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Long-awaited unexpectedness of

Everything began at the beginning of the 37th week. In the morning on February 15 I was going to make in hospital control tests after once again treated the pharyngitis. At half past eight rang out an alarm clock. There was no wish to rise at all, and I decided five more minutes to lie down: woke up from - for the fact that felt how peed the pants though similar did not happen to me long ago;-). In a bathtub it became clear that I for some reason do not control process of an urination, but I pricked up the ears (minutes 7 later) only after saw pink spots on linen.

Just in case I decided to call the doctor. (Thank God, I had a preliminary arrangement with the doctor from the 9th maternity hospital of Smolina Lyudmila Ilyinichna.) She told:“ Come, we will look what is with you“. The next minutes were spent for the notification of the husband and parents that “I, apparently, give birth“. Fights were not, the stomach did not hurt.

When on the on-door speakerphone was called by the driver, I told him that we will not go to hospital, and we will go to maternity hospital. It is good that this news did not frighten him. Then I rushed about more than an hour on the apartment searching: at first the notebook with the list of necessary things, then in search of things. I gathered according to the “What to Take with Itself in Prenatal Office“ list. Therefore for the kid took nothing.

the Way to maternity hospital the driver knew

badly therefore we went long enough. Trying to travel over places of presumable traffic jams, we got to jams. On the way several times the doctor called and swore from - for the fact that I long go. On the way we took away mother who supplied me with missing things from the list. In maternity hospital we were without ten twelve.

Lyudmila Ilyinichna met by

us in a reception. We broke in viewing where we made out in prenatal some woman in labor. There to me it became rather terrible, uncertainty frightened most of all. Having looked at me on a chair, Lyudmila Ilyinichna told that today it is necessary to give birth, and, the quicker, the better because the waterless period lasted at the time of survey 3,5 hours. Fights were not, and, therefore, and disclosure was zero. The neck was not ready to childbirth, it was good for the 37th week on condition of childbirth in time. Then very harmful aunt had a tiresome registration.

“For some reason“ we did not go to prenatal, and rose in a rodilka at once. I with myself on childbirth did not take mother though she very much asked. The delivery room struck me with heat, it was the first impression about the place where I should endure the happiest moment of my life. In the rodzal to me suggested to change clothes in a hospital shirt and gave a heap of podkladny.

the First survey provoked the beginning of fights, but throughout all childbirth the neck was opened manually, literally pulling on the child`s head. Lyudmila Ilyinichna acquainted me with the lovely midwife Usoltceva Alla Aleksandrovna. Also charged to it to prepare me for childbirth. I managed to avoid humiliating procedure of shaving of a crotch, the 9th maternity hospital does not practice it (only at the request of the woman in labor or before a section, in the latter case shave only a small site). The enema to me was made, probably, and it was possible to refuse it, but I and most did not want “to soil“ the kid.

After hygienic procedures I returned to a rodilka, called the husband, invited him to childbirth and the beginnings “to acquire fights“ which did not want to amplify in any way. The next survey showed that disclosure still very small. The uterus neck had to be opened manually (very painfully) again. Fights were, but irregular and weak therefore I was laid under a dropper with enzoprosty, fights began to accrue together with pain.

In labor to me gave several injections but - shpa, for removal of spasms of a neck, several other pricks (in my opinion, anesthetic). When (at last!) there arrived the husband, fights became more - less regular and deep. The husband sat with me in the rodzal, wrote down the frequency, duration and force of fights.

I spent by

Under a dropper about an hour. Periodically Lyudmila Ilyinichna came and performed “inspection“ during which she expanded a neck. The husband at the same time was not present because I did not want that he saw me “in all beauty“ and listened to my howl.

Then removed a dropper from me and allowed to take a walk a little then took away in a shower where I poured over the stomach warm water, sitting on a chair. In spite of the fact that the husband was near all the time, I was periodically visited by the midwife, consulted about my health. The shower very much promoted relaxation between fights, but did not relieve pain, maybe, because I had waterless childbirth. After a shower in which I carried out minutes 30 - 40 we returned to a rodilka where I wanted “to take a walk“ still. However I was laid under a dropper again and installed sensors on a stomach.

Monitoring of a fruit showed that wellbeing of my child causes concern, as its pulse at norm of 130 - 160 beats per minute, fell to 90, read off scale for 200. Somewhere the umbilical cord was pressed. It was terrible to hear the slowing-down heart beat of the not born child. It seemed to me that it stops my heart. The doctor and the midwife tried to keep coolness, maybe, it also happens, but my childbirth already differed from normal quite strongly. It was necessary to give birth further, lying under a dropper, at the same time constantly carried out monitoring, from - for what it was necessary to lay down on a back.

