers and neigbours, having self-willedally stopped breastfeeding. However I learned about it later for now I drew to myself terrible pictures.

So far colostrum went, I not so worried, knew that it should not be much. When milk, my experiences (what you should not have done) went amplified. I live with the mother-in-law still of that old school and still that character which in “support“ began to tell how much at it was milk as it flew, and in general what it is cool. Perhaps it did it and for the best, but turned out opposite.

my child did not let out pacifiers from a mouth for the whole day, trying to extend something. But it turned out that extended more than forces, than milk. I from the inferiority (as then it seemed to me), just sobbed violently. I had no appetite - I ate nothing, could not come off the baby - practically did not drink, could not have a rest neither physically, nor morally.

the District doctor was surprised with

to streams of my tears, “having calmed“ me the fact that “bottle-fed babies“ too normally feel if I begin to finish feeding mixes, then nothing terrible will occur. Under the influence of several more persons I almost gave up. And here our girlfriend called, having listened to my story, she forbade even to think of an artificial feeding up. In spite of the fact that at the most small child, she read me stories about women which in improbable conditions renewed a lactation (for example, during war the grandmother who remained with the baby on hands caused a lactation since there was more nothing to feed), in every possible way supported me.

So slowly I began to trust

in the forces. Few times I morally came back to a former state. But, having summoned the consultant for a lactation, I finally got stronger, and everything at us turns out, and my baby drinks only a mother`s milk, and I rejoice!

Having a certain experience, I want to give some advice:


of Good luck to you and good health!