I do not remember

at what moment it occurred, but I broke - once again just did not give me to look. Fights became very painful, and I kicked the doctor when she tried to expand to me a neck. Me shook, knees shook. Having turned away to a wall, I declared that it is not necessary to watch me any more. On all arrangements, I answered that I will not allow to watch now, either look later, or let`s resolve an issue with anesthesia, however, I think, they already began to give to me some injections. The speech came about “epiduralny“ anesthesia though at the first meeting I categorically declared to the doctor that I do not want that to me it was done...

Which - as me was persuaded on usual survey then it became clear that at five-centimetric disclosure at me from - for a pain syndrome uterus neck hypostasis began. Caused team of anesthesiologists. They arrived almost at once, with the cart, examined me, estimated my condition and a possibility of application of an epiduralka, in detail explained what is it.

Having anesthetized skin around lumbar department of a backbone, to me entered a catheter. It was very terrible to move at the time of introduction of a needle to peridural space therefore doctors tried “to turn“ everything between fights about which I warned. The feeling of the worm creeping in a backbone was amusing. The tube of a catheter was stretched on a back on a breast where fixed by a plaster. Shpritsom entered medicine (it seems - markovin) into a catheter, on a back the chill leaked. Further the most difficult was to lie on a back exactly that medicine was evenly distributed. On one side fights are endured, of course, easier, but here it was necessary to suffer.

of Feeling from an epiduralka were just delightful. Started anew to grow dumb legs, on a body pleasant heat spread. When the anesthesiologist came to check my state, I was in a condition of full euphoria. Only still shook me, the doctor told that at an epiduralka it happens too. Further events developed promptly.

In an hour of effect of anesthetic disclosure was already 7 cm, hypostasis fell down, the neck smoothed out. The preparation was terminated. To me entered the second portion of medicine and warned that it will be necessary to give birth without epiduralka to feel attempts, i.e. will not enter the third portion, and I will give birth with pain when sensitivity returns. I declared that I am able to make an effort well, I know as it is necessary, and a diaphragm at me trained.

B 19. The anesthesiologist had to come 00. Approximately at half past five me began to grieve. The husband once again asked to be removed for the period of survey. Disclosure was full, and the trouble with heartbeat of a masik remained. Therefore checked how I am able “well to make an effort“, and led me on a table. I thought that I will be able to reach itself, but legs did not hold me, gave away and were as wadded. Alla Aleksandrovna literally dragged me to a table.

was Given rise by me very quickly: in the first 2 - 3 attempts tried to stretch a crotch when it became clear that it too high, it was decided to cut me. The head was born very quickly, and then, in two attempts, also the little body was born. While the child was carried from a crotch on a stomach, I only managed to exclaim: “Why it does not move?“.

As soon as kid was put on a stomach, such soft and warm, he cried. I pressed it to myself and lamented: “My, my!“ . From where - that a great lot to the people ran, all at me on childbirth 8 people - different experts at different times visited. For a minute called the husband that he looked at the child, but he managed to make out nothing because I expelled him. The afterbirth was born easily and quickly, I did not even notice it since all my attention was riveted on my boy. On the advice of the girlfriend I tried not to watch what was done with me, and watched only at the boy as he is washed, process, examine, weigh, measure, swaddle.

my childbirth wrote down

as urgent though they hesitated for a time a little. The kid was born 2750 weight of and 48 cm in height and 8/9 across Apgar. After all manipulations it was swaddled and incurred to be heated under a lamp, but such deal was not pleasant to me, and then it was wrapped in a blanket and put on a pelenalny table nearby.

When the anesthesiologist came, we surprised her with the birth. Action of an epiduralka began to depart therefore when I was sewn up, the poshchipyvaniye was felt. After I was sewn up, invited our father and handed to him the sonny. Then the doctor came and applied the child to a breast.

Needed to be carried out by

in the delivery room an hour more. At this time the husband transferred my things to chamber on postnatal office. Brought me a dinner (warmish cottage cheese casserole and a glass of milk). I made the mass of calls to parents, fathers-in-law, the girlfriend and told them joyful news. Brought to sign some documents. When everything came to the end, I who was full of solemnity was brought on a wheelchair to chamber. Also new life began for me.